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Based on character-driven fantasy novels and RPGs, Call to Adventure allows 2-4 players to compete to create the hero with the greatest destiny. Starting from humble origins, players use cards to build their characters, cast runes to overcome challenges and generally choose each step down their path of advancement, whether it be towards good or evil. The game plays out in three acts, which together will tell the story of the characters.

The Kickstarter campaign not only offers a pledge for the base game but you can make a higher pledge to include an exciting expansion – set in the world of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind!

“The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear are two of the most critically-acclaimed fantasy novels ever written, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring their characters and themes to this expansion. Fans of the books will love this expansion, but anyone can enjoy it. Most of the cards feature Heroic Fantasy themes that can be brought into any fantasy world. Stay tuned to updates for more about this expansion!”

The first expansion, included in the Kickstarter project, as well as others to follow, will add new mechanics to the base game as well as new Challenges and Destinies.

Call to Adventure is created by Chris and Johnny O’Neal, designers of the hit game Boss Monster. You can pledge for it on Kickstarter until August 13, 2018. The project has already met its funding goal and is expected to ship in November 2018.

You can watch a quick rules explanation by the Rules Girl here.

Call to Adventure
Players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 9+
Time to play: 60 minutes

Plaid Hat Games have had a great reception to their Stuffed Fables board game and have already made a Stuffed Fables Coloring Book available for free. This coloring book adds new Stuffies which can be added to the adventure. Now they’ve also released a stand-alone adventure for Stuffed Fables which can be added between chapters 3 and 4 and downloaded for free. In this adventure, players battle on the streets of their town against the dreaded Dollmaker.

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Looney Labs has partnered with Gale Force Nine for two new Star Trek Fluxx Games. The first will be based on Star Trek: The Original Series while the second will be based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each Fluxx will feature popular characters like Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. Fluxx is a card game with ever changing rules where play starts out pretty simple but the rules change over time as the players play their cards.

Andrew Looney, CCO of Looney Labs:

“I’ve been watching Star Trek since 1972, when I was 9 years old, tuning into the animated series on Saturday mornings. I’ve watched every series since, so it’s safe to say I’m a pretty big Star Trek fan. I’m VERY excited about working with this license!” [source]

Both Star Trek Fluxx games will support 2-6 players, aged 8+.

A new standalone expansion with 165 new cards called Boss Monster: Rise of the Minibosses is being released in July 2018 from Brotherwise Games. The bosses are back but this time they can added Mini-bosses to their dungeon which permanently modify Rooms. Players can now also earn coins, a new mechanism, through effective use of their Rooms and Spells. Those coins can be used to upgrade rooms or power up Mini-bosses. Also included are new bosses, spells, and heroes. The game will support 2-4 players, aged 13+, and plays in about half an hour. This expansion can also be combined with the original Boss Monster game.

From Brotherwise Games, the creators of Boss Monster, comes a new dice placement game – Unearth. 2-4 players will control a team of delvers represented by 5 dice and place them on resources or ruins to uncover ancient cities or build new wonders, competing to be the best at reclaiming a lost era. The game features beautiful isometric artwork with adorable characters, an easy-to-teach 16 page rule book, and enough space in the box to sleeve all the cards if you want! More details via the press release:

 “Players take turns rolling dice to claim Ruins, using Delver Cards to enhance their efforts. High rolls help players claim Ruins to earn points. Low rolls allow players to uncover Stones, used to rebuild ancient Wonders that grant special abilities. Ruins and Wonders can each help you win, but players must decide how to balance these two paths to victory.”

It’s an excellently put together product that looks delightful. The artwork is charming, I especially enjoy how the D8 represents the “leader’s” crystal on his staff, and the D6s represent the heads of the workers hammers. The gameplay and rules as described give a distinct impression of a gateway game to the dice placement genre (which is my favorite genre, so I welcome it), but with two paths to victory which is equally appreciated. If you’re interested in Unearth, look out for it at Gen Con 2017 and at your local retailer on August 17th, and be sure to check out around June 12th for more news concerning this game.

DriveThruCards has been offering print-on-demand services for small cards games for many years now, allowing gamers and designers to create and sell their creations.  They have negotiated partnerships with several game companies to allow for custom cards to be created for games like Pathfinder ACG, Boss Monster, and Phase.  Now, through a partnership with Stone Blade Entertainment and Ultra Pro, Ascension is being added to that list.  So you are able to go to DriveThruCards’ site and browse cards created by others, and even create your own with their online tool, and get them all printed.  You can find out more in the full press release below, then head on over to


