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pirate loot cards

Avast ye! Another game about pirates dead ahead, me hearties!  But this one’s got an interesting pedigree.  Pirate Loot, out today, was designed by Jason Bulmahn, notable for creating the Pathfinder roleplaying system.  It was published by Bulmahn’s own Minotaur Games.

Pirate Loot’s cannons are not aimed at deep, strategic simulation a la Merchants and Marauders.  The game is instead frenetic and jocular: perfect for raucous, rum-guzzling buccaneers. The base set includes 108 cards, and 54 more are available with the addition of the Pirate Loot 6-Player Expansion Pack, also available today.

“Betray your friends and steal their loot!” Bulmahn said.  “Pirate Loot is a light-hearted game with plenty of twists and turns to keep things exciting.  This is exactly the type of game you would expect from a band of ridiculous, cutthroat pirates!”

Gameplay centers around conscripting your own scoundrel crew of pirates and plunging daggers into your friends’ backs whenever possible.  The game plays two to four players (up to six with the expansion) in an hour and features toonish artwork by Scott Kurtz, creator of the webcomic PvP, and Dylan Maconis (Family Man).

Pirate Loot is available at hobby stores nationwide and at paizo.com.  Find out more about Pirate Loot and all Minotaur Games’s products here.



WizKids is pleased to announce the North American release of the latest version of their popular Dice Masters line, The Amazing Spider-Man.  This new set for the dice-building collectible line introduces new characters such as Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Kingpin.  Additionally, this new set premieres the Sinister Six, Allies, Underdogs, and other new and exciting mechanics.

One copy of Dice Masters:  The Amazing Spider-Man includes the following components:

  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook

As with previous Dice Masters sets, the Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man Gravity Feed, Playmat, Collector’s Box and Team Box will all be available for players to purchase in order to complete their collections.

For more information on this new release, visit the product page here.

re fired board

You’re Fired is a simple card game that has some things in common with Love Letter but has a little more going on.  The object of the game is to fire the other player’s boss or get him discarded to the break room, similar to how the princess in Love Letter will make you lose if you discard her.  To do this each player has their own deck of employees and will start with a hand of 3 employee cards from that deck.  On their turn the player will draw another card and then play a card to activate it’s employee power, the card is then discarded to the break room.  Actions on the cards vary from from preventing firings to reshuffling your discard pile into your deck, but most often they will let you fire an opponent’s employee.  Play will continue until a boss gets fired or sent to the break room, that’s it.

The art is not bad and the cost for the game is very low at only $12 for the base game.  There are two small expansions that you can pledge for which add interns and corporate zombies to the decks, and even a playmat is available as well.  The campaign has funded and has a stretch goal for some alternate boss cards so head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out.

Image Courtesy of BGG

Image Courtesy of BGG

Stronghold Games will be publishing the Kennerspiel des Jahres (2012) winner ‘Village’ along with it’s expansions ‘Village Inn’ and ‘Village Port’, along with the recent Essen 2015 release, My Village. The games are designed by Inka and Markus Brand and will be printed in Germany under license from German publisher Eggert-Spiele.

Village and Village Inn will come first, with an expected release date in time for the Gama Trade show in March 2016. These will be closely followed by Village Port and My Village in May/June 2016 in time for the Origins Game Fair.

Village is a Euro style game for 2 to 4 players with an intriguing twist on resource management – among the more usual resources, you also have to manage time and at some point during the game you will be likely to actually want to kill off your workers. As you may expect, the Inn & Port expansions add an Inn and Port to your village, introducing more options for managing the lives of your family members.

My Village is a standalone game with a very similar theme and weight as Village, but this time uses dice management as it’s primary mechanic instead of cubes & workers.

For more information take a look at Stronghold Game Website

all in

In case you need more party games, Patch Products, a leading manufacturer of toys, puzzles, and games,  now has a new party game available. In All In, 3-6 players take turns reading statements that are true or false, while other players bet on the correct answer.

From the press release:

All In® will give you the most exciting true/false situations you’ll ever experience! And you have no choice but to be All In, so be smart about where you place your chips becauseThe Truth Can Cost Ya!TM Just sit back, get comfy, and listen to another player read a card statement, like “I have gone skinny-dipping,” “I have gotten into the wrong car by mistake,” or “I have stuck my finger up someone else’s nose.”

