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In South Florida on January 5, 2019 and have some time on your hands? Drop by Flamingocon 13, a single-day, mini-con where you can gather together with 250+ other board game aficionados to try, learn and play new or beloved games.

Attendees are welcome to bring their own but they can also borrow games to play. The game library will contain 150+ titles. A. During the con, it will also be possible to try out new or not-yet-published games from Ocean Family Games, Wendigo Publishing and others. There will be a separate room devoted to D&D/ Pathfinder/RPGs with game masters prepared to take attendees on a wild adventure. In addition, there will be vendors present and a flea market of gently used games to stock up your collection.

A “Play to Win” initiative allows attendees to play certain games during the con and enter for the chance to take home the game. This year, these games include Euphoria, Between Two Castles and My Little Scythe from Stonemaier Games.

Flamingocon 13 is happening at the South County Civic Center, located at 16700 Jog Rd, just south of Linton Blvd. in Delray Beach. Opening hours are 9 am to 10 pm, with game library checkout ending at 8 pm.

Flamingocon 13 is a fundraising event for Flamingocon, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that donates board games and time teaching them to students, library patrons, patients and others in need of fun, positive social interaction.

For more information, email
For tickets, table reservations, t-shirt store and information go to

GrandCon is the annual board gaming event held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s a community event which raises money for local charities while everyone has fun doing so.

Portal GamesIgnacy Trzewiczek has been announced as a guest this year. As a designer he’s created great games including Imperial Settlers, Stronghold, Pret-A-Porter, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, and 51st State. As head of publishing he’s overseen the release of Alien Artifacts, Cry Havoc, and Tides of Madness. He’s also released a book, “Boardgames that tell Stories”.

The “golden voice” of the Dice Tower, Eric Summerer, has also been confirmed as a guest. Eric has been the co-host of the Dice Tower podcast since 2009 and has served as a voiceover artist, announcer, and part-time singer for many other Dice Tower related videos and podcasts. He can also be heard on a number of Audible books across many genres.

Other great guests include Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven designer), Jon Gilmore (Dead of Winter co-designer), Albin Johnson (Founder of 501st Legion), Chris Kirkman (founder of Dice Hate Me Games), Richard Launius (Arkham Horror designer), and many, many others. See the full list of guests on the GrandCon website.

GrandCon will be from 14 – 16 September, 2018. Badges are currently available for sale.

Privateer Press, the company behind Hordes and Warmachine, have opened ticket sales to their yearly Lock and Load Gamefest in Bellevue, Washington.  Like with other conventions put on by a single board game company, this event will be all about Privateer Press and it’s current and new releases.  Not much has been revealed yet on what will be happening at this year’s event, but you can bet they will aim to make it even better than previous years.  One thing to look forward to is some kind of event for Warmachine, which is celebrating it’s 15th year since it’s release in 2003.  To find out more, and to get your badge, you can head on over to Privateer Press’ website.

As announced by Tom on this week’s Board Game Breakfast, tickets for Dice Tower Con 2018 are on sale now.  Next year’s convention will happen over 5 days from July 4th to 8th, that’s over 100 hours of continuous gaming goodness.  One thing to note about this convention is that it is definitely a playing convention, meaning there are tons and tons of tables set up for everyone to be gaming from dawn until dusk.  Not to mention the game library is excellent with many of the hottest games at that time and lots of classics to choose from.  There will also be other things happening like panels, mega games, tournaments, the flea market, exhibitors, and more.  Check out the Dice Tower Con website for more information and to get your tickets and hotel reservations for this amazing convention.


The​ ​Dice​ ​Tower​ ​Convention​ ​Opens​ ​Registration​ ​for​ ​2018
Orlando,​ ​FL​: Today, registration has opened for the 2018 Dice Tower Convention. The convention will be held in Orlando, Florida on July 4-8. The Convention began as an extension of The Dice Tower Network, created by Tom Vasel, and the 2018 convention will be its seventh iteration. Featuring over 100 hours of non-stop gaming over 5 days, Special Events, Game Shows, Exhibitor Hall, unique panels with industry pros and established game designers, and more, it is the hottest convention for the entire family.

“Dice Tower Con is my favorite time of year! Imagine playing the best games from the best board game library with the best people in the happiest city on earth. Now multiply that by five days, and you have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life,” says Tom Vasel, founder of The Dice Tower Network. “Dice Tower has always been about board games, and especially the people who play them. Those wonderful people and games await you next July in Orlando!”