Stone Blade Entertainment and Ultra PRO are proud to announce that fans of “Ascension: A Deckbuilding Game” are now able to create their own personalized cards! Through a partnership with DriveThruCards, gamers can create Hero, Construct, and Monster cards and include effects that generate Runes, Power, Honor, Energy, and Insight! 
If you’d like to surprise your friends on your next game night, sneak in one of your personalized cards and wait for everyone’s reaction. If you want to create a card that only you can acquire, go for it! The possibilities are truly endless.
Each card costs $0.50 with a minimum order of 10 cards. Gamers can start creating their cards today at the following URL:

AEG as of late has been all about their Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter, which is understandable given that it reboots a highly popular game, but they still have other games coming.  One of those games coming soon is the second edition of Oath of the Brotherhood, a worker placement style game set in the world of pirates.  As aspiring pirates you want to join the Brotherhood, but in order to get in you have to impress them by completing missions.  Missions are completed by spending the supplies you acquire, and those supplies also have a second use by giving you special abilities when you use them outside of missions.  At the end of the game, whoever has the most victory points is the winner.  Look for this game in May of this year.

Next, for the dice enthusiasts among us, Rory Story Cubes is coming out with several new themed dice sets.  The new sets are Moomin, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Doctor Who, and Adventure Time.  Each set comes with 9 dice, and each die has 6 different symbols on them relating to the theme of the set, like ghosts on the Scooby Doo set or K9 on the Doctor Who set.  These are fun dice to collect, and are also fun to roll and try to tell a story with.  Look for these to hit store shelves in June.

Next is the latest expansion from Asmodee for their king of the hill game, Kharnage, called Tricks and Mercenaries.  This new expansion adds some units to the base game, giving you some more variety within your armies, but also introduces the Kradwallon deck.  This new deck is full or mercenaries with strange abilities and brand new action cards that anyone can recruit into their armies during the game.  These new events and units aren’t your typical units so expect hte unexpected when you pull them into the fold.  Look for this expansion to hit stores in the third quarter, and until then you can check out the preview on Asmodee’s website.

Last we have from Brotherwise Games their Boss Monster release for the year, Boss Monster: Implements of Destruction.  This new set of cards brings more items into the game with 24 new item cards that can be claimed, and even explorer items for 5-6 player games.  Also included in the set will be 5 new bosses to add to your roster, giving you even more variety to choose from.  This new set will debut in June at Origins, and go into wide release later this summer.

Brotherwise Games, publisher of the 8-bit dungeon building game Boss Monster, has announced their next game, Unearth.  It’s going to be a dice-placement game designed by Jason Harner and Matthew Ransom, with art by Jesse Riggle.  In the game you are exploring the ruins of the great cities of old, trying to claim them as your own and build up places of power to restore a bygone age.  Play will use a set of 5 dice for each player, three 6 sided, one 4 sided, and one 8 sided die, each representing different explorers.

So far the game sounds great and more information will be released as time goes on, so look forward to it’s launch in August!

crash landing

In celebration of convention season, Brotherwise Games announced at this year’s GenCon, a new expansion to Boss Monster: Crash Landing. The new expansion to this classic video game inspired dungeon-building card game not only adds new cards but some rules changes, allows 5-6 players and introduces an out-of-this-world alien invasion theme!

Some of the new features of this expansion have been revealed by the publishers. In a 5-6 player game, players continue to play even after receiving 5 wounds; the player with the highest total souls minus wounds wins the game. Accumulating wounds could be seen as a risky strategy but with a new set of Spells such as “Not Dead Yet”, which is powered up by the number of wounds you have, this strategy might pay off in the end.

Like any other alien invasion there are now Alien Artifacts, and which new type of hero will be seeking these artifacts? The brave and intrepid Explorer, of course. Over the forthcoming weeks, there will be more sneaky peeks

Use the comments on their Facebook page to let Brotherwise Games know which Sci-Fi classics you expect to see as Easter Eggs in this new set.

To find out more on Boss Monster: Crash Landing, you can go to Brotherwise Games site by clicking here

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Boss Monster is a game where instead of being the hero taking on the dungeon, you are the boss at the end trying to kill those pesky heroes and collect their souls.  You and the other players accomplish this by building your own unique dungeon to attract the heroes, play spells, and generally mess with each other so you can be the best boss monster.  Boss Monster 2 is billed as a stand alone 160 card expansion to the Boss Monster line so you can either play this on it’s own or mix it in with the base set and first expansion to have even more variety.  Some new features of this set are dark heroes who can be paid to hurt other players more, hybrid heroes who are attracted to multiple treasure types, and epic spells to help take out those tougher heroes and opponents.  In general this set promises to add more variety as well as more ways to mess with your opponents making it even more interactive.

boss monster cards

The campaign on kickstarter ends on April 27th with three stretch goals already unlocked.  There are three pledge levels so you can just get the expansion, get a limited edition of the expansion, or get the limited edition expansion with a box to hold all the cards from the entire Boss Monster line as well as a retro game booster pack.  Head over to the campaign HERE to pledge.