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Designer Grant Rodiek has written “Asymmetric Beginnings” over on  Focusing on goals and using examples from Rodiek’s upcoming game, Sol Rising, Rodiek builds on his previous foundation of asymmetric design and delves into where to start.  Rodiek states that:

…every asymmetrical component should have a very clear purpose or theme. If it doesn’t need to exist, if it doesn’t have a purpose? Cut it and move on. In fact, if you can’t justify the exception at an early phase, and asymmetry is just that — exceptions — you should focus on a symmetrical design.


clue meets Twain

The Resident reports that you can play a live-action version of the classic board game, Clue.

Saturday, September 20, 2014
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
At the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut

The Sea Tea Imrpov is an improv comedy troup that will be transforming the childhood game of Clue with literary characters from Mark Twain.


space movers board

David Lowry reports from on an upcoming co-operative pick up and deliver game, Space Movers 2021, designed by April Cox and Kevin Cox.  Lowry provides an in depth look and preview of this game published by KnA Games as it is to hit Kickstarter in the beginning of September.

asmodee days


Announced today in various news sites, including Forbes, Days of Wonder (publisher of games such as Small World, Ticket to Ride, and the recent hit Five Tribes) is merging with Asmodee (publisher of 7 Wonders and Eclipse).

By merging with Days of Wonder, Asmodee increases its exposure to the US game market, and it also gets access to the company’s award-winning portfolio, which includes Small WorldShadows Over Camelot and the Ticket to Ride series. Days of Wonder has also made major strides creating digital versions of its games for iOS devices and personal computers.

Days of Wonder will continue to operate with its current team as an independent brand and studio within the Asmodee Group, according to the company, and will continue its mission to release a limited number of new games with high production values. Adrien Martinot, who has led the company’s European sales and marketing operations for the last 7 years, will be the new head of the studio; current Days of Wonder CEO Eric Hautemont and vice president Mark Kaufman will continue in an advisory role to Asmodee CEO Stéphane Carville.

I found it interesting that Bruno Cathala had a recent release with both companies (Five Tribes and Abyss) at Gencon.

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secrets and schemes

Coming next month for the Game of Thrones living card game is Secrets and Schemes.  It comes with sixty more cards that will shake up the Seven Kingdoms with new knights, attachments, and the agenda, Aloof and Apart (Secrets and Schemes, 18).  Secrets and Schemes is the first pack in the Warden Cycle and it introduces a castle plot type that produces rewards when used.

secrets and schemes cards

all that remains

Coming next month is the next pack for Android: Netrunner, All That Remains.  Included is a new Criminal Runner identity, a new shard of the source protocols, and a host of assets designed to support the ambitions and secrecy of those Corporations that have the most investment in lunar development.  In addition, Corporations will get agendas with “when scored” abilities and trace cards that affect the Runner even if their traces fail.

all that remains cards

ares magazine web

One Small Step Games had their magazine funded in February 2014 on Kickstarter for $26, 185.  The Ares Magazine is a bi-monthly (twice a month) periodical of science fiction material and a board game.  Yes, that’s correct, a board game is included in each issue of the magazine.

The first issue is 84 pages featuring original science fiction and fantasy stories, an interview with Bruce Cordell, and an article by author William H. Keith.

The press release states that the magazine is available at comic book stores and online and digitally from GooglePlay.

manifest components

A New Zealand based publisher, Schilmil Games is releasing Manifest, designed by Amanda Milne and Julia Schiller.  Manifest was funded on Kickstarter in April 2014 for $32,651 New Zealand dollars.  This is roughly $32,272 US dollars.  The game setting is the 1920′s and players are in control of shipping companies moving goods and passengers through storms, pirate attacks, and a stock market crash.

From the Kickstarter page:

Win points for your shipping company by completing Contracts. Pick up the required goods or passengers at their source, then navigate the high seas to deliver them to a port where they are wanted. Be sure to load more cargo than you need to deliver, as there are many hazards along the way, and pirate thieves hiding among the waves.

With a choice of Private or Public Contracts, two ships in your charge, and multipurpose Action cards, there are hard choices and many paths to victory, as well as some ‘take that’ options to thwart your opponents.

Manifest is a gateway Euro game for two to five players and a play time of 20 minutes per player.  Components include 182 cards, 48 tokens, 24 meeples, 10 cargo ships, and 5 player boards.

bravest warrior

Coming soon, like next week, from Cryptozoic Entertainment is a co-operative dice game based on the Bravest Warriors web series.  The Bravest Warriors: Co-operative Dice Game has all players working together by using portals and special abilities in order to solve problems and defeat enemies that have been featured in the show.

bravest warrior card

Cryptozoic has released a “first look” at the game.  The Bravest Warriors: Co-operative Dice Game is for one to six players and plays in 30 minutes.  Components include 12 custom dice, 6 oversized character cards, over 100 cards, and various tokens for scoring, failing, hit points, and initiative.