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Wargamers rejoice – the Kickstarter Campaign has just started for the Metro Morph modular card wargaming terrain by Jacob Smith and Crowd Forge Studio. This system uses heavy duty 2mm cardstock pieces, which clip together in innumerable ways to create structures in a 28-32mm gaming environment. The pieces are themed to an industrial sci-fi setting, and come with protective stickers for repeated clip application, as well as stickers to hide clips and edges. The pieces can create durable, large structures which can bear repeated use and heavy wear. After gaming, the clips can be removed and the pieces can be stored flat again. The system can be used to create anything from scattered rubble, complex 2D game boards, to large 3 dimensional multilevel buildings.

The Kickstarter for Metro Morph will continue through December 20, and the final product is scheduled to ship in September 2019.

Cool Mini or Not has just started a Kickstarter campaign for a digital version of Eric Lang‘s 2015 mega-hit Blood Rage (BGG #27). The digital version is being produced by Exozet and looks amazing. Each region of the board looks different, with unique topology, climate and villages. All of the cards and figures are meticulously rendered in 3D, including new miniatures not seen before. The digital game includes network play for up to 4 players, solo play against the AI, and mixtures of the two. One of the most exciting aspects of the Kickstarter is the Physical Viking Pledge, which includes the actual miniatures for all of the new 3D assets along with the digital game. These include four new monsters: the Mountain Giantess, a new wolf called Garm, the Wolfwoman and the Seer Troll. Other models are the new Stag Clan with Mystics, 6 Golden Gods of Asgard miniatures, and new expansion cards for 5 players.

The Kickstarter for Blood Rage Digital continues through December 10, and is expected to deliver digital rewards in December 2019, and physical rewards in August 2019. Additionally, Kickstarter backers will be privy to a closed beta version of the game before release. For more information, check out the Kickstarter page or CMoN’s website.

Here’s your chance to own and play what Tom Vasel has been calling one of his favorite games of all time. Project: ELITE is getting the deluxe CMON treatment with a completely revamped production.

Now live on Kickstarter,

Project: ELITE is a fast-paced cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players who take on the role of members of an ELITE squad recruited to stop an invading alien force. Featuring the frantic real-time action of the critically-acclaimed original this edition re-imagines Project: ELITE with vivid new art and amazing miniatures. In each Mission, you will have rounds of 2 minutes before the window of operations closes and time runs out!

Want to see it in action before committing? Tom, Zee, and Sam have already posted a few live play-throughs of the new CMON version of the game. After you check those videos out, head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more about CMON’s latest big box Kickstarter and see if you and your ELITE squad has what it takes to stop the alien invasion.

Stonemaier Games has announced a limited edition set of metal mechs for their super popular (BGG ranking #7!) board game Scythe. The set comes with one mech from each faction, packaged in a felt lined insert in a numbered, foil embossed box. The print run of the new mechs will be limited to 4000, although a special numbered run of 40 will be released in a 2018 charity auction. The metal figures will be released world wide on November 2, 2018. For more information, check out the Stonemaier announcement on their web site.


Army of Darkness: The Board Game is an upcoming major release from Lynnvander Studios and Dynamite Entertainment covering the cult-classic third film in the Evil Dead trilogy. While not a lot is known about the game yet, prepare for chainsaw and S-Mart jokes for 1-4 players wreaking havoc for an hour to 90 minutes, with an intended age of 10 or older.

Not to be confused with either the 1993 board game called Army of Darkness, nor the 2004 game Army of Darkness Card Game, Army of Darkness: The Board Game (2018) will bring in highly detailed miniatures and all-new boomstick battles against the Deadites! Plus, the Board Game Geek (BGG) page states that players…

“…play as Ash and his allies, and work together to fight off swarms of Deadites commanded by Evil Ash and Evil Shiela.” 

BGG also lists the game as dice rolling, co-op, and involving programmed movement, which leads to an exciting combination of game mechanisms that will need some clarification once everything is finalized to have an idea of exactly how it will all come together – but so far, sounds groovy.

Designed by the team of Josh Derksen, Thomas M. Gofton, and Aron Murch who have been published many times by Jasco Games in the past, collectively working on titles such as:  Albion’s Legacy, Cyber:Run, and another game handling a beloved intellectual property in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game.

While no official release date has been announced, more about Army of Darkness: The Board Game can be learned from Nerdist’s article by clicking here.

