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Spherewalker Games present the first game under their brand: Defense of the Citadel.

This cooperative hero defense game for 1 to 4 players is set in a high fantasy world in which the Citadel faces waves of enemies that strive to destroy the Citadel’s core. The Defense can take place either during 30 to 60-minute missions that are connected through a storyline, or it can be played as a 6 to 8-hour campaign. While all the missions have their goals and layout specified by the rulebook, the campaign offers more variety given that the layout of the Citadel is randomized.

The only ones who are able to fend off the invaders are heroes of diverse backgrounds (Jyujin, Sun Elf, Human, and Sentients), who are all able to select up to two of the four available classes (Ranger, Warrior, Wizard, and Cleric). Apart from racial abilities so powerful that they can be used only for a few times during the whole game, hero’s race also determines their attributes (Dexterity, Strength, and Magic) which state the minimum d6 roll to succeed when such attribute is required. Finally, the chosen classes give heroes the ability to draw and use cards from the specific class decks as well as to perform distinct actions during the game. This allows for one of the underlying mechanics of the game – deck management. Since every hero has access to two of the four class decks, they need to choose the type of cards they draw wisely, keeping in mind that once a deck is depleted there is no reshuffling it back again – it’s just gone.

There are two alternating stages of the game: preparation for the battle, and the invasion. During the preparation, heroes can perform mostly class restricted actions such as scouting or crafting items, barricades, or traps. This is followed by the invasion stage that requires heroes to deal with different events and overpower the attackers. To win, heroes must either fulfill the mission objectives or, in case of playing the campaign mode, spend their valuable time to power up the core of the Citadel and defeat the final enemy, the Knight Dragon. The campaign mode has a built-in gradual increase of difficulty because the closer the heroes are to powering up the core, the more invaders they attract.

The gameplay accentuates cooperation between heroes by allowing them to help each other when performing difficult tasks and by including the option to revive (+1 health) heroes who have been knocked out due to losing all their health tokens.

To keep the KS campaign simple, there is a only a single pledge level available that includes, besides other goodies, 4 miniatures to represent the playable races, 31 minis of the enemy units including the oversized Knight Dragon, and 32 tokens for bat imps. The game is scheduled for a March 2018 delivery. If you are interested, visit the Kickstarter campaign page for more information.

Artipia Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for an expansion to the popular “game of life for gamers” game The Pursuit of Happiness. In The Pursuit of Happiness: Community, players now interact with their local community. The game comes with a new board, room for a fifth player, as well as new projects, items, activities, jobs, and partners. The new community deck and popularity track allow players to engage in community related events, and affect their popularity within the community.

The Kickstarter for Community continues through April 7, has an option to buy the base game, and is expected to deliver October 2017.

There’s an interesting take on castle building in Castle Dukes, a new game on Kickstarter from publisher Medieval Lords and designer Dominic Michael H. Castle Dukes is a Dexterity, combined with Euro, type game for 1 to 4 players that will play in anywhere from 25 minutes (single player) to 60 minutes (4 players).

The game is played over 9 turns with each turn being comprised of 3 phases: Room, Build, and Guest phases.

On turns 4 and 7, check the top right corner of the Guest card for a Fire icon. If there is one, the Dragon has appeared and will attack everyone! Draw 5 Dragon Damage Chits from the drawbag and choose to resolve an amount of it based on one’s castle Defence/ Offence. If the Dragon did not appear during turns 4 and/or 7, it will definitely appear the following turn (turns 5 & 8 respectively). On the last turn of the game (turn 9), check for 1 final Dragon Attack.

There’s a ton of reviews up on the Kickstarter page. Even better yet, the game has already funded with only, as of the time of writing this article, 11 days left in the campaign. There’s a bunch of KS exclusive content and a number of add-ons available. You can visit the Kickstarter page here to read more as well as fund the project.


Fantasy Flight Games continues their expansion of the X-Wing Miniatures game will more ships from the ever widening galaxy of Star Wars.  This time around you have the Auzituck Gunship for the rebels, the Scurrg H-6 Bomber for the rebels or scum, and the TIE Aggressor ship for the empire.  The Auzituck Gunship was a favorite of the wookies, and as such you will get some wookie cards to go with this ship, but that’s not the only thing to like about it.  This ship also features a hefty amount of hull, decent shields, and an ability to reinforce itself, making this ship a hard one to take down.

