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After completing the second campaign for the elemental dice, Studio 4am has decided to try their hand again at making a game, Alchemy of Askrias.  Alchemy of Askrias is a dice building game but instead of being part of a roll and move game like Rattlebones, it works more like a traditional deck building game where you are trying to improve and upgrade your dice to achieve victory.  In the beginning you have three shared dice with basic components on them and one blank personal die.  You will roll all the dice and based on what comes up be able to modify the faces of your personal die or the shared dice to make them better.  You continue to do this so that you can start rolling the combinations you need to get the victory point cards, first to 10 points is the winner.

alchemy stuff

You can get more information and look at some videos of the dice in action on their Kickstarter page.  They are fully funded at this point and moving into stretch goals, but beware the shipping, since it is coming from New Zealand the price to ship it stateside is high.

Image from Game Aisle

Image from Game Aisle

There have been dexterity games like Yeti in My Spaghetti in the past, Kerplunk is the one that comes to my mind. Yeti is similar to those games where you have some object sitting on a pile of sticks and you remove sticks hoping the object doesn’t drop. In these games, the player who last pulled a stick without the object falling is the winner.

In Yeti in My Spaghetti that object is a chubby little yeti and the sticks you are removing are noodles of spaghetti.  It’s looks like a silly game that would be great with kids and according to the review from The Game Aisle, it is.  Yeti in My Spaghetti is for 2+ players, ages 4 and up, and plays in about 5 minutes.

and then we held

The game … and then we held hands, winner of the 2014 Golden Geek for the print & play category, is now available on Kickstarter from LudiCreations. The two-player cooperative design by David Chircop and Yannick Massa turned heads last year due to its attempt to simulate the complex emotional dynamics of a relationship and its prohibition on verbal communication.

…and then we held hands. is a co-operative game about finding balance. To win, the two players must complete objectives and reach the center of the board.

The players take turns trying to fulfill the current common emotional objective by discarding emotion cards to move from node to node. They must do this without verbal communication, empathizing and always considering each other’s situation when making a move.

and then we contents

The published edition currently on Kickstarter features new (and stunning) art from Marie Cardouat and a digital download for an original soundtrack. A limited number are available for shipping in November, with a second run slated for January; the publishers “absolutely, positively did not expect [the] tremendous response to the game,” and have had to order more printed in order to meet the demand.

fistful of credits

Firefly: Fistful of Credits is the next game using the Firefly universe and looks to be a vastly different experience than the original Firefly game.  Instead of an expansive pick and delivery type game Firefly: Fistful of Credits is a cooperative scenario driven game where each person is controlling a character from the Serenity crew as they try to complete a heist and earn the money they need to keep flying.  The game will come boxed with three scenarios you can run through, Intensive Care, The Derelict, and Paradiso Express, that are based off of episodes from the Firefly TV series.  Once you pick a scenario and set up it’s specific layout you then pick two characters, one to be the Big Damn Hero and the other to be your sidekick.  Finally you pick up some gear and then you are off on the adventure, trying to accomplish the objective in order to survive and hopefully make some money along the way.  Head on over to the site for more information, pictures, wallpapers, and a full download of the rulebook.

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Fantasy Flight Games continues it preview of the ships that will be coming in wave 2 of the Star Wars: Armada game with a preview of the Imperial Raider.  In the original X-wing miniatures game, the Imperial Raider was an imposing ship to rival the size and power of the Tantive 4 and the rebel transport ships, but in Armada it just doesn’t seem so big and bad, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.  The Imperial Raider is a mid sized ship that boasts many ways to help deal with enemy fighter squadrons to pave the way for your bomber’s to rip through the rest of the enemy fleet.  Alternatively it can be used in place of fighter squadrons itself as it has some good defensive capabilities depending on how you outfit your ship.  Head on over to the FFG page to read more on all the options you have with the raider, and then get excited at the fact that their release in coming very soon.

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News came in just this week of the imminent Kickstarter campaign for Argo, a sic-fi game from Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget and published by Flatline Games.  Here is the official announcement:

Flatlined Games will soon start the Kickstarter Campaign for Argo, the new game by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget.

In Argo, you are astronauts trying to escape a space station before the Aliens get you. The spots in the escape pods are limited so you will need a good balance of cooperation and competition to win this game!
The campaign for Argo will start in a few days, do not miss it!


Argo has been in development for over two years and originally hoped for an Essen 2015 release, but due to delays the game is hoping for a successful Kickstarter campaign and a 2016 release.

For more information on Flatlined Games and Argo, visit the company’s website here.

swamp tales

Fantasy Flight Games announced, a while ago, that they will be reprinting Runebound and in typical FFG fashion they are releasing previews along the way to show off the game.  This time they show off the gameplay of Runebound along with the different adventures that you will be going on.

The three types of adventures you can go on are social adventures (where you pick between two choices such as whether to help a smuggler or not), exploring quests (which have you exploring and  finding loot), and combat quests (which have you beating something up).  Gameplay is not that much different than other adventure games where you are moving, exploring, and visiting towns to make sure you are powerful enough to take on the grand evil that is trying to take over Terrinoth.

More previews will be coming as time goes on but until the next one you can read all the info on the FFG page.

star wars bases

For some of us, color coding is a must, and often it’s to keep things straight otherwise we would lose track of who has what. But some games just don’t make that easy to do.

Well Fantasy Flight Games has heard your cries in the Star Wars X-wing miniatures game and will be selling five new colors of bases.  So now you can forgo the use of marking tokens on the base and just color code your squadrons to your heart’s content.  The initial colors will be blue, green, red, orange, and purple as well as the standard clear.

Look for them in the fourth quarter of 2015 and head over to the FFG page to check out the announcement.