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s peace

The King’s Peace is a new Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, which will advance the story of the game world and add a variety of new content:

Eddard Stark has arrived at King’s Landing to serve as the Hand of the King, but even as knights travel from across Westeros to participate in the Tourney of the Hand, insidious characters gather in the shadows. The subtle intrigues of King’s Landing can prove dangerous to anyone, even under the protective banner of the king’s peace.

The King’s Peace is the third Chapter Pack in the Westeros cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and it continues the cycle’s journey through the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire with memorable characters like Ser Rodrik Cassel, Ser Alliser Thorne, and Ser Gregor Clegane.

kings peace cards

The set introduces new characters, new plots (one neutral, one Baratheon), and the system’s first new agenda, The Lord of the Crossing, featuring the (memorably duplicitous) House Frey. Read a great deal more about what’s included and what strategies one might employ to use all this new content by following the link above.


As of August 25th, Treefrog Games made an announcement on their website that they will cease their publishing of games.  But don’t fret if you like their style games, they fully intend to continue designing games but they will be using other companies to have them published.  The reasons for this change are many, but the main one they give is the cost of operating the company from New Zealand.   This means that their newest game, A Handful of Stars, will be the last game published under the Treefrog name and will hopefully be released in the first half of 2016.  Also, a new kickstarter edition of Brass will be published, but not by Treefrog, so they are in negotiations currently to see who we be publishing it.

Conan, a new board game coming from Monolith Board Games, was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter – having raised nearly 3.5 million dollars. I had a chance to see a demo copy at Gen Con list last month and have to tell you, I’m really excited about this one! Below is pictured many of the components that will be part of this exciting new release.

So, if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still get in on obtaining a copy of the game, directly from Monolith’s web site, by using a pledge manager they have created. Click here for more details.

conan 4

guns steel

Grail Games, publishers of Too Many Cinderellas and Elevenses, has announced that they will be bringing Guns & Steel to the US and the rest of the world.

Guns & Steel, a card-based civilization building game, combines the variety of hand-building with a unique card flipping mechanism. It enables 2-4 players to compete throughout the ages, struggling to build the greatest empire of the world.

Will you focus on civil developments to speed up production, or will you build powerful armies to lay waste to your enemies? Do you build wonders that leave a permanent heritage for mankind, or do you try to seize them from those who are not worthy?

Guns & Steel is a tightly packed strategy game that will force you to make challenging decisions on every turn. Experience the rise & fall of nations in just an hour’s time!

guns steel comp

Previously if you had wanted a copy you would have needed to be at the Tokyo Game Market in April or have picked up a copy from someone who did go.  But Grail games, partnering with Moaideas, are collecting funds on kickstarter for a print run to be distributed throughout the world.  While it is still the same game from the TGM, they did give it a bit of the 2.0 treatment with updated artwork, double sided wonder cards, and a revised rulebook.  So if you would like to pledge for a copy then head on over to the kickstarter page to check it out.

Also announced by Grail games is their launch of the Elevenses for One app for android.  Elevenses for One is a golden geek nominated game in the print and play category where you are trying to load your tea trolley with all the accoutrements needed for a splendid tea before the clocks strikes 11.  This is a micro solitaire game consisting of only 11 cards, and with it’s port over to android you will be able to play anywhere without having to find a spot to place cards.  Can you get madam’s morning tea ready in time?  Find out by purchasing this app through google play.

Lastly Grail games announced that more copies of Too Many Cinderellas have been made available to a wider area so contact your local store if they are out of stock to have them order more.

portal games logo

Originally released in 2012, The Convoy was an asymmetric card game for two players set in the Neuroshima universe and designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. The superstar designer’s company, Portal Games, have just announced a new edition of the game due to release in Q4 this year. The new edition is titled Neuroshima: Convoy and features streamlined rules, while updated graphic design sees the original’s plethora of confusing icons replaced with text. Although not one of Ignacy’s more famous designs, he’s clearly enthusiastic about its return:

“I am so proud of this design. It is only 35 cards per player…In Convoy I managed to put huge replayability and lots of fun and meaningful choices in only couple of cards. It’s like a micro game for me. I am damn proud of this game.”

For the full details of the announcement, head to the Convoy page on the Portal Games website.



There’s been several attempts, over the years, to present digital means of playing board games. Take, for example, Vassal which provides the board game community an online option of playing and testing a variety of board games. Owning nearly every board game app myself for the iPAD, I’ve apps try similar feats – such as Card Warden and several other apps. So, upon learning about this new solution (Tabletopia) I really wasn’t expecting much; but boy was I wrong.

So what’s so different about Tabletopia? Well, first of all the graphics are superb. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Imperial Settlers.

tabletopia imp settThe line-up of offered games is tremendous.

