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WhatWeMake has a Kickstarter campaign going for MIND-The Fall of Paradise.

Build and populate spaceships and colonies, manage citizens, grow the rebellion and save mankind before Earth is consumed by conflict.

This is a sci-fi themed game in which a player takes on the role of MIND, an all powerful A.I, and up to 3 other players take the roles of rebel leaders. Earth is being destroyed by war, so both the leaders and MIND are trying to save humankind in their own ways. MIND is trying to do a Matrix thing where it wants to place humans in a sleep state and the humans are trying to colonize the Solar System to make sure mankind can survive as Earth is destroyed.

inside mind

The game will come with plenty of goodies:

  • 4 solar boards
  • 1 command board
  • 6 colony boards
  • 3 character boards
  • 12 spaceship deck boards
  • 299 cards
  • 402 tokens
  • 3 character miniatures
  • 12 spaceship miniatures
  • 18 structure miniatures

So you think you have what it takes to save humanity? Find out by visiting the Kickstarter page here. You have until Dec 13, 2014 to back this project.



There’s only 6 days left to get in on Stockpile, a strategy game that pits auction mechanics with player interaction. Its from designers Brett Sobol and Seth Van Ordon and features the sensational art of Jacqui Davis and Ian O’Toole.

In Stockpile, players act as stock market investors at the end of the 20th century hoping to strike it rich, and the investor with the most money at the end of the game is the winner. Stockpile was built around the idea of imperfect knowledge. No investor knows everything about the stock market, but everyone does know something. This philosophy manifests in Stockpile in two unique ways – insider information and the stockpile.

stockmarket inside


To find out more about the project, as well as support it, you can check out the Kickstarter page here.


Fantasy Flight Games have released the rules and a video overview.  Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Imperial Settlers and Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island), this fantasy pick up and deliver game is based on the video game trilogy.

Last month FFG previewed the quests found in the game.

Alderac Entertainment group has announced two new additions to their lineup of products.  They have announced tentative releases for these being in January.  But as with all games there is a chance there will be a delay in release as a result of factors outside of the control of the publisher or distributors.

Publishers Descriptions below.

doomtown double

Doomtown: Reloaded: Saddlebag Expansion #2: Double Dealin’

The race for the mayor’s office heats up! There are backroom deals and public endorsements with violence and malevolence boiling just under the surface. Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast‑paced expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mudslingin’!

With 21 new cards, and four copies of each, Saddlebags give you new ways to customize your Doomtown decks. Whether you’re looking to be shootin’, spell castin’ or just trying to show that you have more money and influence than the next person, Double Dealin’ expands your options for takin’ over Gomorra!

Ages 14+


  • 84 cards
  • Story Sheet

whitegold spire

Lost Legacy: Whitegold Spire

Ages in the past, a strange craft from beyond the skies visited this world. The craft broke apart, unleashing remnants of its unusual power across the world – the pieces of this vessel have become known as the Lost Legacies.

One of the most famous of the Lost Legacies is known as the Whitegold Spire. It is a tall tower formed of a unique metal known as whitegold. This metal enhances the effects of spells and magical powers, and it is highly sought after in all known lands. This makes whitegold extremely valuable, and a great culture of wealth and trade has sprung up around the spire. A powerful cartel controls the Whitegold Spire, ruling over the surrounding lands with an iron fist.

A group of treasure seekers have planned a daring heist. Their goal is to infiltrate the spire and steal a large shipment of whitegold directly out of the vault. The planned heist has many complications; there are some guards who can’t be bribed, rival thieves who must be outwitted, and an ongoing festival that makes moving around in the spire difficult. If the heist is to be successful, the thieves will have to be both daring and lucky!

Lost Legacy is a card game of risk, deduction and luck, designed by Kanai (Love Letter) and Hayato Kisaragi. Players start with one card in hand, and then draw and/or play cards from the 16 card deck, until the cards run out. Then the investigation stage starts, with players trying to determine who has the “Lost Legacy” card. The player with the highest point total at the end wins.

2-4 players, up to 6 player with multiple decks
Ages 10+
10 minutes playtime


  • 16 Game Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Legacy bag
  • 1 Rulebook

Fantasy Flight has some game expansions and other merchandise releasing this December. Here is the list, enjoy.

lords of nal hutta

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG: Lords of Nal Hutta Sourcebook

This is a sourcebook for Hutt Space that will allow you and your friends to engage in schemes with the galaxy’s slimiest gangsters: the Hutts.

