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Evasive Maneuvers is the third pack in the Rogue Squadron Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game


Evasive Maneuvers, which is do to release in the first quarter of 2015, focuses on approaching the edge battles in different ways with the inclusion of new Scum and Villainy objectives and character cards. Now winning an edge battle is not a must-do for every player.


Losing the edge might be a dramatic setback for some units, but never for the deadly Assassin and Mercenary, Dannik Jerriko (Evasive Maneuvers, 764). Dannik Jerriko’s own combat icons are edge-enabled, but that hardly matters, because this Anzati also bears the text, “While this unit is attacking, resolve edge-enabled icons on friendly units as if you had the edge.” Not only do you resolve Dannik Jerriko’s combat icons as if you have the edge, but if he’s attacking, then every friendly attacking unit benefits from his ability. With the help of Dannik Jerriko, even units like Greedo (Edge of Darkness, 370) can become reliable combatants.

This new set will change the way many view and approach edge battles adding even more strategic and tactical gameplay to each battle.

You’ll uncover a host of cards in Evasive Maneuvers that give you ways to trick your opponent. Whether you intentionally lose edge battles with Dannik Jerriko, hide in the shadows with Vima-Da-Boda, or lead from the front in the Capital Ship Independence, you’ll find the cards you need in this Force Pack.

For more on this visit Fantasy Flight Games here.


From Asmadi Games comes Red7, which has been generating some buzz for its simplistic design combined with deep and strategic gameplay.

Red7 comprises of 7 sets of cards with each set representing a color of the rainbow and with each set, cards numbering 1-7. Each of the 7 colors represent a different winning condition in the game. The players will be attempting to make sure their hand meets the current winning condition by the end of their turn or they’re out of the game!

Asmadi Games has also used unique iconography on the card labeling to make sure the game is color-blind friendly. A definite plus.

Red7 plans to see store shelves sometime in October.


dice masters 2

Spanish distributor Devir recently published details (mistakenly?) of an all new Dice Masters set coming to retailers March 2015 — DC Dice Masters: Justice League. There’s been no official word from Wizkids yet, but the information certainly looks legitimate. The DC set appears to follow the same publishing structure as the Marvel set, namely with a starter pack alongside gravity feeds with additional characters, dice, and actions.

The Devir website states in the product description:

“The DC Dice Masters: Justice League Starter Set is the fifth starter release for the Dice Masters game. This innovative collectible has everything two players need to play, and allows players to increase their Dice Masters collection or jump into the game fresh!”

Fifth starter release?! So far, we know only of the original Avengers vs. X-Men, the forthcoming Uncanny X-Men, and the unofficially announced D&D set — that’s only three sets that we know of, so apparently there’s a fourth that we can only speculate about. I guess we’ll have to wait until Wizkids decides to fill us in.

Until then, we can drool over the thought of pitting DC vs. Marvel (and the image above) until we get more details.

Game Salute will reprint Poseidon's Kingdom


Game Salute will be releasing Poseidon’s Kingdom Limited 2nd Edition in 2015. The game was originally released in 2011. It was an Essen limited print run that sold out in a couple of days. It has since been out of print and can occasionally be found around the World Wide Web at princes in excess of $200.

poseidons kingdom in box

Now with the help of Kickstarter, Game Salute and the designers Fraser and Gordon Lamont are looking forward to reprinting the game with the same tricked out components, plus new artwork.

Everything from the original Poseidon’s Kingdom is here in the 2nd Edition — the double-sided game board, the kraken-trackin’ sideboard, the giant crashing wave, the same large pre-painted cast-resin figurines, 55 translucent dice, thick punchboard coral and reef tokens, and a well-illustrated rulebook with goofy nautical puns. There’s even a brand new “Dolphin” figurine that can offer shark protection to your ocean creatures…

If you have been navigating the high seas of the World Wide Web hoping to catch a glimpse of Poseidon’s Kingdom you now have a chance of claiming your own limited copy over at their Kickstarter campaign. You better hurry though because this project will only be founded if at least $20,000 is reached by Sep 30, 2014.


Mayfair games has announced dates for their latest game from the newly acquired Lookout Games.  Johari is a game of gem and jewelry trading.  Get ready to practice your best deceit.  Not only are you going to be doing gem trading you are also going to try pass off the occasional fake as the real deal with fortune coming to you if you succeed and punishments if you don’t.