First-time publisher Spherewalker Games is raising funds for a new cooperative tower defense game, Defense of the Citadel.  Apparently, waves and waves of fantasy enemies have a problem with the Citadel, and it is up to players taking on the roles depicted by gorgeously sculpted miniatures to defend it.  The game features a Scenario mode for a short 1-hour game and a Campaign mode that involves building the Citadel itself.  The publisher describes:

Defense of the Citadel is a cooperative hero defense board game. Set in a high fantasy world, enemy forces are marching towards your Citadel in great numbers and only a handful of heroes remain to prevent them from achieving their goal.

Mission & Campaign mode

Players can choose to play set missions for a quick game with predefined objectives and events, or a more traditional defense game in campaign where the map and events are all randomized, and the status of the game carries over to the next round until you reach the final objective.

Crafting & Preparation

Players must make preparation before the inevitable battle to even out the odds. A large variety of options are available to players from crafting items, traps, infrastructure, scouting, rest or even restructuring the Citadel!

The Invasion

During the invasion, players can perform special combat skills through the usage of class skill cards. Players can mix and match different classes skills to create a unique battle strategy of their own. The course of the invasion is randomized through the invasion card deck, with many different events.


The enemy units are controlled by the rules of the game, there are no game masters. The game is a fully cooperative game with many game elements to promote working together, such as with crafting, battles, event choices or helping other player characters who were taken out of action to continue fighting.

Defense of the Citadel has already been funded on Kickstarter and is set to be delivered in August 2018.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page here.


CMON has announced three new expansions for Rum And Bones: Second Tide coming in June.  The Blutrausch Legion adds an entirely new faction to the game, and includes 5 heroes, 24 deckhands, a custom tide deck, 3 ships and more. Iron Inquisition adds 5 new heroes looking to convert the heathen, and can be used to supplement any crew. Finally, Sea Monsters adds new Kraken and Sea Dragon miniatures, as well as 3 all-new monsters from the depths.

All three expansions have a street date of June 23, 2017, and you can check out the details on CMON’s website here.

massing armada

Although it may be a trap, there is a fleet of ships massing near Sullust in this Star Wars Armada wave II pre-release event coming in October. It’s your chance to get your hands on the new large-base ships in the second wave – The Imperial Class Star Destroyer and MC80 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. The preview tournaments are taking place on the weekend of Oct 2nd to 4th and due to the limited availability of kits, retailers are advised to apply today.

The tournament consists of three Swiss style rounds of 300 points each. The finalists then meet and construct 400 point fleets using the wave II starships, one player taking on the Imperials with the new Star Destroyer and the other taking on the Mon Calamari cruiser. The winners will receive their choice of the Massing at Sullust preview expansions. The deadline for applications is 5th Sept, although retailers are advised to register before then to ensure participation.

boba fett stuff

Despite having very few lines in the Star Wars movies, Boba Fett is one of the coolest characters and here he is crawling out of the Sarlacc pit to join Imperial Assault in this new villain pack preview. Included is a detailed plastic miniature as well as new agenda cards, command cards, deployment cards and three new missions to make the most of the new Twin Shadows expansion as well as the core game. Boba himself has a Battle Discipline ability which allows him to choose an additional ability to apply to an attack when you declare it. He also has a Battle Presence ability which inflicts one strain on an opposing figure if they leave a square adjacent to him. The included agenda cards allow him to be used in any campaign as well as providing a way to increase the threat level.

Boba Fett’s command cards for the skirmish mode include attachments for hunters and droids that make use of the new weakened mechanic introduced in the Twin Shadows expansion. He wouldn’t be Boba Fett though without his Jump jets allowing him to move to any space within five spaces.

Let him loose on the Galaxy soon as he’s available for pre-order but remember, no disintegrations!

Battle Arena Show is a new miniatures game from Koti Games in which players will control fighters from “all parts of the world and every conceivable age.”

From the press release it appears this will be a tactical combat game which recreates a television show where the fighters are striving to become Battle Arena Master by being victorious in various death matches. Koti Games says the concept of this game was inspired by Multiplayer Online Battle Arena videogames including League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Koti Games has released a pretty slick looking YouTube video (here) for Battle Arena Show. If the miniatures end up looking anything like their concepts you can rest assured the game will look fantastic.

The press release indicates the game will be for two to six players. However it goes on to say the players will be split into two teams which does leave one to wonder if this is not another case of a publisher taking a two player game and forcing higher player counts on to it. Only time will tell.

The Board Game Geek page (here) for Battle Arena Show is still in the early stages of construction but it does indicate the game will play in 120 – 180 minutes and will include dice rolling, hand management, variable player powers, and an action point allowance system.

Interested individuals can look for Battle Arena Show to go up on Kickstarter on April 7th of this year.