In its 144 pages, Lords of Nal Hutta offers Game Masters all the information they need to bring the most corrupt and lawless stretch of the galaxy to life, including its history, new playable species, new creatures, challenges, and plot hooks.

The End of the World: zombie Apocalypse RPG

This is the first book in The End of the World RPG line.

This roleplaying game offers you the chance to imagine unique adventures, playing as yourself during the tumult of the apocalypse, relying upon your own skills, wits, and talents to survive. Five scenarios each offer a different setting and sub-genre for the rise of the undead.

order and chaos

Android Netrunner LCG: Order and Chaos Deluxe Expansion

This is the third deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner. The expansion will include 165 new cards (three copies each of the fifty-five individual cards). This expansion will focus on the Anarchs and Weyland Consortium.

evasuive maneuvers

Star Wars LCG: Evasive Maneuvers

This is the third Force Pack in the Rogue Squadron cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game. It will include ten new objective sets and more cards which will include ways to interrogate prisoners with the Sith, or hire assassins to take out your targets.

time for wolves

A Game of Thrones LCG: A Time for Wolves

This is the fourth Chapter Pack in the Wardens cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. This set will include sixty new cards that will focus on House Arryn and the Vale.

Among the Chapter Pack’s twelve unique characters and locations, no fewer than five characters bear the House Arryn trait, including such notable figures as Petyr Baelish, Alayne Stone, and Lysa Arryn.

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest LCG: Gift of the Ethereals

This is the third War Pack in the Warlord cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. It includes 60 cards that include new units, supports, events and attachments to help you conquer the Traxis sector.

dice bags

Warhammer 40,000: Dice Bags

Expect 4 dice bags to be released this December. Each will have the icons of the Imperial Aquilla, Chaos Star, Orks, and Inquisitors. Each bag measures 6.25″ by 9″ and are made of a durable blend of polyester and nylon.

mountains of madness

Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness

This is the first large expansion for Eldritch Horror. It includes a side board with six new locations throughout Antartica. There will also be two new Ancient Ones to worry about, but one of the things that has me a little more excited is the eight new investigators. That is not all, though, as you will also have new assets, spells, artifacts and conditions that will either help or harm your investigators, but something tells me they will do more harm than good.

BattleLore: Second Edition: Hernfar Guardians Army Pack

This expansion include four new Daqan unit types: Greyhaven Battlemages, Citadel Lancers, Ironbound automatons, and Siege Golems. Each unit will have 25 sculpted figures with nine additional Citadel Guard figures. New terrain tiles and scenario cards will also be included.

BattleLore: Second Edition: Warband of Scorn Army Pack

This expansion will include four new units: Berserkers, Grotesque, Doom Bringers, and Blood Sisters. Each unit will have 25 sculpted figures with nine additional Blood Harvester figures. New scenarios, terrain tiles and lore cards will be included.

armada wave 1

With the new movies on the horizon and the previous six Star Wars films already part of our cultural legacy, it’s now wonder Fantasy Flight Games is making the most of the Star Wars universe.

This release will see five capital ship packs, two for the Empire and three for the Rebellion as well as two packs containing fighter squadrons from both sides of this epic conflict. Some of these ships you’ll recognize from the core set for Star Wars Armada and others are new ships!


Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

The largest and most powerful of the starships from the Armada Core Set, the Victory-class Star Destroyer formed the core of the Imperial Navy at the outset of the Galactic Civil War. These ships measure roughly nine-hundred meters in length, sport crews numbering over five-thousand, and feature a dagger-shaped design that allows them to concentrate nearly all their weapons on their forward firing arcs.

Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

Originally designed as an escort for larger Star Destroyers, the smaller Gladiator-class Star Destroyer measures roughly five-hundred meters and proved most effective as a long-range patrol ship deployed to the fringes of the galaxy. There, its brutal armament of turbolasers, concussion missiles, laser cannons, and TIE squadrons allowed it to quickly subjugate any local opposition to the Galactic Empire.

CR90 Corellian Corvette Expansion Pack

The first starship to appear in the classic Star Wars trilogy, the CR90 Corellian corvette is a small capital ship of roughly 150 meters that featured prominently in the Rebellion, largely due to its versatility. Often referred to as “blockade runners,” CR90 corvettes can be outfitted to slip through Imperial blockades, haul cargo, serve as trooper carriers, or engage Imperial ships in battle.