Tickets for The Dice Tower Convention 2018 are available now. Visit for more information and get your passes today!

About​ ​The​ ​Dice​ ​Tower​ ​Convention​: Begun in 2012 with the idea of a convention that feels different. Family and Fun are paramount, as it was created as a giant gaming party. It features The Dice Tower crew from YouTube amongst other special guests in the industry. The convention happens each year in Orlando, Florida on or around July 4th holiday weekend. Find out more information at

In a move that surprised no one, The Diana Jones Award was given to GenCon for it’s 50th anniversary.  The Diana Jones award is given out each year for excellence in gaming, and this award can be given to games, conventions, designers, or companies depending on their contributions to the hobby.  Last year saw the award go to Eric Lang for the many excellent games he has designed, and previous years have been awarded to and even the Youtube show Tabletop.  And while the award going to GenCon is not shocking, it did have some solid competition from Terraforming Mars, Gloomhaven, The Romance Trilogy, End of the Line, and The Beast.  But having 50 years of serving gamers the latest and greatest while growing to being the largest board game convention in the world (maybe), GenCon deserved the win.  You can read more about the award and the other nominees on the Diana Jones website.

GenCon has been wrapped up, packed up, and stowed away for another year, and this past year was quite a special year.  First was an annual increase in the turnstile count, the number of people that walked through the door, increasing by 4% up to nearly 208,000.  Also, for the first time in GenCon’s 50 year history, all the badges for the convention were sold out prior to the start, meaning that 60,000 people were in attendance this year.  They also continued the expansion of GenCon by including the field of Lucas Oil Stadium, which housed both the game library and teh 24 hour gaming space.  GenCon as a whole also raised $26,000 for the Child Advocates charity, a foundation that helps children when they need it most, putting their gran total of contributions over $250,000.  Add in a concert held by They Might Be Giants that was attended by over 5,000 people and you have one heck of a GenCon.  You can read more about it in the press release below, and look forward to next year when GenCon is held on August 2nd thru 5th.

INDIANAPOLIS — Gen Con celebrated its 50th convention with its ninth consecutive year of record turnstile attendance, reaching 207,979, an approximate 4% increase over 2016. The convention also sold out of all attendee badges prior to the show for the first time in its 50-year history. For the third consecutive year, Gen Con targeted an approximate attendance of 60,000 unique attendees.

“Our team is thrilled to continue setting new records,” said Adrian Swartout, Gen Con CEO. “We made a decision early in planning Gen Con 50 to optimize the attendee experience while still continuing to grow the convention to new attendance levels,” “By adding the field level of Lucas Oil Stadium, improving space planning, and carefully restructuring attendance thresholds by badge type, we realized record gains, while maintaining a world-class experience for attendees.”

Marking the convention’s first year utilizing the field level of Lucas Oil Stadium, Gen Con 50 also is notable for the convention’s first usage of Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which featured a concert by Grammy winning recording artists They Might Be Giants. This concert set a record as Gen Con’s largest single event in its 50-year history, surpassing 5,500 tickets sold. Gen Con’s further expansion into Lucas Oil Stadium allowed for growth of its 24-hour games library, additional event space, and a special museum exhibition that highlighted 50 years of gaming history and artifacts.

“Gen Con 50 was an epic experience for its attendees and for the city of Indianapolis,” said Leonard Hoops, president and CEO, Visit Indy. “It’s been wonderful to be part of Gen Con’s growth over the past 15 years here into a $73 million event for Central Indiana. We look forward to hosting it for many years to come. Congratulations to Adrian Swartout, David Hoppe, Peter Adkison, and everyone on the Gen Con team for a fantastic golden anniversary celebration.”

This year’s convention featured approximately 500 exhibitors, over 19,000 ticketed events, and more than $26,000 raised for local charity partner Child Advocates. This initial estimated sum pushes Gen Con’s aggregate charitable contribution to more than a quarter million dollars since moving to Indianapolis.

“Child Advocates was so excited to be the official charity partner of Gen Con 50,” said Cynthia K. Booth, Executive Director of Child Advocates, Inc. “Our excitement gave way to true appreciation as we realized how Gen Con attendees took our mission to heart: a safe and permanent home for our children. Many children’s lives will be forever changed by Gen Con’s generosity.”

“Gen Con 50 proved to be one of the most remarkable and enjoyable events of our year, but that’s no surprise,” said Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. “The real surprise this year was that even though the show keeps adding more and more attendees, it never felt ‘too’ busy or crowded thanks to expansion into Lucas Oil Stadium and other venues throughout downtown. Here’s to 50 more years of Gen Con. Heck, let’s make it 100!”

