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In a recent article posted on the League of Gamemakers, Scott Caputo relates his experiences in getting not only his games published, but also his poetry by using a method he calls the “back door.”  In lieu of more traditional methods of finding a publisher for a game (emailing publishers, etc.), Caputo explains how much more effective it was for him to find someone willing to publish his work due to networking.

“Given two equally talented designers, I firmly believe the one who is better at networking will get published first,” Caputo states.  “You will cease to be an unknown name on one of a thousand emails, and instead, you will be a known commodity, someone they feel they can bank on, and that can make all the difference.”

Caputo lists several strategies for making these important connections:

  • Making connections/friends with publishers
  • Volunteering in the [gaming] community
  • Keeping your contacts alive
  • Taking time to build your network
  • Kickstarting your own thing

To glean more from Caputo’s experiences, read the full article on the League of Gamemakers website.

between the shadows

Fantasy Flight Games announced the release of Between the Shadows, the newest expansion to Star Wars: The Card Game.

In this deluxe expansion, you’ll find twenty-six brand-new objective sets (two copies each of twelve distinct objective sets and one copy each of two “limit one” objective sets). These objective sets are focused on the Jedi and the Scum and Villainy, including iconic characters from both affiliations, such as Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Prince Xizor, and Yoda.

between the shadows cards

New cards are also available from the other four affiliations. View previews of the Jedi objective sets A Hero’s Trial and The Master’s Domain and the Scum and Villainy objective set Masterful Manipulation, as well as teasers of many more cards, at Fantasy Flight Games’ website.

Click here for full details of the Between the Shadows deluxe expansion release.

metal dice 2

Foam Brain Games launched a Kickstarter to expand their offering of metal dice with new colors and styles.

There are now 3 newly designed styles of dice available for this project and in addition to our current lines of dice, we have all new colors of Antique Silver, Antique Brass and Nickel Black!

The new styles include a larger, 20-sided die with the numbers arranged sequentially for use as a stats tracker or counter, a three-sided die, and a spotted version of their rounded, numerical six-sided die. Foam Brain Games is also using this opportunity to enhance their dice bags. Reward tiers and add-ons range from individual dice to complete RPG and wargamer sets.

Get all the details on the Foam Brain Dice: Metals II – More Colors, More Dice! campaign page.


Mantic Games announced season 4 of DreadBall which will be available to retailers in January and February 2015.

DreadBall is a game for 2 players to go head to head in a futuristic football game. The game is played with miniatures that range from humanoid to insect-like alien creatures.

The new Season is spearheaded by a 48-page full colour rulebook, containing background, rules and stats for new teams, MVPs as well as new gameplay mechanics including Fans and Achievements.

Manic Games is promising a great year of DreadBall that will include organized play and a dedicated website, and it all starts with season 4 of DreadBall.
For more on this fun miniatures game visit the Manic Game site here.


Z-Man Games, publisher of games like Carcassonne, Camel Up, and Pandemic, used Facebook to announce a new addition to their catalogue: Hawaii.

Z-Man game is reprinting Hawaii which was first published in 2011. The game involves the use of limited resources to score points by growing their villages and exploring the surrounding islands.

To be victorious, you will have to cleverly plan out the use of your resources. Three different resources are available; so make sure you don’t run out of any of them too quickly. You will have to balance a number of ways to score points to secure your victory.

For more on this visit their Facebook announcement here.


Did you get any board games for Christmas?  Or is that a rhetorical question?

Clever Move posted an article last week offering seven possible categories of gifts board gamers tend to get at Christmas.  Quite interesting and admittedly humorous, I found myself relating to some of these.  Examine your board game gift assortment from last week and see if anything falls into any of these categories (the one in parentheses is the example from the article):

  1. The Perfect Little Game (Hanabi)
  2. The High-Priced Game (Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary)
  3. The Expansion You Didn’t Want (Dominion: Alchemy)
  4. The Expansion You Did Want (Settlers of Catan: Traders & Barbarians)
  5. The Game You Already Have (Carcassonne)
  6. The Expansion for a Game You Don’t Own (Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane)
  7. Monopoly (self-explanatory)

Check out the full article here.

Rio Grande Games announces two new releases in January and two in February.