Here’s what the designers have to say about the app:

Tabletopia is a sandbox. Players should know the rules of the game to play it. There is no AI or rules enforcement, but at the same time it has the freedom to play the game your way – exactly as if you were playing at a real table. However, we have done a lot to make each play for you a good experience:

  • automatic game setups, card dealing, drafting etc.
  • player’s turn control, timers, game phases indication
  • interactive zones on the table with predefined automatic actions
  • intelligent counters for tracking victory points and many other in-game parameters
  • custom surfaces, game room wallpapers, sound effects advanced camera controls … and many other useful features!

Tabletopia will be released, first, via browser on PC and Mac with downloadable clients (via Steam) as well as iOS app oppotunities in the near future. To learn more, as well as fund the project, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign here.


d6 shooter

Already funded on Kickstarter, D6 Shooter is a quick playing – press-your-luck dice game designed by Robb De Nicola and published by Epic Scale Games. It’s already well surpassed it’s funding goal and still has 2 weeks left of the campaign.

d6 shooter comp



So what’s this game about?

  • Feel like a real lawman pressin’ yer luck trying to bring wanted bandits to justice. Some of these varmints are tough!
  • The decision is yours…can you stop yerself before you lose yer bandits…or will you test just how lucky you are?
  • Feel the excitement & relief when beating a tough bandit!
  • Event and General Store cards add another level to the standard press-your-luck style game.
  • Player interaction!  One person running away with the game? You may just have to grab a General Store card & slow them down!
  • Awesome themed character designs add to the fun. We’re sure you’ll be naming these bandits with yer family and friends!

You can click here to view the Kickstarter campaign and pledge. Entry level pledges are as low as $19.00.


giant bruges

Giant games seem to be the trend as of late with giant Jenga, King of Tokyo, and Tsuro.  So Dave, over at Game Knight, decided to up size one of his favorite games, Bruges.  Over the span of a year, up until it’s reveal at Origins, Dave spent his time figuring out how to take the small cardboard chits, meeples, and tokens and make them giant sized.

Once I knew roughly how big I wanted to make it, I started looking into how I might go about getting the game board printed and mounted.  After some research, I found a company called Print & Play Productions.  They specialize in game parts, custom prototypes, and print & play games.   I ended up ordering a 2 piece board.  Each 13″ x 9″ section would fold 4 times.  Resulting in an overall board size of 35 12″ by 49 12″.  The cost of the board was about 50 bucks.

Some were bought right off the shelf but others had to be custom made to fit the purpose of the game.  Head on over to Game Knight to check out how he did it and ultimately how much it cost him.

dingos dreams

Red Raven Games and Ryan Lauket are becoming known for producing some beautiful looking games from Eight Minute Empire and City of Iron to their previous kickstarted game Above and Below.  Dingo’s Dreams aims to continue that and brings in designer Alf Seegert, the designer of Fantastiqa, to bring you what they are calling “a wily Australian cross between Bingo and The A-maze-ing Labyrinth.”  In Dingo’s Dreams you will be sliding tiles into your own 5×5 grid of tiles (like A-maze-ing Labyrinth) in order to position you animal tiles to match your drawn goal card.  This sounds easy but each turn you draw a card and you can only turn that tile over to the animal side, meaning where your animals show up is determined by a card draw, and with the addition of blocked tiles in the advanced game, it can become even harder.  Couple this with Ryan’s amazing illustrations and you have a game that will appeal to a puzzler with an eye for beautiful games.

city of iron cards

In addition to Dingo’s Dreams this campaign will be funding the 2nd edition of City of Iron.  You can look at Tom’s review of the 1st edition on Youtube and the second edition is promising the usual, updated art and icons, new building cards and citizen cards, revised game board, new variants, and a revised rule book.  Also in the comments of the campaign it has been mentioned that some cards from the expansion have been moved into the base game and vice versa.  City of Iron in of itself is a city building game with some deck building mechanisms that has you conquering new lands, adding resources to you kingdom, and expanding your city.  You can head over to BoardGameGeek to find out more information on the 1st edition and figure out if you want to join in with the 2nd edition.

The campaign is fully funded at this point and on it’s way to stretch goals with the first two upgrading Dingo’s Dreams and the next three upgrading City of Iron 2nd Edition.  Head over to the campaign page to pledge for one, the other, or both.

spiel preview

Essen Spiel, the board game event of the year, is getting close and so announcements of which games will be there is going to reach a fevered pitch.  So, in preparation, BoardGameGeek has set up it’s Spiel Preview 2015 to offer people a list of all the games, grouped by publisher, that will be at the fair this year.  So far the list is up to an amazing 414 games (Origins topped out at 590) with the possibility that it will reach 700 games.  Head over to the blog post on BGG check it out.