Picture Found on BGG

Picture Found on BGG

For details on the game visit Mayfair Games Facebook post here.

skyway robbery

High flying steampunk adventure abounds in the new Kickstarter project Skyway Robbery.

You are a passenger on a gigantic airship cruise liner on a tour that will take you to the far corners of the Gaslight Empire. You are also an up and coming criminal mastermind seeking to build a reputation as a kingpin of crime. As the airship progresses to various exotic locales, amazing criminal opportunities will unfold before your eyes. Your task is to assemble the best gang of professional criminals, conduct daring robberies, elude various defenses and protect your turf from other nefarious crooks skulking in the shadows. Earn the most feared reputation and take your rightful place at the top of the criminal world.

This campaign is “pre-stretched” the designer has stated that he did this intentionally to keep down delays associated with stretch goals and to give you the complete game as it was meant to be had.  That being said there are two version of the game available as part of the project the standard retail version and a deluxe version featuring 120 wooden tokesn to replace some of the cardboard components that come along with the retail version.

skyway robbery components

About one third of the way through its Kickstarter campaign Skyway Robbery is about halfway to its funding goal.  The game was designed by Philip DuBarry the designer behind Revolution!, Revolution!: The Palace, and numerous other games.  Featuring art from a myriad of artists including Jacqui Davis, Dann May, Kelly McClellan, and Denae Wilkowski.  This game is being published by Game Salute.

You can back the project today on Kickstarter

Catan Collector's Edition coming this November

catan ancient egypt

If you have ever wished to test your settling prowess across the plains of ancient Egypt you will have your chance this coming November.
Mayfair Games has announced Catan Collector’s Edition – Ancient Egypt. You will be settling along the banks of the Nile as you build villages and great temples in honor of the Pharaohs. But watch out for that ever present robber. He will stop at nothing to interrupt your progress.

The sun of Catan rises over the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt. Klaus Teuber has re-worked his masterpiece The Settlers of Catan™ for this unique collector’s edition.

For more information, feel free to ride your oxcart over to Mayfair Games


In this latest preview installment for “Talisman: The Woodland” Fantasy Flight is focusing on the various different paths that can be taken through The Woodland.

A Path can provide both advantages and disadvantages. The Warrior’s Path offers extra strength during battle, but requires you to fight the nightmarish Queen Mab in psychic combat in order to gain a Destiny. The Secret Path allows you to evade creatures with a Strength or Craft higher than five, but an unknown Enemy awaits you at the Meeting with Destiny space. The risky Path of Folly forces you to subtract one from every die result, which may benefit you or cause you serious harm. Either way, it promises you a Destiny if you manage to survive your tumultuous journey.

woodland card

Additionally they go into detail about how the destiny system works showing the various destiny’s that can befall you and how those play into your fate and your fates usefulness in the game.

Your destiny is inextricable from your fate, and all destinies increase your fate value by one. As our second preview mentioned, The Woodland introduces a difference between light and dark fate: spend light fate to reroll a die that you rolled, dark fate to force another player to reroll a die. Destinies are also light and dark. Light destinies allow you to easily replenish light fate and focus on strengthening your character. Dark ones keep you supplied with dark fate and encourage you to hinder and harm others.

To see the full preview head over to Fantasy Flight Game’s website

castle panic 5 anniv

Fireside Games will be hosting a Google hangout on Saturday September 13th featuring Justin De Witt the designer of Castle Panic.

It is easy to participate in this Hangout, and it promises to be a fun, interactive way to learn more about our best-selling cooperative game and the people who make it. Justin will be sharing early artwork and design concepts for Castle Panic, as well as talking about his future plans for expansions to the game. You won’t want to miss it!

For all of the details and to see how you can participate visit Fireside’s Google hangout information page.

Pre-order your Summoner Wars card sleeves now

summoner wars card sleeves

Plaid Hat has announced card sleeves for their hit Summoner Wars game.

Sized specifically for Summoner Wars, each pack comes with 40 opaque-backed cards, plenty for any one deck.
If you’ve ever had trouble getting your sleeves to fit just right, this is the solution for your Summoner Wars collection!

For more information go to Plaid Hat Games