Nebulon-B Frigate Expansion Pack

The Nebulon-B frigate was designed for the Imperial Navy by Kuat Drive Yards as a warship that could protect convoys from Rebel starfighters, but it was, ironically, a much more impactful ship within the Rebel fleet. At three-hundred meters long, a single Nebulon-B could boast twelve turbolasters and twelve laser cannons.

assault frigate

Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack

The largest and most heavily armed of the Rebellion’s first Armada starships, the Assault Frigate Mark II is a light warship seven-hundred meters long that sports a crew just under five-thousand and features a considerable armament of fifteen turbolaser batteries, fifteen laser cannons, and twenty quad laser cannons. Designed in secret by Rebel engineers, the Assault Frigate Mark II frequently surprises Imperial admirals with its speed.

Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

Even in the largest of battles, a single pilot can sometimes prove the difference between victory and defeat. Some of the most pivotal battles of the Galactic Civil War have been decided by the Rebellion’s courageous starfighter pilots.

Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

In battle, the Empire deployed swarms of TIEs to neutralize enemy squadrons and safeguard its larger Star Destroyers and their superior firepower. These easily recognizable starfighters were designed for speed and maneuverability, rather than durability, and the aces who flew them through many battles quickly earned intimidating reputations for their combat skill and fanatical loyalty.

For more pictures you can head over to FFG here to read the announcement.





Just a little while ago Plaid Hat posted a photo of Colby posing with the upcoming neoprene battlefield draped over him with a box and dividers. You can see that post here. Well, that box was a material proof and didn’t have the final printing on it. Now in this week’s post Plaid Hat has revealed the look of the dividers that will come with the Alliances box.

summoner war divider2

There’ll be one for each summoner in existence as well as one for each faction’s reinforcement units… So, we’ll have these for the 16 original summoners, the 8 Alliance summoners, the 16 reinforcement packs, and all 16 second summoners.

You can check out the whole post here. Enjoy!

smashup pretty

When one thinks of Smash Up the thought of pirates, robots, monsters, spies all come to mind. Well AEG has changed that with their latest expansion to its fun and fast paced card game. In Pretty Pretty Smash Up, the following classes will be added.

Fairies – From deep in the magical glades come these little sprites, bringing magical wishes and pixie dust (but only in emergencies) to your plans for world domination. Don’t judge them by their size. The Fairies’ magic gives you great options in how to deal with your enemies.

Mythic Horses – The power of togetherness shows through in Horses, whose mighty herds race across the land, trampling any who stand in their way. Not only normal horses, but pegasi, sea-horses and more will join the fight for the base! Remember that friendship is… smashable!

Kitty Cats – Can haz base? Kitty Cats have the power to compel those of weak will to do what they wish… and the power to have billions of internet memes. Perhaps those are the key? Either way, the Kitty Cats will use their alluring power to dominate the fight at any base. Then head out for a night of jazzy music in the alleys!

Princesses – Dream a dream of ruling over your enemies! Princesses will make every wish come true through the power of pure love and happiness. Which can be used, oddly, to order everyone about, and even destroy your enemies. Don’t be fooled: these innocent-looking beauties are few in number, but royal, strong and determined!

To read the official announcement, as well as download the rule book, you can head on over to AEG here.




NSKN Games has posted a blog explaining one of the new factions that will be featured in their upcoming expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri.

Since the major feature of this expansion is the asymmetric game play, let’s start talking about the different factions in Exodus… today, the Sirius Theocracy. First, the technologies…

sirius techs

To read more about this expansion you may visit their site here.

lcg rotation cycle

Fantasy Flight Games announced a new policy for their five living card games…

…Our new rotation policy dictates that the standard card pool, for use in all Organized Play tournaments, will consist of a game’s Core Set, its deluxe expansions, and its latest five to seven cycles of monthly packs.

FFG explains that these changes revolve around the card pool of each game, the overwhelming number of cards, managing the metagame, and physical inventory.  This rotation, or cycling of older cards from an LCG’s card pool as newer cards are added, will promote even more growth in game play, continue to retain players and make less of a barrier of entry for new and potential players.

FFG has provided additional information for each LCG regarding the new policy.

Designer Nate French shares even more information on A Game of Thrones: The Card Game and its card pool and future.  FFG will continue to support the first edition card pool and…

…FFG will run sanctioned National and World Championship level tournaments for the first edition (as well as events for the new edition) at GenCon 2015 and at next year’s 2015 World Championship Weekend. Tournament kits will be available to support first edition events throughout the 2015 tournament year. This will provide players with an opportunity to continue to enjoy and compete with their first edition cards at sanctioned events while the metagame of the new edition matures.

Next year, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is planned to release at GenCon 2015.