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Stoneblade Entertainment announces that a new card game, Bad Beets, is now available for preorder through July 27 with the free gift of a Bad Beets button.

Bad Beets is a family bluffing game in which players must eat their vegetables by working to get rid of their beets in any way they can.  This might include feeding them to the dog or sharing them with others.  Players are being required to sit down for dinner and must “eat” (or get rid of) their 8 Beet cards before they can “leave the table”.  You can bluff to your heart’s content, but you had better be holding the right card if you get called out!

The game will include:

  • 15 Role Cards
  • 50 Beet Tokens
  • 15 Ice Cream Tokens
  • 5 Action Reminder Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Bad Beets is for 2-5 players ages 8 and up and plays very quickly.  The game is scheduled to ship to retailers on August 3, 2015.  For more information about the game and the preorder, visit the Stoneblade website here.

On Monday, June 29th, the Vienna Games Academy released the winners of their 2015 game awards and they are as follows:

Spiel der Spiele/ Game of Games:
Mmm!, Designer: Reiner Knizia, Artist: Andreas Resch, Publisher: Pegasus Spiele

Spiele Hit für Kinder / Game Hit for Children:
Crazy Coconuts, Designer: Walter Schneider, Artist: Vincent Kim, Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
Fliegenschmaus, Designer: Dietmar Keusch, Artist: Kai Pannen, Publisher: Haba
Push a Monster, Designer: Wolfgang Dirscherl & Manfred Reindl, Artist: Claus Stephan & Michael Hüter, Publisher: Queen Games
Schatz Rabatz, Designer: Karin Hetling, Artist: Johann Rüttinger, Publisher: Noris Spiele

Spiele Hit für Familien / Game Hit for Families:
Cacao, Designer: Phil Walker-Harding, Artist: Claus Stephan, Publisher: Abacusspiele
Drachenhort, Designer: Reiner Knizia, Artist: Franz Vohwinkel & Nora Nowatzyk & Walter Pepperle, Publisher: Ravensburger
Hamsterbacke, Designer: Francesco Berardi, Artist: Oliver Freudenreich, Publisher: Amigo Spiele
Loony Quest, Designer: Laurent Escoffier & David Franck, Artist: Paul Mafayon, Publisher: Asmodee

Spiele Hit mit Freunden / Game Hit with friends:
Bermuda, Designer: Carlo E. Lanzavecchia, Artist: Oliver & Sandra Freudenreich, Publisher: Huch! & friends
Broom Service, Designer: Andreas Pelikan & Alexander Pfister, Artist: Vincent Dutrait, Publisher: alea
Ludix, Designer: Niek Neuwahl, Artist: Klemens Franz, Publisher: Piatnik
Ugo!, Designer: Ronald Hoekstra & Thomas Jansen & Patrick Zuidhof, Artist: Franz Vohwinkel, Publisher: Kosmos
Vienna, Designer: Johann Schmidauer-König, Artist: Michael Menzel, Publisher: Schmidt Spiele

Spiele Hit für Experten / Game Hit for Experts:
Orléans, Designer: Reiner Stockhausen, Artist: Klemens Franz, Publisher: dlp games
Progress: Evolution of Technology, Designer: Andrei Novac & Agnieszka Kopera, Artist: David J. Coffey & Kristi Harmon & David Szilagyi, Publisher: NSKN Games

Sonderpreis 2 Personen / Special Award for 2 player games
Patchwork, Designer: Uwe Rosenberg, Artist: Klemens Franz, Publisher: Lookout Spiele / Mayfair

Griffin Scroll:
XCOM: The Board Game, Designer: Eric M. Lang, Artist: Grafiken aus dem Computerspiel, Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games + Heidelberger

deep cut mats 2

Deep-Cut Studio, a Lithuanian manufacturer, produces a line of high-quality gaming mats made of PVC and cloth.  Their newest release, the Aerial Bay mat, offers a satellite aerial view of a bay with land, perfect for historical war-games.  All of Deep-Cut Studio’s battle mats are of varying sizes and with many different themed backgrounds available, including settings for historical war-games, space backgrounds for sci-fi miniature games, post-apocalyptic and fantasy RPG settings.  Any of these mats can be custom manufactured with any size grid or hex as well as custom sizes to fit your gaming table.  The two types of material, PVC or cloth, include the following features:

PVC mat:
– Made from high durability PVC
– Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture
– Resistant to scratch and tear as well as dirt stains
– Compatible with water based pens
– Shipping tubes can be used as easy storage
– The choice for a sturdy and cost friendly battlefield

Cloth mat:
– Made from lightweight synthetic cloth
– The paint is soaked into the material and will never scratch or fade off
– Can be machine washed or ironed with steam
– The choice for an ultra-portable battlefield

For more information about these gaming mats, visit Deep-Cut Studio’s website here.

clue to die for

Perhaps the most well-known and successful movie about a board game was Clue (1985), a movie by Jonathan Lynn in which the houseguests and house staff work together to solve a mystery.  This year celebrates the movie’s 30th anniversary, and Gallery 1988 brings an entire collection of original collectible artwork for fans.  This collection includes prints, 3D wall pieces, and sculptures.

An announcement was made about this new collection here on, or you can view the prints on the official Gallery 1988 website.

sanniichiSan ni ichi is a quick-playing light card game from Ironmark Games available to Kickstart now. It’s about 1/4 the way funded with 24 days left – easily obtainable.

