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Z-Man Games has released details about the upcoming game Majesty: For the Realm, a medieval themed card game by Marc André (Splendor) with art from Anne Heidsieck (Meeple War). In Majesty, 2-4 players play medieval rulers, using loyal subjects to produce goods, such as grain. Goods can then can be processed in different ways; grain can be sent to the Mill for flour, or the Brewer to make beer. Z-Man will be updating their website weekly with more information on the upcoming village builder.

You can read Z-Man’s press release here. Majesty: For the Realm is due to be released at Essen SPIEL 2017 in October.

Grail Games has just announced that they will be releasing an English language version of the popular 2013 Kosmos game Kashgar: Merchants of the Spice Road by Gerhard Hecht. Kashgar is a 2-4 player open deck building game, where players keep three stacks of cards (caravans), the top card of which is available to play. Each turn, players can activate the top card of a single caravan then move the card to the back of the stack. Actions include gaining new cards either blind from the deck or from the discards, and gaining or exchanging various resources. Resources include 5 types of spices and mules, which players use to fulfill contract cards in order to gain points.

Expect Kashgar in early 2018, and you can read Grail Games’ announcement here.

Stronghold Games has announced details on the Fast Forward™ Series which uses the new Fable Game™ system first introduced by Friedemann Friese in Fabled Fruit.

Fabled Fruit was the first in the series, and Stronghold has announced that Fortress will be the second game using the Fable system.

A great Fortress looms in the distance… and it must be yours! Accept the challenge against all others to conquer the Fortress! FORTRESS is a game about risk taking, out-witting and bluffing your friends to become the dominate ruler of the kingdom, and second in our Fast Forward™ Series .

No rulebook reading is necessary in the second game in the series. Put 2-4 gamers around a table and discover constantly changing rules while playing the game. Similar to Fabled Fruit a pre-sorted deck of cards slowly introduces new rules to the games. Through 12 games of Fortress gamers can explore the entire set of rules. Each game takes approximately 15 minutes. Once complete it can be reset to be played once again by the same group or a new set of gamers.

Fabled Fruit was the first of the Fable games, now referred to as the Fast Forward Series. In the series a game starts in an initial and very simple set of cards and rules but as you play through the game system both the mechanisms and gameplay evolve.

Playing through the game multiple times each play changes the game slightly. Unlike Legacy games the game is never permanently altered. At any point you may easily reset a Fable game from the beginning either after playing through the entire set of cards or at any point partway through the game.


Fabled Fruit, the first in the series, was shortlisted on for a variety of awards:

  • 2017 Spiel des Jahres Recommended List
  • 2016 Golden Geek Most Innovative Game Nominee
  • 2016 Golden Geek Best Family Game Nominee
  • 2016 Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee

Do you like clear water beaches, pools, diving, rock climbing, shows…? Ok, do you like board games? Well, the Dice Tower Cruise is for YOU! Last year was a blast! This year is geared to be even more fun with a second port stop planned. Like last year we will be stopping in Cozumel but this year we’ll be adding in a stop at Costa Maya!

The Dice Tower Cruise adds quite a few amenities not found on your run-of-the mill cruise. There are quite a few shows to check out, including game shows and the Dice Tower Live show. There’s a game room with a HUGE selection of all the newest games. The Dice Tower crew will be mingling around with plenty of opportunity to meet Tom, Eric, Sam, and Zee. We’ll be sailing in December and tickets are bound to go fast (we sold out last year). You can find out more information here.


Say goodbye to flimsy department store bags and repurposed drum cases—a new board game bag on Kickstarter is here to upgrade the way you carry your favorite games. The Board Game Garage is stylish and versatile, with the ability to carry everything from the smallest accessories to oversized favorites like Gloomhaven, Scythe, and Conan. The main compartment can fit up to six standard-sized square games!

The bag is padded and comes with side handles and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also folds flat when not in use. The project funded quickly and stretch goals include a waterproof rain cover and alternative colors. Head over to Kickstarter and check it out!

Gen Con has announced that they have sold out of 4 day badges for Gen Con 50 slated to occur from August 17-20 at the Indiana Convention Center.  This is the first time that 4 day badges have sold out for Gen Con.  Trade day badges which are a specialty type of badge have routinely sold out the past few years.  Along with this sellout Gen Con has forewarned that they will likely sell out of single day badges as well.  This year also marks the first time that badges will not be available for purchase at all onsite.

Over the past few years Gen Con has seen immense growth.  Though attendance did remain fairly flat last year.  With the 50th anniversary celebration, record numbers of exhibitors, and a further increase in space utilization at Lucas Oil Stadium it appears that this will be the largest iteration of the convention yet.

The convention has stated that for those in the Indianapolis community the $45 dollar Family Fun Day wrist bands which will get a family 4 into the show on Sunday August 20 might be their best option at this point.

At the time of printing it appears that single day badges are sold out on Sunday already. This is indicative that they are not joking about single day badges selling out.

For Gen Con’s press release visit here.

Bringing on the third installment in the Alliances cycle of Star Wars: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Desperate Circumstances brings in the opportunity for players to now recruit from the fringes of the galaxy as opposed to the traditional sources of fighters for the rebels and imperials.  Featuring five different objective sets this addition to the cycle will provide some interesting variety.  With his set focusing heavily on the use of multiple affiliations and the cards to make having those affiliations concurrently this will bring some new to the game that has not necessarily been available previously.

This set is anticipated to hit shelves in Fall 2017.  For more details you can see the blog post by FFG announcing it in more detail here.

Spielbox has announced the acquisition of Eggertspiele by Plan B Games Europe GmbH.  As part of the acquisition Peter Eggert has stated that he will remain on with company for 3 years doing game development.  Word on the continuation of strategic partnerships has not been released with the news of the acquisition.

Plan B Games is the company behind Origins Game Fair hit Century: Spice Road.  It was formed by Sophie Gravel who was the founder of Filosofia Editions.  After the acquisition of F2Z entertainment by Asmodee North America she spun off Plan B with a number of F2Z’s publishing house Z-Man Games design partners like Emerson Matsuuchi, Matt Leacock, and Anita Landgraf.

Eggertspiele is the publisher behind games like Coal Baron, Animals on Board, Great Western Trail, and many others.  Historically they have had strategic partnerships with Gigamic (french language editions) and Stronghold Games (english language editions).

Asmodee and Space Cowboys have announced three new escape room titles to the popular Unlock! line of games. The three original Unlock! games created one hour escape room experiences with just a deck of cards, using a unique mechanism of card numbering and combining. The House on the Hill puts the players in a haunted house with a mysterious Book of the Dead. The Nautilus’ Traps has players escape a submarine at the bottom of the sea during a sea monster attack. The Tonipal’s Treasure involves a period hunt for pirate treasure on Tonipal island, however at the start you have been arrested and imprisoned by the Governor.

Read the full press release from Asmodee here, and look for the three new Unlock! games in Q4 2017.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the newest army for their Runewars Miniatures Game, the Uthuk Y’llan. Known as the Locust Horde, long ago the Uthuk ravaged the land, destroying everything in their path. Recruit the Berserker tribesmen, the Flesh Ripper mounts, and their fearsome leader, Ravos the Everhungry. Ravos is so terrifying that merely being in his presence inflicts one panic token on every enemy during setup. Additionally, Ravos’ command dial has two melee icons, allowing him to attack either early or late in the round. Finally, the Uthuk bring monstrous beasts known as Spined Threshers, whose claws instill fear and rip the enemy to shreds.

Read more about the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion on Fantasy Flight’s web page here, and look for it in stores Q4 2017.