For more information, see the full press release here.

brilliants box

Sphere Games have launched their first Kickstarter project, BrilliAnts, a family friendly, turn based game all about…you guessed it…ants!

It’s a 1-4 player game lasting 45-60 minutes and the aim of the game is to help your ant colony prepare for the coming winter by gathering resources by completing objectives and expanding your territory and influence over the forest.

Depending on which stretch goals are unlocked there could be as many as 60 ant miniatures in this bright, vividly designed game. The campaign runs until the 11th December and expects to ship in January 2016. There is also a french language version available.

Find out more here.


Impressions, the organizer of Free RPG Day, has released their shipping list for November 17th which includes many RPG books and the like, but also a couple of board games and related items.  For new releases we have the following:


While it seemed like forever given that it funded in April of 2014, the new edition of Catacombs will be hitting store shelves this month so everyone can finally obtain this fantasy dexterity game with updated art.  No mention of the expansion from the kickstarter yet so look for that in a later release.

spielbox mag

Also hitting store shelves will be the latest issue of Spielbox Magazine, issue #5 of 2015, which will come with the following promos: A special card to “The Rivals of Catan” for the Big Game (Kosmos), 3 special cards and a small plate called Flatiron to New York 1901 (Blue Orange Games), and 4 new cards to “The Game” – called “Game on Fire”.

Lastly we look forward to releases in the future with Spielbox issue #6 coming in January and promising a card for Dominion Adventure as well as four Abductor packs to expand the solo game Hostage Negotiator.

For the full release you can head over to the Impressions site to check it out.

greedy greedy

AEG has announced a small box game to be released in spring of 2016, Greedy, Greedy Goblins – from none other than Richard Garfield.  Greedy, Greedy Goblins is a real time game of mining for gold and gems with goblins, and hoping that you don’t get blown up in the process.  In the game every player will be drawing mining tiles and placing them into caves. When they think a cave is worth enough they can then claim the cave with one of their goblins so that it can be scored at the end of the round (once a cave is claimed nothing else can be placed there).  Another option is claiming the guildhall and drawing a minion at the end of the round to give you bonuses you can use in the next round.  As for the tiles you draw, some are the treasure you seek, others can be monsters or other special effects tiles, or even dynamite.  The dynamite adds in a push your luck aspect because one dynamite doubles the score for that cave, two will triple the score, and three will blow you goblin to smithereens and score you nothing for that cave.  First person to 100 coins wins the game.

The art has a Smash Up type feel to it and the variety of minions to aid in scoring are nice, you can head over to the AEG site to read the rules and look at some previews of the cards.

by ravenous river

Just announced from AEG is a new card game, Ravenous River, set to be released this winter.  In this game you become a woodland creature trying to board a boat to cross the river and get home.  However, there are predators and prey all about and so who accompanies you on the boat can determine if you eat, or get eaten.  Each round is played by placing an animal either on a boat or on the bank and then  play or discard action cards to move animals around.  Once a player is out of cards he calls a vote on whether to end the round or not. If a majority vote yes then the round ends, else they continue playing until another vote succeeds or every player is out of cards.  Scoring happens by first checking which animals get eaten, then move the animals left on the boats to home, checking who gets eaten at home, and then finally scoring all the survivors both at home and on the bank.  The first player to 6 points is the winner of Ravenous River.

You can check out the rulebook and the art on the animal cards over on AEG’s site and look forward to the release of this game later this year.


Alright you veteran eBay bid snipers, it’s time to get to work.  We are down to the final 48 hours of the auction to raise money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund for 2015.

For those who don’t know, the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund was set up by Tom Vasel, in memory of his first son Jack who passed soon after birth.  Each year the fund has a fundraising auction in order to raise money to helps gamers and their families during times of need.  You can find out more about the fund, and even donate directly, by going to the fund’s website.  However, if you would like some bling for your buck, you can head over to the geeklist on BoardGameGeek to check out the hundreds of great games and gaming related items up for sale in this year’s auction.  Bid high and bid often and make this the best year yet for the JVMF.