Board Game Geek has reported that Asmodee has acquired the worldwide publishing, commercial and brand rights to the popular game Spot It!  They have been releasing the game under it’s original name Dobble since 2010 and will now have worldwide ownership of the game. With their prior acquisition of Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games Asmodee is certainly making a large presence in the board game community. You can read the full article on here. (BGG) is naturally one of the most well-known and well-used websites for all things board-gaming, and therefore is the source of some of the most interesting data on board game trends.  Towards the end of 2014, BGG user A. Mandible (user name grasa_total) created a “Geeklist” that presented multiple top-20 categories of board games, each ranked by the frequency of certain key words in games’ comments on the BGG site.

Only games ranked in the top 1000 overall on BGG were eligible to make the list.  Some of the frequency-words used for the categories include “dice,” “filler,” “luck,” “fun,” and so forth.  A. Mandible makes it clear that the games on these lists are not necessarily represented accurately in that category, just that the word appeared often in the comments.  This is expressed in his comment thus: “Think of it as a cross between conventional wisdom and what people actually think.”

Here is a sample list created by counting the games in the top 1000 that have the word “luck” in the comments:

What fraction of comments use ‘luck’?
1. Thebes (679 / 1746)
2. Port Royal (56 / 145)
3. Lords of Vegas (176 / 578)
4. Incan Gold (410 / 1453)
5. Can’t Stop (586 / 2161)
6. Diamant (414 / 1637)
7. The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus (73 / 301)
8. Infiltration (109 / 459)
9. Pantheon (47 / 221)
10. Ninjato (80 / 395)
11. Dragonheart (81 / 440)
12. Archaeology: The Card Game (130 / 731)
13. Rallyman (62 / 354)
14. Silverton (56 / 322)
15. Um Reifenbreite (74 / 428)
16. Oregon (121 / 700)
17. Pickomino (210 / 1260)
18. Masons (113 / 682)
19. The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac (159 / 1010)
20. Rosenkönig (65 / 414)

To view this interesting Geeklist and all of the various keywords and categories, visit the Geeklist here.

tasty minstrel golden geeks

In Tasty Minstrel Games’ latest newsletter, founder Michael Mindes discusses three areas that are hot topics for TMG at present.  But before that, TMG encourages everyone to try AquaSphere, the latest game from Stefan Feld, and Village Port, expansion to Village, by Markus & Inka Brand.  Both of these games have limited availability.

Golden Geek Awards

TMG has 6 different titles that have been nominated for various categories of the Golden Geek Awards on  These titles are:

  • AquaSphere – Game of The Year  /  Strategy
  • Orleans – Game of The Year  /  Strategy  /  Innovative
  • Scoville – Artwork & Presentation
  • Eminent Domain: Escalation – Expansion
  • Burgoo – Abstract
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The 2-4 Of Us – Abstract


In the past year, TMG has been able to expand services to their customers through expanding their staff, resulting in 4 full-time staff and several key contract-based workers.  Mindes states that he is in the midst of testing many things within the company structure, and states the following things explicitly:

  • Everything we decide to do is for the benefit of our Customers. This is our guiding principle.

  • We strive to more directly interact with our Customers while being able to continually create fantastic games that they want.

  • We have a gigantic pipeline of games that is around 40 titles right now, and want to bring these to life quickly, steadily, and carefully.

  • We want to have deep and valuable relationships with our closest stakeholders, this includes game designers, artists, key retailers, reviewers, email subscribers, and so forth.


TMG lists its top 3 successful sellers:

  • Dungeon Roll – 40,000+
  • Village – About 16,000
  • Eminent Domain – About 15,000

For more information on Tasty Minstrel Games and this latest company news announcement, visit the newsletter here.

boardgamegeek card game, the internet nexus of the board gaming community, has launched BoardGameGeek: The Card Game on Kickstarter. Designed by Candy Weber (Coronets, Leftovers, Santa’s Elves), BoardGameGeek: The Card Game is a new set collecting card game which allows players to lay out cards representing their favorite games in one of two ways: games they’re playing and games they’re collecting.

As the game continues, you’ll participate in Math Trades, Buy Games, hit the Thrift Store and more… until The End card appears and you total up your final points!

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