Gen Con will return to Indianapolis August 2-5, 2018.

About Gen Con

Gen Con LLC produces the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure game convention in North America, Gen Con, The Best Four Days in Gaming!™. Acquired in 2002 by former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast, Peter Adkison, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Celebrating 50 years in 2017, Gen Con 50 was sponsored by Mayfair Games, Paizo, Inc., and Rio Grande Games.

Last year we reported on a unique event that happened in Nigeria, a board game convention, the first of it’s kind in the country of Nigeria, maybe even the whole of Africa.  While board gaming is well known here in the states and in Europe, in places like Nigeria they are playing with less than a dozen games and think that is the whole of the board gaming hobby.  So Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, creative director of Nibcard Games, put on a board gaming convention called ABcon.  It’s goal was to show everyone the wide world of games and to promote game design to people in his home country and continent.  The convention was a great success as they are now seeking funding on IndieGoGo to be able to put on the convention for a second year.  In the description of the campaign he talks about how he is setting up funding locally to be able to continue the convention well into the future, but this year remains a test year for that funding.

So I highly suggest you check out his IndieGoGo campaign and contribute, you can even get tables, game booths, or even game competitions named after you depending on how much you contribute.

Gen Con has announced that they have sold out of 4 day badges for Gen Con 50 slated to occur from August 17-20 at the Indiana Convention Center.  This is the first time that 4 day badges have sold out for Gen Con.  Trade day badges which are a specialty type of badge have routinely sold out the past few years.  Along with this sellout Gen Con has forewarned that they will likely sell out of single day badges as well.  This year also marks the first time that badges will not be available for purchase at all onsite.

Over the past few years Gen Con has seen immense growth.  Though attendance did remain fairly flat last year.  With the 50th anniversary celebration, record numbers of exhibitors, and a further increase in space utilization at Lucas Oil Stadium it appears that this will be the largest iteration of the convention yet.

The convention has stated that for those in the Indianapolis community the $45 dollar Family Fun Day wrist bands which will get a family 4 into the show on Sunday August 20 might be their best option at this point.

At the time of printing it appears that single day badges are sold out on Sunday already. This is indicative that they are not joking about single day badges selling out.

For Gen Con’s press release visit here.

GrandCon is in it’s 5th year and will be coming to Grand Rapids, MI in September.  They will be continuing their tradition of lots of gaming space, excellent guests and a whole slew of vendors for you to shop at.  Some of the notable guests at the convention are The Dice Tower’s own Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia, illustrators Beth Sorbel and Corinna Roberts, game designers Richard Launius and Isaac Childres, and many more.  The vendor list so far is also nothing to sneeze at with names like Broken Token, Renegade Games, and Smirk and Dagger, plus others both big and small.  So if you are in the Michigan area, or any area really, and want to attend, then head on over to their website to register.  And as a bonus, people who register before June 30th are also entered into a drawing to win a bag of goodies which includes:

  • A Dungeon Roll Bundle by Tasty Minstrel Games
  • A Copy of Steam Works by Tasty Minstrel Games
  • An Elderwood Academy wooden dice tray carrier by Elderwood Academy
  • A Vault of Midnight $25 Gift Card
  • An Autographed Copy of Star Wars Rogue One by Matt Forbeck
  • A GrandCon 2017 T-Shirt

SO what are you waiting for?  Register today!

Yes! More board game conventions please! Penny Arcade just announced PAX Unplugged in front of tens of thousands of PAX South attendees. PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of extremely popular gaming conventions that primarily focus on video games, and now they are excited to branch out into the tabletop gaming world. Together with ReedPop, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, PAX Unplugged will be the sixth addition to the international line-up of PAX events and will debut at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, November 17 – 19, 2017.

“PAX Unplugged will take all the elements that have drawn millions of gamers to PAX – the chance to play and see the reveal of highly-anticipated upcoming games, attend game-inspired music concerts, participate in tournaments and watch panels with industry leaders – but with a renewed focus on fostering the best event for the burgeoning tabletop gaming community.

PAX Unplugged will be a destination for attendees to share their common passions and socialize over board, card and other tabletop games, which have experienced a renaissance in recent years. Penny Arcade and ReedPOP are happy to embrace the thriving tabletop scene and provide those around it with a welcoming atmosphere to take this resurgence to even greater heights.”

Badges for PAX Unplugged will go on sale this Spring.