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Well, if you missed their previous Kickstarter, back in 2018, you’re in for a treat now. We reported on this premium board game bag solution during their first campaign and were excited to find out that they had more in store in their current Kickstarter campaign.

There are several cool new products in GeekOn’s latest offering starting out with their new pak, the SpacePak. The SpacePak can hold up to 50 pounds and is composed of 500D ripstop nylon material. The zippers are sturdy and made of a durable rubber for easy and fast opening. What’s super cool about these bags is just the pure open storage capacity that they provide. I found it excellent for not only board games, but those with role playing needs (it held nearly all of my D&D 5e books along with tokens and mini cases.

But that’s not all! Also available in this Kickstarter is their ShuttleTote. Now this was intriguing as I’ve never quite seen a design like this. The ShuttleTote not only provides a large capacity for your board gaming needs but it also will “wrap” up around your items – eliminating any possible additional space.

ShuttleTote open

Above you can see just the huge capacity that the tote alone provides. Below you can see how it not only zippers up, but allows you to roll up the top and buckle it in – making your tote compact. It also features a huge front pocket for additional accessories. It’s super comfortable to carry and simply a fantastic design, in my opinion.

In addition to the game bags, GeekOn is providing quite a few additional add-ons. Probably the two coolest are their new (and “Huge”-ified) dice tray. It is very similar to their first design, but almost quadruple in size. What’s great about their dice solution is that the bottom of the box is easily removed and serves as a dice tray itself. The main portion unzips and allows for storage of dozens of dice sets – all while providing a nice foam bottom layer to protect them.

New to this Kickstarter, however, is their innovative dice tower. The tower folds up into a flat accessory that can actually be stored within the XL dice tray. It folds out quite easily into a tower as pictured above. It will also work with their original dice tray.

There are many different board game bag solutions out there. After years of trying different bags I was lucky enough to come across GeekOn and purchase their latest solution at GenCon. I was happy enough with that offering and had no idea that this was just the start of a line of innovative products. In my opinion, they’re quite affordable and a must have for any board gamer that has need of a carrying solution! You can find out more over at their Kickstarter page here.

Chip Theory Games has launched a new Kickstarter project, Splice & Dice, for a variety of content offerings in the Too Many Bones universe.

First, there is the Splice & Dice expansion, which requires either the Too Many Bones base game or Too Many Bones: Undertow to play. Splice & Dice introduces a new Build-a-Tyrant option allowing players to customize their own big bad or develop the campaign boss over the course of the adventure based on the type of baddies defeated in encounters and the order in which they are defeated. This exponentially increases the variability of potential Tyrants. Splice & Dice also includes new pre-built Tyrants and hybrid Baddies that count as multiple enemy types.

Second, the campaign offers new content add-ons. Two new Gearlocs are available as playable characters. Dart, who rides a pigadillo, and has a double-sided playmat that can be flipped during battle to change her from a ranged attacker to a melee attacker, as well as changing how her skill dice operate (prototype playthrough video here). The other new Gearloc add-on is the Gearloc Council Internship Program, which is actually four mini-Gearloc mats that operate together. The final new content add-on is the Too Many Bones Trove Chest, which is a giant box with a future-focused design to hold all Too Many Bones content in one Kallax-friendly container, as well as providing new storage solutions for Gearlocs, loot, encounters, and Baddies.

Third, the campaign provides access to a full reprint of all previously published Too Many Bones products. The campaign closes June 14th and anticipates new content delivery in December 2019.

If you’ve ever transported your Gloomhaven, Mechs vs. Minions, or Imperial Assault (with expansions) games, you know how challenging it can be getting your games from Point A to Point B without bashing up the boxes, jumbling the components, or throwing your back out from carrying a stack of heavy games. What’s that you say … you haven’t even attempted it because it was easier to bring your game group over than take the game to them? Enter … The Deep Space game bag to save the day! This bag is the latest, and biggest, in The Game Canopy System, a series of board game bags developed by Level 3B.

Level 3B are currently running a Kickstarter project to fund The Deep Space but the campaign also has the smaller bags available, The Vanguard, and the Game Canopy, if you’re looking for something smaller or taller. A shoulder strap is included with each water-resistant bag, along with D-rings (to attach keys and luggage tags), side handles, and side pockets (for storing smaller games, tablets, and phones). If you plan to brave a storm to get to game night (as one should … those dice aren’t rolling themselves), then the Rainfly is also available to provide a water repellent, extra layer of protection.

