Ultra PRO has announced the upcoming release of Stone Blade Entertainment’s popular card game Ascension, entitled Ascension: Gift of Elements.  The following is a quote from their Facebook Page:

We have great news for you, at the show we will have an advanced copy of Ascension: Gift of Elements slated to be released early next year. Come check out the future set of Ascension before it’s released and as ask the games designer, Justin Gary, questions about how he came up with the ideas for the newest addition to the Ascension family.

More information can be found on the game’s BGG page.

 “Gaming conventions are a great way to find awesome new games, connect with other gamers, and even get feedback on your own designs. Good things happen when gamers gather together!”

The fine folks at who elegantly wrote that quote above reached out to us to share their interactive and rapidly-updating map of all board gaming related conventions for 2017. Word spreads pretty quick about titanic occasions such as Essen’s Spiel, Gen Con, Origins, and BGG Con, but there are so many more smaller venues near you that can be worthwhile too! This map is publicly updated, which gives new and still-growing conventions better ability to reach out and garner the interest they need. If you know of a con which may not be featured, or if you’re just curious and interested in visiting other venues, check out the map to share with this awesome community.


Arcane Wonders has just announced they will be publishing the game Spoils of War, a design of Bryan Pope and Jason Medina about bluffing your way to the biggest pile of loot.  The game will play like a variation of Liar’s Dice where all players will roll a set of dice, and then start placing bets.  With each winning hand you will grow your stash of loot, and once everything has been divided up, whoever has the most will be the winner.

Attendees of BGG.CON will have a leg up on the rest of us for this game as it was debuted at the convention, the rest of us will have to wait for it’s release in April of 2017.  For more information you can read the full press release below.

SPOILS OF WAR coming in April!


Sachse, TX (Nov. 15th, 2016) – Arcane Wonders® is proud to announce Spoils of War designed by Bryan Pope and Jason Medina. An exciting dice game of bidding, bluffing, and betting, Spoils of War provides non-stop gameplay that will test the wits of casual and strategic players alike!

The raid is over, and the victorious Vikings gather in the chieftain’s tent to divide the Spoils of War! Piled high on a massive oak table are the best treasures taken during the raid; gleaming gems, shiny swords, fine armor, and magical artifacts! Once strong allies, the Vikings are taken by greed, and soon a heated debate ensues –who will get what spoils? Fists pound the table, insults are made, and tempers rise! Let the Spoils of War begin!

Spoils of War is a fast-paced and exciting game of bidding and wagering for 3-5 players. Each round, players roll their dice, and then cleverly bluff and bet to outwit their fellow Vikings. The winners of each round get to claim fantastic treasures to add to their collection! With lots of twists and surprises, no one knows who will win until the last treasure is claimed and the spoils are counted!

“While designing and developing Spoils of War, the underlying goal was to make a game of high social interaction that we love to play.” says Arcane Wonders President and lead designer of Spoils of War, Bryan Pope. “We’ve been working on this game for a long time, and are confident that Spoils of War captures the fun and excitement our fans crave!”

Attendees of BGG Con this week will have the first public opportunity to play Spoils of War at Arcane Wonder’s booth and during several sneak-peek events have been scheduled. Look Spoils of War to hit shelves in April 2017. Gameplay is 60 minutes for 3-5 players ages 14+.


The Munchkin train keeps on rolling, and this time it’s stopped at another comic book store mainstay, the X-Men.  Munchkin X-Men will be coming in March of 2017 and will use the same tried and true Munchkin system and put it in the X-Men universe.  Now you can play the likes of “Professor X, Wolverine, and more super-charged mutants to take down the likes of Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and the almighty Magneto.”  Those of you who attended BGG.con would have had the opportunity to pick up a promotional bookmark for this this edition of the game, however, all of us will have to wait to play the game until it’s release in March of next year.


Rising game designer Grant Rodiek of Hyperbole Games has high praise for his latest BoardGameGeek.Con experience.

BGG Con was basically the director’s cut of Gen Con. …Tons of great publishers were there selling games. There was a huge library of games to play freely and tons of free space. The accommodations were right there and quite nice. Finally, and most importantly, all of the publishers that are normally so busy at Gen Con had plenty of time to talk to designers like me.

Beyond the published designs, he took in some projects-in-development such as Paradox from Brian Suhre, Fog of War by Geoff Englestein and Prime Time from Gil Hova.

Next, Grant offered up protypes of his own games and discusses the rewards and pitfalls of trying to get people to playtest at a convention.

The truth is, folks come to BGG to play finished games. Testing feels like work, and it is.

Grant ended up getting quality time with Dawn Sector (now picked up by Portal Games), Sol Rising and Hocus Poker. During playtesting of Hocus Poker, Grant made a game design breakthrough.

[a publisher helping in the test] made a suggestion that was so simple to implement and had an enormous impact on the game. This being, I tried a “basic” version without the asymmetric spells, just the three basic actions. Wouldn’t you know, the game is way easier to learn, is still incredibly fun, and can appeal to a broader audience as such. The publisher also noted the game was “a bit thinky,” which again wasn’t what he wanted, but was music to me and Josh’s ears.

Finally, Grant talks about all the amazing board game reviwer personalities he encountered…including a run-in with a tall, mysterious figure known around BGG.Con only as “Cardinal Cardinal”.

For an indepth look at the last BGG.Con from a designer’s perspective, check out Grant Rodiek’s thoughtful analysis.

bgg logo

As the 2014 BGG Con wraps up in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, the organizers have announced that next year there will be a 2nd BGG Con held over Memorial Day weekend – May 22-25, 2015.  This new event is being promoted as a family friendly version of BGG Con and will provide discounts for active-duty military and veterans.

While registration is not yet open, there is basic information available as well as link to reserve hotel rooms in the announcement on the BoardgameGeek website.

BGG Con was first held in 2005, attended by 250 people gathering to play games.  Over the last 9 years it has grown to over 2500 people and includes gaming, a Puzzle Hunt, a Game Show, Vendors, a Poker tournament, and more.

The new convention will actually be the 3rd major event held in 2014 for BoardgameGeek; they previously announced a cruise to celebrate 10 years of BGG Con.

Ignacy Trewiczek owner of Portal Games and the designer of many popular games has released his latest Vlog post where he taiks about his recent trips and some of the great games he was able to pick up while at Essen.  In addition he shows off some very nifty components that one of his fans from BGG sent to him.

In addition to those things he also talks about the fact that Portal is intending to release an expansion to one of this years biggest games “Imperial Settlers” called “Why Can’t We Be Friends”  including 55 cards with cards for all 4 factions and it also allows for a solo variant as well.  He indicates that the game should be available in December in Europe and likely January for US release.  He also notes that he will have some copies of the game available at BGG.CON.