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In a recent press release, UK Games Expo (the largest UK board gaming/hobby convention), announced that as they enter their 11th year, they have confirmed their sponsors for their next 2017 event.

Major sponsors since 2012, and a large part of the impetus to move on and expand UKGE are Mayfair Games. Julie A. Yeager, Director of Marketing at Mayfair Games said “Mayfair Games is proud to continue our support of UKGE. Together, we are part of a great team, supporting a strong and growing U.K. gaming community through even more gaming opportunities for UKGE 2017!”

Catan Studio said “Catan Studio ™ develops and publishes Catan® games—the world’s preeminent analog game brand. We look to nurture the Catan community as it grows. Attending UK Games Expo, home of the UK’s largest Catan championships, as major sponsors is part of this strategy.”

To find out more, you can head over to their official page and read their press release here.

african board game

This is the kind of story a board gamer like me loves to hear, how our humble hobby is helping to connect and even employ people in other countries.  Just a few short weeks ago, The African Boardgame Convention, often called ABCon2016, was held for the first time in Abuja, Nigeria.  This is a pretty big deal because this is the first board game convention to be held in Nigeria, and arguably the first along the west African coast.  The convention was the brainchild of Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, who also is the founder and Creative Director of KayCee Games, one of the major sponsors of the convention.  While there was also a book exchange, music, and spoken word at the convention, board games were still the central focus of the convention.

An aspect of the convention that is special was the overarching theme of ‘Made in Africa’, where the games and items featured were designed and made in Africa.  This gives tremendous pride to the creators as these games are uniquely African in both content and construction, and offers a window into their culture.  As the field grows, so will the need for manufacturers as well as board game centers for people to play in.  Right now Kenechukwu has opened 2 of these board game centers in Abuja, and hopes by December, with some investors, to open an additional 23.  This will expand the reach of the board gaming world in the area, allowing more people to come and play as well as employ more people in these game centers.

I wish them all the best of luck, and maybe in the future the Dice Tower may be adding another international board game convention to their attendance list.  You can read the full story on Nigerian Television Authority’s website.

catan brand logo arc gold 140724[5]

Do you enjoy Catan? I mean, do you really like Catan?  Then you might want to set aside some time at the end of April to attend Catan Con 2016 in Nashville, TN.  At Catan Con you will see and be able to play all things Catan, and also the other games in the Mayfair library, but mostly Catan.  Some of the show highlights include:

  • Catan National Championship Qualifier
  • Settlers of America Tournament
  • Cities and Knights Tournament
  • Blast from the past Catan games
  • Catan: The Big Game
  • Mammoth Carpet/Floor and Giant Tabletop Games

The convention will be held in the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center on April 22nd thru 24th and you can register through the Mayfair site for your ticket today.

coolstuff gencon

Gen Con is THE American game convention to go to if you want to see the latest and greatest in board gaming and experience how big the hobby can be, and CoolStuffInc knows this.  For years CoolStuffInc has been an exhibitor at the convention and it has been a resounding success every year they go.

This time they are upping their commitment to the convention and becoming a Contributing Sponsor of the convention.  This puts them in the company of other big names sponsoring the event such as Rio Grande Games and Mayfair Games.  You can read the full press release on the CoolStuffInc site and then look forward to Gen Con 2016 coming in August.


AireCon, which well be held on April 1st and 2nd in Aire Valley (Yorkshire, UK), is a board game convention with a focus on open gaming.  Boasting a library of over 300 games and enough seating for every single attendee, if you want to play games this is the place.

They also have other great events planned such as giant games of Two Rooms and a Boom, play testing of unpublished games, a massive Meta game where your entrance ticket is used, as well as a screening of Board With Life’s second season and big screen Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

So if you are in the area why not attend, tickets are only £9 ($12.50) for both days and you can find out more on their facebook page.

prototype con

Prototype Con is hosting it’s inaugural event this Feb 19-21st in Kissimmee Florida.  Designers Richard Borg, Karen Boginski, Robert Burke, Richard Launius, Ken Shannon, and Jason Maxwell will be in attendance. Prototype Con is a con for designers to bring games to be playtested and gamers to try them and provide feedback on their experience. You can learn more, as well as register, here.

The UK Games Expo (UKGE) wrapped up just this past Tuesday (June 2nd) and they have proclaimed another successful year of gaming and growth.  I think they said it best when describing the feeling at the end,

After all the planning, thousands of emails, 1000 tables to set up along with and I think a mile and half of cloth UKGE 2015 has come and gone in 3 days of crazy, helter skelter fun and I am not sure my pulse has yet slowed back down.

Now that 2015 is done they have an eye on 2016 with the release of their next year’s dates which will be June 3rd through 5th, so mark your calendars.  But as they move into 2016 they have fond memories of 2015, the best of which was Operation Lovebird which culminated in the first every UKGE marriage proposal of Dominick to Holly, which she said yes to (we here at Dice Tower News wish them the best in their marriage).  Maybe next year they can top that with their first UKGE wedding.

Attendance for this year increased nearly 20% with a final count of over 14,000 in attendance.  They expect the increase in attendance to continue so they are planning on 2016 to be even bigger and better;

To meet the needs of our many exhibitors, UKGE will now have at least 7000 sqm of trade space to use and will be the location of some of the National and International events, tournaments and championships. Some of the key attractions that will move to the NEC will include the Family Zone, costumed group areas, seminars and one part of our board game library.

