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SolarFlare Games has announced a new game in their Robotech line of games, Robotech: Crisis Point, along with a new small expansion for Robotech: Force of Arms, Robotech: Force of Arms – Grand Cannon expansion.

Robotech: Crisis Point is another head-to-head 2-player game in the Robotech universe. The players are fighting for control of the Earth, using hand management, area control and bluffing mechanisms in order to do so.

The Robotech: Force of Arms – Grand Cannon expansion is a free small pack of booster cards, which gives the players more heroes and commands for the base game of Robotech: Force of Arms.

Check out the web page for more information on both the new game and the expansion here.

“Hello there” begins the iconic battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous.  With the new starter sets for Star Wars: Destiny, players can recreate this famous duel.  The Obi-Wan Kenobi Starter Set features an elite version of Obi-Wan Kenobi with two die sides of melee damaged that can be boosted by his Power Action.  Teaming up with Obi-Wan is Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, who allows a reroll of a dice.  This starter set is full of blue and yellow cards to boost melee damage and upgrade and equip Jedi characters.

The General Grievous Starter Set brings two powerful Commando Droids to the aid of General Grevious.  The synergy amongst the droids can be terrifying.  General Grievous reduces the cost of activating droids as well as allowing any number of the droid dice to be rerolled.  The Commando Droids allow the player to activate other droids when the Commando dice are rolled. This is a set built to overwhelming the enemy, even a Jedi.

Then there are the Convergence booster packs. While booster packs have always been a way to add new upgrades (as well as new characters) to a deck, Convergence introduces a new type of card to the game: downgrades, cards that you attach to your opponents.  Just like it sounds, downgrades harm your opponents, but they can also confer a bonus when the attached character is defeated.  For example, Yellow contains a host of bounties that reward a player with additional resources or cards when they defeated a character with a bounty on it.  Of course, there are plenty of synergies to be found in the Convergence booster packs also, but catering to the type of character being played, not just its type and color.  For example, Captain Phasma not only enables troopers to inflict melee damage, but she also always has First Order Stormtroopers with her to deploy.  On the Jedi side, Mace Windu has the ability draw from the deck and play upgrades. If that upgrade is emplaced on a Jedi, then he also gives the Jedi a shield.  One of upgrades available in Convergence is Mace Windu’s Lightsaber, one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

While no official release date has been announced from Fantasy Flight Games, these are available for pre-order. Keep a lookout for them in your friendly local gaming store soon.



Steve Jackson Games has just announced a few new expansions for Munchkin!

First, booster packs for the Munchkin Collectible Card game are available with Grave Danger. Each booster pack of 12 contains one card that is rare or better! The base set of the game is for 2 players ages 10 and up, with a playing time of 20-40 minutes.

Next, you can throw a party with the Munchkin Party Pack. This box contains a 15 card expansion players can use with all of their Munchkin games, as well as 3 copies of 5 new cards that can be given out to friends as party favors.

These new sets are planned to be released in November. More information can be found here.

Streets of Arkham expansion for Mansions of Madness: Second Edition and Empire at War set of booster packs for Star Wars: Destiny were recently announced by Fantasy Flight Games.

In Q4 of 2017, you will be able to enlarge your MoM 2ed collection with a Streets of Arkham expansion that brings a even more to the table than the previous one, Beyond the Threshold. It will shift the focus into the streets as four new investigators that you may know from the other Arkham Horror Files games join your crew to help you find out what lies beneath the disturbances in Miskatonic Museum, Miskatonic University, and in the streets of Arkham themselves – the locations of the three new digital scenarios.

Apart from new tiles, mythos events, monster types, and cards, the expansion also includes a possibility to upgrade investigators’ skills (each skill once) using Improvement tokens by, for example, drinking one of the Elixirs, a new item type that will appear in the game. However, you can never know what might happen after devouring such a potent chemical compound – at least not until you flip the Elixir card over and read the full effects that it has. Finally, another challenge to be solved awaits in the form of a tower puzzle (similar to Tower of Hanoi) that will be added to the companion app.

A little earlier, however, in the third quarter of 2017, Star War Rebels series along with the crew of the the Ghost will appear in Star Wars: Destiny as a part of the third set of booster packs for the game, Empire at War.

Empire at War emulates the chaos found in the Star Wars galaxy during its darkest times with themes that disrupt your opponent’s board and decimate their best laid plans. These 160 brand-new cards will focus on taking core concepts of Star Wars: Destiny and throwing them into disarray.

You can look forward to characters such as the master strategist Thrawn, Mace Windu, or Ezra Bridger joining the forces of their respective factions.



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The Wizkids game, D&D Attack Wing, will see some changes in their upcoming organized play. The first organized play had participants build an army of 120 points and bring it to the competition. Now players will assemble a 90 point army, then given a blind booster containing one of five units. They will then use the unit to build the final 30 points of their army.
Wizkids posted a preview for three of the five units available in the booster packs: the ranger, druid, and fighter units.


The Ranger

The ranger has the ability to project force over a substantial area of the board. Talon Everhale, in particular, can retain an unspent action token from round to round.

This is a very powerful ability and not one to be dismissed lightly. It’s not just giving her the option to cash in on two tokens, which is already solid. It also gives her the ability to use action tokens she might not otherwise be able to get, such as a Target action.


The Druid

Dragonfly is tied for highest agility and ranks second highest health behind Rezmir.

Take note too of Dragonfly’s special ability, which kicks in on the defense, rerolling 1 blank result. Clearly, this is a unit meant for sticking around during the course of battle.


The Half-Black Dragon Fighter

Rezmmir has a PWV of 3 and clocks in at 5 health, making her one of the top characters in the blind booster minis.

Rezmir gets to carry 2 equipment and 2 heroic upgrades, and she can Target, Dodge, and even Charge. Finally, Rezmir is more resilient to exhaustion than most, being able to shake Exhaustion tokens off even on a white maneuver.

To read more about the units and the other upgrades included in the blind boosters, visit the Wizkids page here.

star realms boosters

Crisis is an explosive new expansion for the hit Star Realms Deckbuilding Game. This 48 card expansion comes in four non-random 12 card packs:

Events introduces game-changing event cards. Heroes addes character cards to the game. Bases & Battleships and Fleets & Fortresses are two collections of powerful new ships and bases.

Each booster display contains 24 packs:

  • 6 x Bases & Battleships
  • 6 x Fleets & Fortresses
  • 6 x Events
  • 6 x Heroes