The Scurrg H-6 Bomber is an interesting addition to the line is that depending on which variation you use, it can play on the side of the rebels, or with the pirates of the universe.  Either way you play it, you will be bringing loads of ordinance with you and pummel your enemies with space mines and wave after wave of missiles.

Lastly we have the TIE Aggressor to add to the empire side, and this ship is another heavy hitter in a small package.  One of the things that make the TIE Aggressor unique is that it can equip a turret weapon like the synced turret or twin laser turret, making it easy to line up your shots.  Add in the addition of two missile upgrade slots and access to a new unguided rockets upgrade, and this TIE can be dangerous.

Look for all of these ships to hit stores in the second quarter of this year, and until then you can check out the preview on FFG’s site.

Restoration Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign Stop Thief! a reworking of Robert Doyle’s classic game from 1979. In Stop Thief!, players try to find a hidden app-driven thief by hearing sound clues specific to what sorts of spaces the thief uses. By using an app instead of the electronic device original to the game, Stop Thief! can use icons for the hearing impaired, and can add new mechanisms and features easily. Additionally, the new version of the game updates the dated roll and move mechanism with a deck of movement cards for each player, which also give special abilities. The game includes unique suspects with unique powers, a beautiful point to point path system on the board, and high quality cards instead of paper money.

The Kickstarter for Stop Thief! continues until April 11, and is expected to deliver in August of 2017.

USAopoly has teased the first expansion for Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, The Monster Box of Monsters. This new expansion adds 150 new cards to the popular deck-building game. Included are monsters (of course) which each need to be handled in special ways, a new as yet unnamed player character, consequences for breaking Hogwarts rules, and “the most magical of wizarding powers”.

Although it brings more questions than answers, you can read the press release here.

Thundergryph Games announced a new pirate themed game Dead Man’s Doubloons by Geek Fever Games. In Dead Man’s Doubloons, 2-5 players take control of a legendary pirate, sailing through the reefs surrounding a mysterious island looking for gold, gems and pieces of treasure maps. Once the player finds the buried treasure and returns it to their ship, the players engage in a final epic battle. Unlike other games, when a player has been destroyed in battle, they continue playing as a ghost ship. Ghost players can still win, but it is more difficult since their treasure is now cursed. The game comes with metal coins, tarot sized playing cards, acrylic gems and bag, board game and area tiles, and beautiful plastic ship models, 5 in solid colors and 5 clear for the ghost ships.

Visit Thundergryph’s website to read more about Dead Man’s Doubloons, as well as a chance to win the game.

Smirk and Dagger are shifting into overdrive with game releases this year, and one of them is the new real-time game Paramedics Clear!  This is a game all about saving lives, a bit of a departure from the normal back-stabby type games that Smirk and Dagger are known for.  However, from the comments on the announcement, this doesn’t seem to be a cooperative game as there are opportunities to mess with your fellow players.  Needless to say it looks like an interesting game, and those attending GAMA this week will be able to preview it before it’s release later this year.

Hasbro has just announced their latest game called Dropmix, and takes digital device integration to World of Yo-ho levels.  The theme of the game is your are competing DJs trying to mix music into the best sounding remix.  In the game the various songs you can pull from will be represented by cards, and as you play them they will either be recognized or input into the app for mixing.  At that point I imagine the app will play your remixed song and give you a score for the remix.  And I think the winner being the one with the best remix is not much of a wild guess.

This game also comes with something interesting in the form of an electronic mixing board where you play cards, but beyond maybe recognizing the cards and lighting up, we are not sure yet of it’s main functions.  Needless to say it will be highly interesting to see what comes out when it releases this fall.

Asmodee has announced details about the fifth expansion for TIME Stories, Lumen Fidei. Lumen Fidei takes place in 15th century Spain, at the end of the Reconquista, the religious wars between the Moors and Christians for control of Spain. For the first time, the T.I.M.E. Agency has tasked you with retrieving and returning an object from the past – a stone drawing the attention of both sides of the conflict. All indications point to something supernatural.

Lumen Fidei is due to be released 2nd quarter 2017. For more information click on Asmodee’s press release here.