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Chaosium, the long time forerunner of the Cthulhu RPG world, has announced a new Kickstarter project, the card game Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection. Chaosium, famous for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, had been out of the board and card game world for quite a while until last year’s release of Reiner Knizia‘s Khan of Khans. Now the studio has returned to the Lovecraftian world with the push-your-luck card game Miskatonic University, also designed by the master, Dr. Reiner Knizia, with Graphic design by Ian O’Toole and art by Victor Leza and Goomi. In Miskatonic University, 2-5 players take turns drawing cards from the library, trying to collect sets of 3 differing Sigil and Grimoire cards. However, if the player draws a duplicate card, they and their students will be expelled from the library, losing their progress that round. Players can use one of their 7 defense cards to mitigate expulsion in different ways, and graduate students can be collected to recharge used defense cards. If players opt to leave the library voluntarily, they earn points for collected sets. The game lasts five terrifying rounds, and the most points from collected lore and saved sanity wins.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection will continue through May 8, and the game is expected to deliver in November 2018.

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One of the recent trends in board games has been for big box stores, such as Target and Walmart, to claim their share of exclusive titles from within the hobby board gaming world. Several of these exclusives have been noteworthy; we have seen Target obtain Bob Ross Art of Chill Game, and Walmart is the exclusive seller of Fog of Love. The most recent participant, Red Raven Games, has announced an exclusive game with Target, Megaland. Ryan Laukat‘s newest creation Megaland has the look and feel of his previous masterpieces, bringing up images of Near and Far or Artifacts Inc. Megaland is a push-your-luck game set in a video game universe, where players fight monsters to collect coins and build up their world. 2-5 players can use coins to improve their character, build bowling alleys or arcades, and delve deeper into each new level. But players who push too hard are likely to come home with nothing. The player with the most coins at the end wins.

Megaland is due to come out in Fall 2018, exclusively at Target stores.

Boarders Tabletop Game Studio, a Singapore and Malaysia based company, has allegedly disappeared with tens of thousands in cash and product. They were the primary distributor for several, major Kickstarter projects in the Southeast Asian region, helping customers save money on shipping costs.

Originally the company was setup to support group pledges for Kickstarter projects but has since turned into a nightmare for pledgers. Suspicions were raised when customers noted that the shipping dates on Kickstarter projects did not line up with that of Boarders’ deliveries. Emails and chat messages went unanswered.

Customers who reached out to Kickstarter publishers asking about Boarders found that they had never received payment despite taking money from those customers. Publisher Mighty Boards also posted on their Kickstarter update page that they had shipped Petrichor games to Boarders but had not received payment or been able to contact them. Publishers of Roll Player, Brass, Moa, Food Chain Magnate, Lords of Hellas, Cerebria, Darkest Night, and Cthulhu Wars also reported similar activity by Boarders for products which they had sent.

For more details read the original article on the website as the story is still being updated as more details emerge.

Canvas Temple Publishing launched its inaugural game, Blitzkrieg in the West, on Kickstarter on March 23, 2018.  Canvas Temple announced Blitzkrieg in the West, Battle for the USSR!, and revisions to Army of the Tenessee and Army of the Potomoc earlier this month.  Blitzkrieg in the West is designed by Joseph Miranda (Zulus on the Ramparts, World War I).

Blitzkrieg in the West is a simulation of the German campaign in Western Europe, 1940 for two players who each assume the same positions that the commanders did in the original campaign.  One player assumes the role of the Germans while the other assumes the role of the Allies. The game includes fog of war elements and unique choices that are directly tied to the original campaign.  Blitzkrieg in the West also introduces figures such as Rommel and DeGaulle.

The game is set to be produced as a folio game with maps, counter sheets, and rules shipped in a pocket folio and placed inside a zip-lock bag (although this could change with stretch goals).  Blitzkrieg in the West is on Kickstarter until April 22, 2018.


IDW Games has released several board games based on classic arcade games, including Missle Command, Centipede and Asteroids. The next game in the series appears to be a card game rendition of the Williams Electronics classic Joust, and will be designed by Luther Bell Hendricks V. The Joust board game will require 2-4 players to manage their speed and altitude, using a “unique momentum system”. Played cards immediately affect a players’ knight, but their effects last for several turns after being played. Players will need to stay alive while defeating foes, collecting eggs, and generally competing to be the best knight.

Joust is due to be released August 22, 2018. For more information and some images, check out the descriptions on GTS Distribution and Peachstate Hobby Distribution.

Jasco Games has created a Kickstarter Campaign for Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game, based on the immensely popular video game series. This new 2-6 player, card driven fighting game features a slew of beautiful pre-painted miniatures, in a new larger “collector’s scale”, ranging from 65-85mm on a 58mm base. This size will become Jasco’s standard for their new line of games using Street Fighter’s Universal Tactics System. The game itself is card driven, with each fighter having it’s own deck of action cards. Players draw 2 cards on their turn, move on the board up to their movement value, then take 2 actions. Actions are simple and include move, draw, or play a card. Defense choices are simplified as well: players either block or counter-attack, using battle dice to determine their results. As players roll dice and play cards, a power meter accumulates allowing those super and ultra combos that made the original video game so popular. Street Fighter: The Miniature Game will include at least 6 fighters in the core box (more are coming through stretch goals), 4 detailed square-grid maps, impressive 3D terrain, player boards and nearly 500 cards. A Boss Expansion includes components needed to fight M. Bison and Akuma. Add-On buys are available for 16 more fighters from Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Street Fighter continues through May 4, and delivery is expected in March 2019.

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Isaac Childres and Cephalofair Games have announced that an expansion to Gloomhaven, named Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles. Gloomhaven is the legacy card-driven dungeon crawl that hit the market like a nuclear bomb out of Kickstarter  in early 2017. The 22 pound monster has since dominated the Hotness and Best boardgame lists on BGG, and even managed to crack into the #1 spot in Tom Vasel’s top board games of all time. Forgotten Circles will be released through normal retail channels in time for Essen Spiel 2018 (October), and will contain 20 new scenarios that take place after the main story of Gloomhaven. Forgotten Circles will also include 7 new monster types with 3 bosses, 14 new items, and a new character class, the Aesther Diviner.

Hasbro and Nintendo have teamed up to create a followup to last year’s Monopoly Gamer, Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition. 2-4 players will race as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad, collecting coins, avoiding banana peels, tossing turtle shells, and generally causing chaos along the board. Mario Kart Edition still has the Nintendo themed properties and character special abilities of the original, but now includes a special Grand Prix Race when players pass or land on “Go”. Additional characters will be available later this fall in Power Packs, and will include the favorites Bowser, Rosalina, Shy Guy, Metal Mario, Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition is available now at GameStop Stores, and will be available at most other retailers in June.