Meanwhile, 3500 sqm of space at the Hilton Hotel will remain the focus of the Roleplaying Game sessions and many of our other tournaments, but will also have a massively increased open gaming space in the evening; with the entire Palace and Kings one huge open gaming space, allowing 2000+ gaming enthusiasts to sit and game at night time. UKGE also have plans for more LARP and living events.

Finally they have also put out their list for the UKGE Best Games Awards, and they are as follows:

Black Fleet – Space Cowboys, Asmodee
General Game
Cycling Party – Snake Eye Games
Board Games with Miniatures
Star Wars Imperial Assault – Fantasy Flight Games
Role Playing Games
Mutant Year Zero – Modiphius Games
Family Games
Waggle Dance – Grublin Games
Star Wars Armada – Fantasy Flight Games
Strategic Card and Dice Games
Elysium – Space Cowboys, Asmodee
General Card games
Sushi Go! – Gamewright
Children’s Game
Chickyboom – Blue Orange
Party Game
Cash’n Guns – Repos Production
Abstract Games
HexAgony – JJR Distributions Ltd
Firefly, Blue Sun Rim Expansion Set – Gale Force Nine
Syrinscape – Syrinscape Pty Ltd
Honourable Mention:
You are the Hero by Jonathan Green

Keep an eye on the UKGE website to get more info and to register for next year.

PaizoCon 2015

Paizo Inc. publishers of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, has announced the preliminary details for PaizoCon 2015.  It is scheduled over Memorial Day weekend May 22-25.  They have added on an additional day to the festivities over previous years.

In addition to having a longer convention they have moved it to a larger venue at the DoubleTree by Hilton – Seattle Airport.  This is reflective of the general trend being seen in conventions as of late.  Many are having to do what PaizoCon has done moving to a much bigger venue to accommodate more attendees.

Additionally they have announced their guests of honor.  Brandon Hodge is their author guest of honor and has been writing for Paizo as one of their pre-eminent horror writers.  Their artist guest of honor is Jason Engle who has contributed over 1400 pieces for Paizo’s publications over the years.

For more information on the convention visit its page here.

Publishers press release below

Paizo, Inc., publisher of the popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, announces today preliminary details for PaizoCon 2015, the annual fan celebration of all things Pathfinder.

Now in its eighth year, PaizoCon 2015 will take place May 22 – 25, 2015, Memorial Day Weekend, in Seattle, WA. The convention has been extended from three to four days, and has been moved to a new, larger venue to accommodate the growing number of Pathfinder fans from around the world who attend PaizoCon each year.

Paizo announces today the Guests of Honor for PaizoCon 2015; Brandon Hodge and Jason Engle.

Gaming Guest of Honor: Brandon Hodge
Brandon Hodge first began putting nightmares to paper in 2009 as patron of Open Design, and by the end of the year was leading his first collaborative project with Paizo: the Lovecraftian horror adventure From Shore to Sea. Since then, Brandon has contributed his unique writing style to Paizo’s Shadows of Gallowspire, The Dead Heart of Xin, Feast of Ravenmoor, and the genre-bending Rasputin Must Die!A respected scholar of the bizarre occult history of tipping tables, séances, and hauntings, Brandon lent his expertise to Paizo’s upcoming hardcover, Occult Adventures, where he served as creative consultant and contributor. When he’s not exploring new way to horrify players, Brandon travels the world researching and assembling the world’s finest collection of automatic writing planchettes, Ouija boards, and other séance-related devices, all featured on his popular website, Brandon lives in an undeniably haunted house in Austin’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood with his lovely wife, Adrienne, their daughter, Elliot, and his black cat familiar, Miette.

Artist Guest of Honor: Jason A. Engle
Jason A. Engle has had a varied career in tabletop gaming for the past 17 years, specializing in cover art, collectible cards, and maps. His Paizo work includes the cover illustrations for the Inner Sea NPC Codex, Demon Hunter’s Handbook,Giants Revisited, the interior illustrations for prestige classes in the Core Rulebook, and more than 100 Map Packs, Flip-Mats, and interior maps going back to the earliest days of Paizo, before the emergence of the Pathfinder brand. All together Jason has contributed more than 1400 works for Paizo over the years, and his maps and illustrations have played a major role in the game’s success. He has also produced important works for Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Game of Thrones, and Vampire: The Masquerade, to name just a few.

PaizoCon is a celebration of all things Pathfinder, including gaming, panels, workshops, and costumes, and is a chance for Pathfinder players to meet up with members of the community as well as Paizo staff, veteran authors, artists, and designers from hobby gaming.

The Saturday evening tradition of PaizoCon includes a special dinner banquet where attendees eat, drink, and get merry with Paizo staff, and get the first look at new products and artwork planned for the coming year. Banquet tickets are sold separately.

WHERE:          DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Seattle Airport
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188

WHEN:            May 22 – 25, 2015

BADGE INFO: 4-Day Badge: $75
4-Day Kid’s Badge: $40
Preview Banquet: $35
Deluxe 4-Day Badge (includes Banquet): $100

To attend PaizoCon 2015, badges and tickets can be purchased

Paizo Inc. is publisher of the world’s best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the wildly popular Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as Pathfinder Tales novels, board games, and gaming accessories. is the leading online hobby retail store, offering tens of thousands of products from a variety of publishers to customers all over the world. In the twelve years since its founding, Paizo Publishing has received more than 60 major awards and has grown to become one of the most influential companies in the hobby games industry. For more information,