It’s a fact – we all wish we could be ninjas.  Well, wish granted!  In the game of San, Ni, Ichi, you will be taking on the role of a martial artist who has mastered combat using the three elements: fire, water, and wood.  Each game will engage you in a thrilling battle to determine who is the greatest ninja master of all time!

The game takes only seven rounds, so the play-time is short.  But each round will have players guessing, planning, and making tactical decisions to outwit their opponents.  Its a simple card game that has a unique mechanic, cool art, and just the right amount of theme.

sanniichi how to play


The game seems like a fun and fast-playing filler game to help pass the time as people wait on their game group or for games to wrap up. You can learn more about the project here.


pick a game


Sommelier – noun, a wine steward in a restaurant or hotel

At fine dining establishments they sometimes will employ sommeliers to help pick and choose the wines they carry as well as help customers decide what kind of wine to enjoy with their dinner.  They are known for their extensive knowledge of wines and wine flavors and, thus, their recommendations are often very accurate.  Game sommeliers offer the same type of service but, obviously, in respect to games.  They are able to ask pertinent probing questions and discern your preferences in order to recommend games to you.  This is great if you are at a cafe looking to play a game from their shelves, but what about at home?  Often people will turn to the BoardGameGeek forums and poll the people on what they think they should get, but, they now have another option.

Jonathan Moriarity from Snakes & Lattes, Toronto’s celebrated board game café, and his father Michael Moriarity spent the last couple years developing a web-based board game recommendation site.  On this site you can go as simple as picking four aspects of how competitive/relaxed, silly/serious, psychological/intellectual, and involved the game might be, from those four aspects it will recommend some games for you to try.  Looking for something more in depth, they also have a short personality quiz you can take that would lead to some more tailored recommendations for you to try.  The site also comes with a searchable game index where you can find out more information about the game as well as links for you to purchase the game.  Personally I like to use Youtube reviews to decide which games to get, but this site will go a long way to help those who aren’t deep in the hobby to find new games and for those deep in the hobby to find games that newcomers might enjoy.  The future is now at


Dice Tower Con 2015 has come and gone and so we now look forward to Essen and the flood of games coming out then.  But before that, we have the winners of the Dice Tower Awards for games released in 2014 to announce:

Most Innovative Game – Tragedy Looper
Best Two-player Game – Star Realms
Best Strategy Game – Five Tribes
Best Small Publisher – Star Realms by White Wizard Games
Best Party Game – Spyfall
Best New Designer – Alchemists by Matúš Kotry
Best Game Theming – Dead of Winter
Best Game Reprint – Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition
Best Game Expansion – Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture
Best Game Artwork – Abyss
Best Family Game – Splendor
Best Board Games Components – Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Best Co-op Game – Dead of Winter
Best Game of the Year – Dead of Winter

You can look at the list of winners as well as all the nominations over on the Dice Tower website or you can watch the awards on Youtube at the Dice Tower’s channel

12 realms bedtime

12 Realms: Bedtime Story is recently funded on Kickstarter and Spieleschmiede, but Giochix would also like to announce that it is on Giochistarter as well.  These campaigns are all going to be combined to fund the production of the game, and Giochix states that if they reach the mark of 3,000 Euros on Giochistarter, they will add the Italian translation of the rulebook (as the one currently available is in English).  The project includes the last 12 Realms expansion as well as the base game and other expansions.  See the Giostarter project here.

bomarzo board

Another announcement from Giochix is a new game by designer Stefano Castelli called Bomarzo.  In Bomarzo, players will take the role of feudal lords of the Orsini.  They will be managing one of the four minor fiefs: Collepiccolo, Castelvecchio, Montenero or Mompeo, trying to earn the esteem of the lord of the land.  There are “monsters of the park”, however, supernatural forces that can make or break your task of developing your fief.  Turning these forces to your advantage and developing the best fief will lead you to victory.

Bomarzo is a game for 2-4 players and plays in about 60 minutes.  To back this project, visit the Giochistarter page or the Kickstarter page.

Strange remnants

Last month Fantasy Flight Games announced the next expansion for their popular game Eldritch Horror, Strange Remnants, and now they are taking some time to showcase the new additions that it will bring to the game.  One of the new additions would be the need to go to ancient sites in order to help prepare for the cosmic alignment and the coming of Syzygy.  Thus FFG has done some write-ups about each of the locations to hint at what you would need to do at these sights, such as fight off cultists at Stonehenge to obtain a powerful artifact.  Play the mayan soccer-like game Ōllamaliztli in the hopes of gaining favor with Yig in Chichen Itza, or die trying.  Work to obtain a powerful Asset from the Great Wall of China, but have to face the dangerous Xiongnu raiders and steel your mind from the horrors you will face.  Even travel to Easter Island and obtain magical energies stored in the Moai, the monolithic stone statues of the island.  But be careful, you could awaken the spirits of tribal leaders, and they don’t take kindly to thievery.

srange remnants art

Next this also reveal some mechanics of the new prelude system which will help bring more atmosphere and story to when you are battling the ancient ones.  One of them puts the evil cosmic alignment as the primary concern while you still have to fight off the ancient one you have chosen, thus forcing you to still explore the new locations.  Another offers you a devil’s deal where you can gain a boon, but at a price, and it won’t be until it’s too late for you to know if it was worth it or not.  And the third puts you up against the Dunwitch Horror who has left rural Massachusetts for new areas, but he has grown powerful and tough as he consumed herd after herd of livestock.  But the prelude doesn’t leave you completely defenseless as it also gives you powerful spells to help you fight back against this monstrosity.

All in all this expansion is shaping up to be a good one, head on over to Fantasy Flight’s website to read the entire preview.