First, Concordia by designer Mac Gerdts will be getting its first expansion titled Concordia: Britannia and Germania, which features a double-sided map. The first side, Britannia, offers 23 cities in 10 provinces and has players starting in London and Calais expanding from the South. The Germania side has 30 cities in 12 provinces. The new expansion changes the game through additional castles, different starting positions, and sea colonists moving through rivers. To learn more about the base game Concordia, watch the reviews by Tom Vasel and Ryan Metzler, both from The Dice Tower.

antike ii

Antike II, a strategy board game about evolution and competition among ancient civilizations also by designer Mac Gerdts, will be released in January. Antike II is a 3-6 player game that has players seeking to create cities, build temples, sail the seas, and discover science and technology. You might remember the 2005 release of the Antike, but Rio Grande Games has this to say about the differences:

Antike II differs from the 2005 Antike in several ways. To start, players now own city tokens, which allows them some degree of choice as to which resource a newly founded city shall produce. Military units have become more expensive, and the rules for the conquest of cities are considerably easier. The scientific progresses were altered as well. Neutral temples now exist, which may be destroyed, gaining VPs of a general, without harming other players. The game features two new maps in a new graphical design, and a new card named “BELLONA” (the ancient Roman goddess of war) has been introduced to counter the starting player’s advantage.

In February, expect to see a couple of new options for the card game, Bohnanza.


Bohnanza: Ladies and Gangsters is a stand alone card game by Uwe Rosenberg that offers two different modes of play. First, Ladies has female versions of the beans from Bohnanza with better payouts than the male counterparts. Second, we have Gangsters that pits 1-2 players against the Bean Mafia, and the players must have more profit than the mafia to win. Gangsters also offers a few new beans.

bhonanza 2

Bohnanza: Princes and Pirates is an expansion to Bohnanza and Bohnanza: Ladies and Gangsters (depending on which mode you are playing). Princes may be played with either base Bohnanza or the Ladies mode of Bohnanza: Ladies and Gangsters and has bean princes making their way to sleeping beauty in the king’s castle. The prince that reaches the castle with the most gold may awaken sleeping beauty with a kiss and win the game. Pirates offers enough components for up to seven players and must be played with the base game, Bohnanza. Unlike original Bohnanza where players harvested beans and immediately sold them for gold, Pirates allows players to load up harvested goods on ships to sell at a higher profit in other markets. However, pirates are waiting at sea to steal the players cargo of beans.

You can find a review of the base game of Bohnanza by Miami Dice of The Dice Tower here.

For more information about Rio Grande Games, visit their website.

imperial raider

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to bring you the all-new Raider-class corvette, a new Imperial ship for X-Wing Epic Play and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced an Imperial match for the Rebel Corellian CR90 Corvette: the Imperial Raider.  While FFG was in the process of designing the huge Rebel Corvette ship for their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game, they quickly realized that the Imperial player would need a ship that was comparable to this Rebel behemoth that could go toe-to-toe with it.  After scouring the Star Wars IP lore, they failed to find a ship that would fit this bill, with the next larger ship than the VT-49 Decimator being the Lancer-class frigate.  As the frigate would be entirely too big for the scope of the game, FFG has partnered with Lucasfilm Ltd. to design a new ship that would be able to counter the CR90 Corvette’s bulk and firepower and maintain the integrity and balance of the game.

Designed to be an anti-fighter ship, the Imperial Raider expansion pack will include not only this huge, sleek powerhouse, but also a TIE-Advanced ship model with a new paint job.  The expansion pack will also include the usual slew of new and exciting upgrades, pilots, and other quality features that make X-Wing a thematic, action-packed hit.

The Imperial Raider expansion pack is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.  For more information on this exciting new announcement, read the full announcement here.

upstairs screen

German publisher Spieltrieb has their latest family-weight secret agent game, Upstairs, up on European crowdfunding site Spiel Offensive.  Continuing their Little ‘N’ Nice series, Upstairs has players rolling dice to move their agents through a maze of stairways and elevators as they attempt to be the first player to reach the roof. The building is made up of cards representing the various paths and obstacles.

“[The] winner is the first player to reach the roof. Only then will the[y] jump naturally, and befittingly, in slow-motion – succeed[ing] in the nick of time, with the agent grabbing the skids of the descending helicopter, carried off to the next hotel, where wine, women and song are waiting for our hero.”

Like the other games in the Little ‘N’ Nice series, Upstairs uses minimal components and is relatively inexpensive. If you’re interested in this light tactical race game, put on your jetpack and head over to the campaign page for all the details.

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