The bags come in several color schemes and trims including a Dice Tower Edition, which has the Dice Tower logo and colors. Alternatively, the Hero Edition is the Kickstarter exclusive color scheme for 2019. The Deep Space Kickstarter project has already hit 8x its funding goal, with over 270 backers, and will end on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019. The estimated delivery date is May of 2020.

Fans of Smash Up, its more than 12 expansions and 50 factions, rejoice! Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is bringing to market the Bigger Geekier Box to hold all of your countless Smash Up products. The Bigger Geekier Box will have 4 large rows for cards, many foam blocks to fill in the empty holes, dividers for all known factions, a closable token holder, which was noticeably absent from 2014’s Big Geeky Box. Also included is a comprehensive rulebook, containing rules for all of the unique factions, and select clarifications for those unusual cards. The Bigger Geekier Box will come with the Geeks Faction Deck (included in the original Big Geeky Box) and the All Stars Faction, which was available in tournaments and event kits. The Bigger Geekier Box should be available at your FLGS in June 2018.

PAX Unplugged is in the rear view mirror now and that pretty much marks the end of the major convention season, so lets see what we can get this week on Kickstarter to boost our spirits.  First up is the next game from Piecekeeper Games and that is Gearworks, a card based puzzle game for up to four players.  In the game you will be laying out cards onto a grid in order to gain parts and build contraptions which are worth points at the end of the game.  The grid you are placing cards in have some rules though, you can only have one color per column, and the numbers have to be in ascending order going down the row.  There are also some rules on gaining sparks based on the card you place, and these sparks give you special abilities like placing over cards or playing a second card.  After you play you will rotate gears to indicate where you placed cards, and then acquire parts based on gear orientation across the board.  And it’s these parts that build the contraptions, which at the end of the game are worth points and will win you the game.  While this sounds complicated, if you have played Sudoku before you will find the rules similar and easy to pick up.  So if you are looking for a puzzly card game requiring a bit of mental umph, check out the Kickstarter page.

Next is the latest in the long line of storage solutions for board games, and that is the Boxthrone.  What sets this system apart from others it two fold, first is it’s all metal construction, making it tough and durable.  The second is that the system is meant to house a single game on each shelf by making shelf height highly adjustable so you can fit one game in each slot, helping reduce box damage from too many other games being stacked on top.  It also includes a fair bit of customization in that you can mix and match how you set up the shelves to be able to fit however many, and however oddly shaped, games you want.  They even have the option of adding clear acrylic shelves if you want to display miniatures or other items along with your game.  Thus if you are looking for something more than just another Kallax, check out this Kickstarter today.

From the makers who brought you Dragoon we have another game from the folks at Lay Waste Games, a social deduction game based on time travel called Human Era.  In the game humans have finally discovered time travel, and like usual someone uses time travel to screw everything up, now it’s up to you and your friends to fix it.  There are three teams you might play as, the humans who are trying to fix history, the robots who want the chaos so they come to power, or the cyborgs who play for both teams essentially.  After everyone is dealt their identity cards the captain will then roll the die to see what era you will be traveling to.  Once there they will pick a team of players for everyone to vote on as the ones who try to repair time.  If the vote succeeds then the players will pass cards to the captain, if the vote fails then a random card is placed.  Based on what cards are showing on the board at the end of the round will determine the score.  You will do this rolling, voting, card placing process for ten rounds, and at the end of the 10th round the final score determines who wins.  For the humans to win the score has to be 4-6, for the cyborgs to win the score has to be 3-5 (which means they can win WITH the humans), and for the robots to win the score has to be 2 or lower.  There are other rules that go along with the game, but suffice to say, if you are intrigued by social deduction games, check out this Kickstarter project.

And finally we have a new engine building card game similar to Chain Reaction called Space Race – Interkosmos.  This game is all about the space race, and so each player is playing a different country trying to make their way into the cosmos and explore it.  How you will do this is through blind bidding and engine building with your cards, and cards you acquire from the main row.  In each round there will be a display of cards up for auction, you will bid on these cards using control cards, each with a type and value associated with them.  Win or lose that is the only time you get to use the cards to choose wisely.  Once winner are determined then the cards are added to their tableau in front of them, and this is where the engine building happens.  On each cards are four different lines, that as you put cards next to each other will form a string of actions that happen whenever you activate that line.  This is the second part of the control cards you use because after bidding, you then use the card to activate a line on your cards to take those actions and hopefully explore space and get more cards.  In the end, whoever has the best space agency and has explored the most impressive stellar objects will be the winner.  There is much more to the game including a campaign mode, so if the games sounds interesting, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page.

