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Via Nebula, the latest game from the Space Cowboys label at Asmodee has just hit, or is about to hit, retail stores.  Via Nebula is a route building type game but instead of building tracks or roads, you are exploring foggy areas and placing down clear paths.  As you place these tiles from your player board onto the main board, you are connecting your construction tile to the resources you need.  The resources you need depend on the building cards that are available to build, but you don’t need the exact resources to build it, just the same number.  But building with incorrect resources will net your negative points in the end so it’s best to give them what they want.  There are lots of other things you can do from placing workers to reveal resources, building more buildings, and gaining special abilities the more tiles you place down.  Most points at the end is the winner.

The game looks great, quality of components looks good, and the game garnered a Seal of Approval from Tom’s video review.  You can read more on the game on Asmodee’s website, or pick up a copy from your local retailer.

Krosmaster Arena has enjoyed a good amount of success, and a legion of expansion packs, so now might be time for a 2.0 edition.  Thus coming this summer, to coincide with the Ankama’s first animated movie, Krosmaster Arena 2.0 will be released will all new content and updated rules.  The rules aspect is going to be the biggest change as tweaks have been made over the years to the Krosmaster Arena game that some people don’t know about.  So for new and old players alike, the new set will include rules that integrate all the FAQs and erratas that have been released over the years into one book.  Also in the new set is a new board to play on with different set pieces like market stalls, bags of goodies, and the trusty old crates.  Lastly it will also include 8 brand new characters to play with, and with a more even distribution of point cost, allow for better team building right out of the box.  So if you are looking to get into the game, this set would be a good place to start.  You can see the previews of the game on the Krosmaster site here, here, and here, and look for it’s release this summer.

Virus is the latest drafting type game from Genius games based on different biological systems.  Previous entries in the line include Peptide, Ion, and Covalence, each with slightly different gameplay but still family in weight.  Virus returns to the drafting style of card games but instead of pick and pass, you are betting on turn order to draft from a central line.  Each player will start with a hand of cards numbered 1-6, so everyone has identical starting hands.  On your turn you can do one of two things, pass or play.  If you pass, you pick up your discard pile and you are out for the round, if you play then you select a numbered virus card and place it face down.  After everyone has chosen which they will do the cards are revealed, and players who played get to draft viral component cards from the central row in descending numerical order.  These cards will score you points in similar ways to Sushi Go cards where some are straight points, other you need sets, and others based on if you have the most or least of it.  Also in the central row are mutated virus cards which have higher values than the starting cards, helping to ensure you get first pick at crucial times.  After everyone has chosen, whoever played virus cards this time discards those cards to their personal discard and a new round begins.  You can’t get discarded cards back until one of two things happens, you pass, or play your last virus card and so would start with no hand.  After the viral component deck runs out you count points and the highest score wins.

The art for this game is pretty good and his kind of a sickly feel to it, aiding the theme of mutating viruses.  Another bonus is that the illustrations and viral components are accurate to their real-life counterparts, giving the game an educational component.  So if this game sounds interesting to you then head on over to the Kickstarter page to back for your copy today.

store owner card

Matt Cave, owner of Batcave Games, loves Legendary Marvel, and after his first play of it he was hooked and owns all the expansions.  He even went so far as to start buying the Marvel 3D trading cards in order to get the exclusive heroes and bystanders for the game.  Though as he bought the Marvel 3D cards he noticed something, Upper Deck was running a contest, golden ticket style, to turn a lucky player into a new card.  So he promptly bought a whole case of the card packs to try to get that elusive card, and he did.  So after working with the entertainment product development team at Upper Deck, he is now an official bystander card that will be included in the new Legendary Civil War set.  You can read more about the story and see his card on the Upper Deck site.

viking on board

Vikings on Board is a new family weight worker-placement game from Blue Orange Games coming in August.  In Vikings on Board you are trying to get the most points by obtaining goods from ships or betting on the clan who gets a majority on the ship.  On a typical turn you can place your worker on several spots to do different things like take the first player marker, put goods on a ship, rearrange ship segments, adjust prices in the market, or place a bet on a ship.  The interesting one in the bunch is rearranging ship segments because each segment has colored shields on it that match the player colors.  So when a ship is scored, the player with a majority of their color gets to pull off goods first and add it to their score pile.  At the same time, people who bet on the clan who got majority on that ship get to take their bet and add it to their own score pile.  At the end of the game you will score won bets and the goods based on their price on the market, so you have to adjust prices to maximize your points.  The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

viking on board comp

This was being demo’d at Dice Tower Con a couple weeks ago and will be demo’d again at Gen Con in August so you can try it out.  The retail release of the game is in August as well so you will be able to find it on store shelves soon after.  You can find out more about the game on Blue Orange Games’ website.

mysterium hidden signs

An expansion to Mysterium, the 2015 Golden Geek winner from Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenkos, Mysterium: Hidden Signs provides additional characters, locations and objects for the players to discover.  These new clues must be interpreted through new vision cards passed down by the ghost player.

