Now on Kickstarter is Bites, a reimagining of Big Points with Ants on a Picnic theme and variable gameplay.  Bites is a highly interactive set collection game with commodity speculation that plays in 20 minutes. In Bites, players move ants along a trail of food picking up food as they travel towards the ant hill. Players can move ANY ant, but they can only move an ant to the next matching color food. Players can then collect either food item in front or behind the ant they moved. Players take turns moving ants and collecting food until all the ants have reached the ant hill.  The order of arrival to the ant hill will determine the value of each food item. The first ant to arrive will score players the most points for food in the same color as the ant, while the last ant to arrive will score the players nothing for food of the ant’s color. Scoring for chocolate and wine change every game based on the starting rules card selected for them.  Two other cards, a special rules card and the ant hill card, selected at the beginning of the game also changes how the game is played.

Bites plays 2-5 players, ages 12+, in about 20 minutes.  Contents include a 5-level ant hill, 5 wooden ants, 50 regular food tokens, 10 special food tokens, 19 cards, 11 special tokens, and rulebook.  Backers may add-on additional food tokens for a longer game. The Kickstarter Campaign runs through June 6 with an expected delivery in January 2020. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign to learn more.

The Jasper is a board gaming table with a 3′ x 5′ playing area that comfortably seats six people. There are 3″ wide armrests around the perimeter of the table, creating a recessed arena to play your games. This keeps your bits on the table even if when you are making your power dice rolls (admit it – they do sometimes get out of hand).

The play area of the Jasper is a removable one-piece padded, polyester felt surface. It is about 6mm thick with a rigid back so that it lays flat without bunching. It is soft and smooth so cards slide across it. Every table comes with a gray play surface. Additional colors will be made available as stretch goals are reached and extras can be purchased.

Extra options

Integrated cup holders and a dining topper, which makes your gaming table into a normal dining room table, are also available. The dining topper is easy to remove and spill resistant – due to a tongue and groove design with a rubber gasket. There is even an option for a wing shelf that sits inside the playing area to provide a flat surface for snacks and other gaming essentials. Matching chairs might be a stretch goal.

The Jasper is a solid wood table, built to last. It is available in two wood types – a dark walnut color and a light natural color. If you have other needs, an unstained, unfinished version can be requested. You must assemble the Jasper yourself, but it is designed to be easy to assemble and foolproof. The only tools you will need are your own Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench, provided with the table.

This Kickstarter campaign is running until October 12 and the first tables (they will be completed in batches) are expected to be delivered by the end of this year. The base table price is $599. Add a dining topper and the price is $898. The tables will only ship to the US and Canada and there is Canadian-friendly shipping.

The Jasper is made in the US by, which previously produced the Duchess gaming table.

the duchess

Artisan game tables are the ultimate gaming accessory, and to get one usually costs an arm and a leg because of the quality and care put into each individual one.  So in order to help broaden the market, recently sent out surveys to gather data on what people look for in a game table.  Things like size, optional add ons like toppers and cup holders, and the price were all polled in an effort to bring an affordable game table to the market.  And with all that info they have created The Duchess, a 5′ by 3′ gaming table with a recessed playing surface and the options to add cup holders and/or a table topper (for an extra cost), all for only $499.  They owe the savings to the mass production of the tables as a table like this would normally cost another $100 or more if you add other features to it.  So if you want to join the ranks of high end gaming table owners, check out their Kickstarter and pledge for your own table.

diy table

The game table is the quintessential gaming accessory as it’s what you play all your games on.  While most settle for folding card tables, large dining room tables, and coffee tables for their gaming space, some take it to the next level.  Companies like and Geek Chic produce very high end tables with board gaming specifically in mind while still making sure the original functionality of the table is maintained.  However, not everyone can afford the high price tag of these tables which run upwards of $2,000 for base models.

Thus, the DIY game table is starting to emerge.  The folks over at Webb Pickersgill compiled a list of DIY game tables with links to instructions on how to build the different tables.  They range from a table topper that can turn a normal table into a gaming table temporarily to fully functional game tables with cup holders, player areas, and integrated electrical.  Heard on over to Pickersgill’s site and then brush up on your carpentry skills and make your own game table.

boardgametables_com logo has announced their initial two tables are available for immediate order.  This company focuses on offering tables that are high quality still not necessarily customized beyond a few add-ons that are offered and the wood and stain you choose.  Their two tables are a 66″x41″ rectangle and a 51″ edge to edge hexagon.

Rectangular Table with every add-on available

Rectangular Table with every add-on available

Both tables are designed to comfortable seat 6 people and have the ability to have either an inset or overlaid topper put on them. They do have a few other add-ons available including cup holders and drawers.  Additionally Cherry and Walnut are considered an upgrade over the two base woods Oak and Knotty Alder.

Hexagon table with all add-ons available

Hexagon table with all add-ons available

If you have been drooling over a Geek Chic table but can’t afford the $3000 starting price this might be a good alternative for you.  Starting at $1399 this has a base price of less than half the price of the base model offered by Geek Chic.  That being said the offerings from this company are more fixed than Geek Chic’s.  But if what you want is a quality gaming table and you don’t necessarily need all of the bells and whistles that Geek Chic offers this might be a nice alternative.

table with inlay

Table with optional inlay


Because this is their first set of offerings I can not speak previous customers experiences with the product.  But being a solid wood product it should be able to withstand the demands that most gamers place upon it.  Because they are offering two products that are only varying in the wood used they are able to keep the cost down.

To see full information on both tables head over to their site here.