Init Gear is at it again, and this time better, bigger, stronger, faster. Gamefolio 1.0 was a hugely successful Kickstarter in 2016 which made people rethink board game storage and travel, and Init has just started a Kickstarter Campaign for the Gamefolio version 2.0. The Gamefolio itself is a high quality briefcase-like bag which stores all of the unique components that make up board games – cards, miniatures, dice, boards. Gamefolio offers specialized inserts to capitalize on each of these components, in a variety of sizes. The Vault Duffel Bag can then take all of your packed up Folios, and organize them for easy transport. The Kickstarter Campaign offers tons of options for customization, with Folios coming in large, classic and small sizes, binders for cards, foam inserts for miniatures or card decks, and most importantly, 4 colors. Check out the Kickstarter page for all the juicy details.

The Kickstarter for Gamefolio 2.0 continues through November 9, and is expected to deliver in September 2018.

Zen Bins has made a name for itself as an inexpensive and yet effective storage solution for collectible dice games like Dice Masters and the newly released Destiny.  Both have a need to be able to not only store some cards, but also a good number of dice to field with those cards. In Destiny’s case, tokens as well.  So Zen Bins is Kickstarting an update to their previous system with spots for tokens to be stored along with the cards and dice.  An interesting add-on that they have to offer this time around is the blinder, this allows you to keep your dice hidden so that they aren’t visible to your opponent until the game starts.

Having used their previous model to store my Dice Masters I can say that they are very good quality for the money and do exactly what they set out to do.  So Destiny players should check out their Kickstarter page and pledge for a set.

Board Game Truck has started a Kickstarter campaign for a series of high quality board game carry and storage bags. Three sizes are available, the Tank, the Bulwark and the Flatbed. All three feature water resistant nylon, nonabrasive lining, foam padding and zipper padding to protect games. The bags will be available in 6 colors, and early bird pledges are available. More colors and pockets are possible as stretch goals.

  • The Flatbed holds one square game, carries like a briefcase and has clear sides to easily see the game inside.
  • The Bulwark holds 2-3 games depending on thickness, and has a diagonal back strap for easy mobility.
  • The Tank holds 5-7 games, and can hold multiple Flatbed bags. It also includes a leather top for added protection. It also includes backpack and chest straps.

The kickstarter campaign ends February 24, 2017 and is expected to deliver in June 2017.

card taker

Cards Against Humanity is a card game similar to Apples to Apples, where one player is a judge, and other players each pick a card from their hand to fill in the blank of a question card. In Cards Against Humanity, many of the questions and answers are vulgar, which leads people to describe it as “Apples to Apples for adults.”

card taker box

Now, Pigeonhole Products, an independent woodworking company, is creating a storage solution for Cards Against Humanity and its expansions – in the form of a wooden coffin. The coffin will hold the original game and up to four expansions, separating the white answer cards from the black question cards. There will also be a tombstone shaped card divider for the white cards.

To check out the Kickstarter (including a stop motion video featuring the coffin), see here.

small world storage pieces

It is rare that I ever drool over something that has hit Kickstarter.  But seeing these beautiful storage solutions for the game small world I am having to work hard not to salivate too much.  These are a very elegant solution to a problem that has driven me nuts for quite awhile.  Storing Small World can be rather tedious since the race markers are abundant and rather small.

Done in birch these are very nice looking.  they provide three different options for the box.

  • The BASIC storage set holds the base game and several small expansions.
  • The ENHANCED storage set holds the base game and Realms and the other small expansions.
  • The DELUXE storage set holds the base game and Small World Underground and Realms and all the other expansions.

With options of either an assembled box or getting it to assemble yourself this project creator understands that many of the people in this audience tend to be willing to put some time in assembling something even if they might not have the skills to actually design something like this themselves.

This project has staggered fulfillment dates based on which level you back at the simpler boxes seem to have earlier dates with the basic unassembled box being available in February followed in March by the assembled basic set.  From a practical standpoint I would anticipate some of the finished boxes possibly taking longer than projected.  But I would expect unfinished boxes should be able to go out pretty close to on time.  Additionally this project creator has run another successful storage project.

For all of the details on the project head over to Kickstarter here.