Board Games Expansions

Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games today announced the first expansion to Elizabeth Hargrave’s  mega hit Wingspan. Wingspan took the gaming world by force when it hit in early 2019, combining a huge variety of gorgeously illustrated cards with simple, elegant gameplay. Wingspan was quickly the most talked about game, unfortunately making it frequently out of print, and difficult to find. Winning the illustrious Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel award probably did not help matters either.

The European Expansion, also designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, still contains the fantastic art by Ana Maria Martinez JaramilloNatalia Rojas, and Beth Sobel. The new birds included in this expansion will use a variety of new abilities, including round-end abilities, more player interactions, and birds that benefit from excess resources. The plan for this expansion, and future additions, it to be seamlessly shuffled into the original cards, creating a larger, more varied game.

Stonemaier has also announced that future copies of Wingspan will include a “swift start promo pack”, which includes a first round walk-through, using specific new bird cards to demonstrate how to play. The back of the Wingspan box will clearly show whether the promo pack is included. This promo pack will be also available for separate order directly from Stonemaier. For more information on the Swift Start Promo Pack, check out Stonemaier’s website here.

The European Expansion for Wingspan will contain a new tray for holding the tremendous quantity of cards, 15 more eggs (purple!), more food resources, and a new scorepad. Pre-orders for this expansion will begin on November 6, and look for the game to hit shelves November 22, 2019. For those lucky enough to attend, limited copies will also be available at Essen in October. For more information, check out Stonemaier’s website on the European Expansion here.

Ignacy Trewiczek owner of Portal Games and the designer of many popular games has released his latest Vlog post where he taiks about his recent trips and some of the great games he was able to pick up while at Essen.  In addition he shows off some very nifty components that one of his fans from BGG sent to him.

In addition to those things he also talks about the fact that Portal is intending to release an expansion to one of this years biggest games “Imperial Settlers” called “Why Can’t We Be Friends”  including 55 cards with cards for all 4 factions and it also allows for a solo variant as well.  He indicates that the game should be available in December in Europe and likely January for US release.  He also notes that he will have some copies of the game available at BGG.CON.

star realms

White Wizard Games has announced they will be releasing their first expansion for their very popular game Star Realms.  This game has had four printings already and so additional gameplay is something that obviously players are interested in.  This set of expansions looks like it should offer some very interesting changes to the game.

Publishers’ description below

This December, White Wizard Games is introducing the first major expansion for Star Realms, Star Realms: Crisis. Crisis is a set of four mini-expansion packs, with each pack including twelve brand-new cards to help customize the Star Realms experience.

  • Star Realms Crisis: Bases & Battleships includes a powerful new ship for each faction, along with eight additional ships & bases to add even more variation to the game’s trade deck.
  • Star Realms Crisis: Fleets & Fortresses is loaded up with a powerful new base for each faction, as well as eight new ships with a variety of cool abilities.
  • Star Realms Crisis: Events adds our first new card type to Star Realms. When an event enters the trade row, it’ll immediately shake up the game, destroying bases, letting players draw extra cards, and more!
  • Star Realms Crisis: Heroes adds our second new card type to the game. Heroes are unique, because unlike other Star Realms cards, they immediately enter play when purchased!