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Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege, from IDW Games will be the first in a series of tabletop games based on the Warner Brothers cartoon franchise. This is a game for 1-5 players who play as Batman and his allies protecting Gotham from his Rogues Gallery. It’s designed by Richard Launius (known for Elder Sign, Arkham Horror) and Michael Guigliano, intended for players aged 14+, and plays in 45-60 mins.

Gotham’s heroes will make use of dice allocation and threat management to defend the city against bosses and their henchmen. Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege includes all new artwork, character miniatures, and 3D city buildings.

This appears to be the first in a series of games based on the franchise, though it’s not clear if future games will be expansions for this game, or entirely different games.

“Subsequent releases in the series will capture and celebrate the Batman Animated universe, packed with heroes and villains, featuring them in settings new and still familiar to fans and gamers. Developed with renowned artists and designers, IDW Games is excited to bring these beloved characters to the tabletop for fans of Batman: The Animated Series to enjoy for years to come.” [source]

Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege will be available in August 2018 and previewed at Origins Game Fair 2018.

Renegade Games is bringing Circus Puppy, the newest game from designer/artist Aza Chen (Cat Tower, Shiba Inu House), to North America. In Circus Puppy, 2-5 players draw those familiar, incredibly adorable, folded animal cards we know so well, and follow instructions stacking them on either the high or low stage to earn points. Be careful in this quick playing dexterity game not to let the growing towers falls. Circus Puppy features 45 dog cards in 17 different breeds, 5 stage cards, Shiba Inu Meeples (of course),, two stages (box and lid!), and score cards. You can read more details in Renegade’s press release or on their official webpage for the game. Look for Circus Puppy in Summer 2018.

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has announced the upcoming release of War Chest, a 2-4 player hex grid game with an easy ruleset but complex strategy. Players draw unit coins from their bag each turn, representing 3 actions they can perform. Cards define how the units move and attack, almost in the manner of abstract games such as Onitama. The game continues until one player has managed to place all of their control markers on the board. War Chest comes in a beautiful box decorated to look like an heirloom old style chest, and is pitched as “an ancient game, newly rediscovered and presented as it would have once been presented to the sons and daughters of kings…” Warchest will come with gameboard, 16 cards, 79 high quality poker chip units, 4 player bags and cardboard tokens. More details are available on AEG’s website here. Look for War Chest in stores in July 2018.

Brook City is a co-operative board game for 1-4 players in which players are heroic cops (inspired by action movies) who have to protect the city from ever increasing crime. Brook City is designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler who both helped design blockbuster games such as Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition, Star Wars: X-Wing, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary and Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. That’s some serious design cred coming from these two designers who have done a lot of work for Fantasy Flight Games. Artwork is handled by Henning Ludvigsen, also an FFG heavyweight, who has worked on Android: Netrunner, Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter, and many more acclaimed titles.

“A mysterious criminal element has taken root in Brook City. Known only as “The Syndicate,” this collection of ruthless murderers, clever thieves, corrupt politicians, and dirty cops has given rise to a new era of crime. The Brook City Police Department needs the best of the best to clean up the streets of this once peaceful metropolis. So here’s your gun and badge…get to work, officer.” [source]

Each game is dictated by the chosen criminal and case deck. The board represents the city in which the cops have to run or drive to locations to bust up crimes. Cops start off with a standard police cruiser but they can commandeer vehicles on the streets of Brook City.

Each cop has a unique deck and plays differently and includes encounter cards, ability cards, and tactic cards. The prime suspect is represented by a criminal deck along with crew members and other cards which interfere with the investigation. Case decks represent the overall progress of the game and how cops can interact with clues and evidence.

Brook City is currently up on Kickstarter and the base pledge of $89 at the “Rookie Tier” for Brook City includes 51 miniatures and stretch goals. You can also add the Brook City: Delta Keys expansion and a Cops and Robbers miniature pack for $30. Shipping is an added cost. The project will run until Tuesday, May 29th 2018 and it’s expected delivery date is May 2019. It’s already close to it’s funding goal of $60,000.

My Little Scythe is a competitive, family-friendly, adventure, Euro game based on the enormously successful Scythe board game.

“…each player controls 2 animal miniatures embarking upon an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme. In an effort to be the first to earn 4 trophies from 8 possible categories, players take turns choosing to Move, Seek, or Make. These actions will allow players to increase their friendship and pies, power up their actions, complete quests, learn magic spells, deliver gems and apples to Castle Everfree, and perhaps even engage in a pie fight.” [source]

My Little Scythe is designed by Hoby Chou and his daughter, Vienna Chou, with artwork by Noah Adelman and Katie Khau. The game supports 1-6 players, aged 8+, and can be played in 45 mins. My Little Scythe was originally a fan created, print-and-play game that won the 2017 BoardGameGeek Best Print-and-play Game Award. It combined the theme of My Little Pony with gameplay mechanisms from Scythe. Considering the licensing hurdles with having to obtain the rights to produce a My Little Pony themed game, Stonemaier Games chose to theme the game in a different universe of their own making where players control cute pets going out on adventure.

Pre-orders are available on the Stonemaier Games website for a limited time. The game will be pre-released at GenCon and GenCan’t 2018 and will see retail release August 17th, 2018.