Just when you thought the mystery was solved, and the ghost finally laid to rest…more clues are discovered and the ghost’s presence is felt once more.  Can the psychics solve the case in time, or will the new visions only make matters worse?  Pick up a copy of Mysterium: Hidden Signs today and find out!

Mysterium: Hidden Signs comes with

  • 42 vision cards
  • 12 character cards
  • 12 location cards
  • 12 object cards

Mysterium: Hidden Signs requires Mysterium to play

For more info about the game from Asmodee click here to visit their web site.


Z-Man Games has previously announced the upcoming release of another game set in the Merchants & Marauders universe, Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides.  This new stand-alone game carries the same high-adventure theme set in the Caribbean during the age of piracy,but is far removed from the pick-up-and-deliver adventure that was its predecessor.  Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides brings ship-to-ship combat in the form of a hand-management and worker placement card game, and players will be playing combos of cards such as pairs, straights, and flushes to fire the various weapons their ship is equipped with.

Image from BGG

Image from BGG

Z-man has released an article that outlines these weapons and details their strengths, weaknesses, and basic strategies of use.  In summary, here are the the three types of weapons your ship can equip:

  • The 18-Pounder: a balanced, all-purpose cannon that can deal damage via a wide range of effectiveness
  • The Long Nine:  a focused and powerful weapon that is difficult to aim, but when it hits it deals damage of the greatest severity
  • The Carronade: a lower-powered weapon that is easy to hit with but deals damage at a lower level

Players will need to load these weapons with a variety of shot types, including Solid Shots (for damaging planks), Chain Shots (for crushing enemy sails), and Canister Shot (for devastating enemy crew).

Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides is set for a fall 2016 release.  For more information on how these weapons affect game play, check out the article in full on Z-Man’s website.

dice thrower2

In case you were wondering, no, this is not some spin-off to the Legendary card game, this is a cool new way to roll dice.  Legendary Dice Throwers do exactly as the name implies, throws dice to roll them.  There are three different styles you can choose from that chuck the dice in a different way, and they are a catapult, a crossbow, and a hammer.  The catapult and the crossbow are both actuated by rubber bands and the hammer just uses good old gravity to throw the dice.

Operation is easy as you load up the hopper with your dice, and then you will send them flying.  Thankfully they include a castle tray that you can hook the throwers on to, that way you can coral your thrown dice instead of them going everywhere.  On the videos they provide the actions look smooth and the designs on the throwers and tray look awesome.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page to get your very own Legendary Dice Thrower, and make all your dice tower using friends jealous.

bill ted excellent

We have some new games on the way from Steve Jackson Games, and only one of them has to do with Munchkin!  First on the list is the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Board Game where you are essentially playing out the movie, collecting historical figures to help you pass your test.  At the end of the game, whoever has the highest test score will be the winner.  You can check out Sam’s righteous Youtube review for more information and his thoughts on the game.


Next is Munchkin: Moop’s Monster Mashup, this is a new entry in the Munchkin line that aim’s to bring in characters from the comic.  In the comic, Moop is a magician who likes to experiment with combining different animals into brand new ones like the the Feather Boa or Owligator.  The game plays the same as normal Munchkin so first person to level 10 is the winner.

hate zombies

Next is I Hate Zombies, the round table rock-paper-scissor game published by BoardGameGeek itself.  The original print run was available only on the BGG store, now the retail edition will be coming to stores.  Gameplay will still be the same of playing rock-paper-scissors TO THE DEATH, only now you will see the Steve Jackson Games name on the box.


Last is a game for the younger gamers called Muertoons Mix-up, based on the popular kids cartoon Muertoons.  This is a simple game of playing cards in numerical order with some extras included to help shake things up.  The name and the art all play off of the Dia de los Muertos celebration in Mexico so expect lots of festively decorated skeletons all over this.

And that’s it, no specific date is given on when they will be released, but given that advanced review copies have gone out it shouldn’t be long.  You can check out the entire list on the ACD Distribution Newsline site.

rollers components

A new family weight, push your luck style game has been released by USAopoly called Rollers.  In Rollers you have a board with sets of numbers from 1 through 5 which you are trying to cover up in order to score your board.  On a turn you will roll 6 dice, 5 of them have numbers and a wild and the last one has numbers and a zap.  You get to roll three times and keep what you like between rolls, unless you roll the zap, the zap will prevent you from saving any dice from that roll.  At the end of the third roll you cover up the spots you can by having saved the required sets of numbers.  You’ll want to close the sets as quickly as possible because instead of playing the number to your board, you can use it to collect chips from other players.  You will always collect the value of the die from anyone who has not closed that number, so those 5’s can get you lots of chips.  Once someone has finished their board the round ends and scoring happens.  If you were the one to fill in your board you get 2 points, and the person with the most chips will get 1 point.  The game ends when someone gets to 3 to 5 points, depending on the length of game you want to play.

Rollers looks good and has a simple enough concept that I can imagine playing this with my family and enjoying it.  The only thing I am not a fan of is the zap die, mainly because you could roll it three times in a roll and thus invalidate you entire turn.  But for a mass market, push your luck type game, I think this one could do well.  You can read the announcement on the USAoploy site and pick up the game now at your local Target.