Blood Bowl

Renegade Games Studios have announced a board game to support Geek & Sundry‘s International Table Top Day 2018 (Saturday, April 28th, 2018) which will only be available on that day. The card game, Wonderland, is designed by Daniel Solis (known for Kodama: The Tree Spirits) with art by Anita Osburn and Beth Sobel. Wonderland is a 2-player card game in which one player is Alice and the other is the Red Queen. Players place cards to control areas of Wonderland, modified by adjacent magical item placements, then score based on the final arrangement of the cards. It’s a perfect travel game which will also come with its own game bag.


Football is as American as apple pie, and despite it’s recent ratings hits, still is one of the most popular sports in the country, so naturally you have games like Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl.  But this Kickstarter isn’t for the game, it’s for two different teams that you can play with the game, the Savage Orcs of the Toa Tribe and the Magma Tribe.  Each box you can back for comes with all the figures you need in order to field a team including blockers, blitzers, line orcs, throwers, and one big guy.  However one thing that the Magma Tribe has over to Toa is the addition of a star player wielding a very familiar weapon.  There are also lots of stretch goals lined up to get things like balls, team markers, additional figures, and even *shudder* an orc cheerleader.  So the better the minis fund, the farther your money will go.

As for the minis themselves, they are all unassembled and unpainted miniatures in the 28mm range, with the big guys standing closer to 40mm.  Assembly is easy and the detail that shows through on the painted minis is very good as well.  So if you are looking for some orc football teams in the $85 range, then check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Iain Lovecraft has started a Kickstarter campaign for lovers of Blood Bowl and other sport-fantasy miniatures games. His Fantasy Football Pro Stadium pieces create a modular, gorgeous stadium, unofficially compatible with old and new Blood Bowl games.

The pieces are freely interchangeable, linking together with their M8 (mate) system, allowing players to create custom stadiums with one theme on the home side, and another on the visitors aside.

Additionally, amazing custom dice towers integrate into the stadium, using a funnel system to quickly yet randomly throw dice, and seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of the fantasy sports stadium. The pictures of the painted stadiums need to be seen to be believed.

Fantasy Football Pro Stadium will be on Kickstarter through October 1, and is expected to deliver March 2018.


We previously reported that a new edition of the Blood Bowl game is on it’s way, and while a date for release is still forthcoming, the hype train is picking up speed.  The first stop for that train is the launch of a new website devoted to Blood Bowl, and it’s simply  The site contains the typical teaser trailers and social media links, but it also contains downloads for team rosters, drill cards, as well as a video to teach the basics of the game.  You can check out the new website now, and continue to wait patiently for that new edition to be released.

blood bowl mini

The fan-favorite fantasy football game is due for a new edition and modern polish, and Games Workshop is cooking one up as we speak. Blood Bowl, the Warhammer-infused tactics game of brutal sportsmanship had it’s 4th edition teased during the Warhammer Fest 2016 event in UK this past weekend. A lot of materials, including the cover art, are quoted to not be final, but the details thus far are solid and the sculpts were impressive regardless and prominently on display. The details, as described by Rictus of Recalcitrant Daze (a stoic reporter of all things Games Workshop), are as follows:

The release is hoped to be end of the year. Box set contains the first two teams, Orcs and Human in plastic. The pitch is double sided with a Human pitch on one side and an Orc pitch on the other. The rules have not been changed, they are the rules which has been around for a while now. In total there will be six teams in plastic (Human, Orc, Skaven, Elf, Nurgle and Dwarf).

The materials are still subject to the design process, as the availability of resin models will not be immediate. Niceties such as resin models or a different material for the pitches are being considered, but it all boils down to projected costs. Despite the lack of a confirmed release date and box details, the picture is still pretty clear – a new Blood Bowl is coming and it’s going to look good.