Aporta Games teased the box art for their upcoming expansion to Santa Maria. Santa Maria is a dice drafting and strategic engine building game in which you establish and develop your colony without any direct confrontation between players. Santa Maria: American Kingdoms is expected to be released at Essen Spiel in October this year.

“American Kingdoms, an expansion for Santa Maria, includes new buildings, scholars, bishops and shipping tiles, as well as several new modules, including: Cocoa The specialists The governor A new asymmetrical role for one player, with its own rules and goals.” -Description from the publisher

Santa Maria: American Kingdoms is designed by Eilif Svensson and Kristian Amundsen Østby with art by Gjermund Bohne. The expansion should make the game play for 45 – 90 mins (depending on number of players) and supports 1-5 players, aged 10+.

Hellboy: The Board Game has made it’s presence known on Kickstarter by raising 4 times the project’s goal on it’s first day. It’s already hit the million Dollar mark with 26 days to go when the project ends on May 25th, 2018. Hellboy: The Board Game is published by Mantic Games and designed by James M. Hewitt (known for DreadBall, Blood Bowl 2016, Necromunda: Underhive, and Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower) and features artwork by Mike Mignola.

Hellboy is a fictional super-hero created by writer-artist Mike Mignola and published by Dark Horse Comics. He’s a half-demon who works for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) that battles Nazis, witches, Lovecraftian horrors, and other dark forces. He started off in comic books, starred in 2 movies, and will now appear in his first board game.

Inspired by the legendary tales of horror, myth and folklore by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a fully cooperative experience for 1 to 4 players. You become a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence (BPRD), ready to investigate occult threats that threaten our very existence. You will explore gothic locations, hunt down clues, discover artefacts, fight horrific creatures and face off against terrifying bosses. [source]

Players can take on the roles of BPRD investigators, each with their own special abilities, such as Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, and Johann Kraus who they equip with items before each mission. Each mission in the core game begins with a BPRD case file which players read to discover clues about the potential enemies they may face in the mission. The BPRD agents gather clues and information, which they need to keep ahead of the Impending Doom track, or rush to find and defeat the final monster before they’ve gathered their full strength.

The project lists two expansions which will also be available at retail. The Conqueror Worm expansion adds new tiles, a new boss to defeat, and Nazi miniatures in addition to the Conqueror worm itself. The BPRD Archives expansion allows you to build your own, custom scenarios to tackle and includes 18 beast and monster miniatures.

Hellboy: The Board Game has a base pledge of 95 British Pounds (about $136) which includes the core game, extra miniatures from the stretch goals, the Conqueror Worm expansion, and the BPRD Archives expansion.

Estimated delivery is February 2019 though there is a caveat mentioned on the project page that shipping delays may occur resulting in backers receiving their shipments later than the retail stores. However, backers would benefit from a generous number of stretch rewards so this should be a worthwhile trade-off. You can view more details on the Kickstarter project page.

Chaos Publishing, Triple Ace Games, and Counters Out team up to bring you Exploriana, a competitive push your luck and set collection game designed by Miles Ratcliffe and illustrated by Richard Dearing.

In Exploriana, players are intrepid 19th century explorers traveling the world in search of undiscovered plants, animals, treasures, maps, and locations. Players win by having the most victory points, which are earned by making discoveries and gaining renown.  Some discoveries are worth more in sets and cannot be completed without visiting the different continents. Players push their luck to explore deeper into the continent to make more discoveries, but they risk becoming lost and losing their discoveries.

In addition to push your luck and set collection, Exploriana also blends in worker placement and auction/bidding mechanics.  Players will have to decide each round which continent to send their explorers: South America, Africa or The Far East.  The auction round provides players an opportunity to buy equipment to ensure a better chance of a successful exploration. This unique blend of mechanics is seamless and smooth, resulting in a light strategy game that is easy to learn and plays in under an hour.

Exploriana plays 2-5 players, ages 12+, in 45-60 minutes.  Contents include game board, 5 double-sided player mats, 13 explorers, 6 renown markers, a guide marker, 60 coins (40 silver, 20 gold), 16 lost explorer tokens, 2 grapples tokens, 1 med kit token, 81 cards (18 Far East cards, 21 Africa cards, 24 South America cards, and 18 item cards) and rulebook.

Learn more about Exploriana on Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter campaign runs through 24 May and is expected to deliver October 2018.

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Darwin Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Eye for an Eye, a real time dice combat game designed by Ben Boersma and Shae Boersma. Eye for an Eye features one eyed alien warriors with unique abilities, which move about a large hex combat arena, all beautifully elaborated by sculptor Bob Olley and artist Mihajlo Dimitrievski. 2-6 players roll their 5 custom dice in real time, much like Escape: The Curse of the Temple or Project: ELITE, allocating movement symbols to move and rotate, attack symbols to execute spear thrusts, and defensive symbols to block oncoming attacks. Dice can be stored on player boards until ready to use, when players announce their intent, such as “move 2” or “attack 3”. Orientation matters, and figures always have 3 hexes facing front and 3 facing rear; attacks and defensive blocks can only be made to the front hexes. Tribal cards add new powers to the mix, using special symbols on the dice and executing unique moves and attacks. When players attack successfully, health cubes are transferred to the attackers score pile, but healing actions can allow wounded players to acquire more health cubes.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Eye for an Eye continues through May 24, and the game is expected to ship in January 2019.