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After 42 hours of nonstop board gaming through 63 different games, Mensa has announced their Mensa Select winners for 2016.  They are:

These are the second wins for Renegade Game Studios and Breaking Games who both secured wins last year with Lanterns and Letter Tycoon respectively.  The win by Bezier is it’s third with previous wins being for Castles of Mad King Ludwig in 2015 and Suburbia in 2013.  As for Columbia Games and Blue Orange games, these are their first wins for the Mensa Select award so hopefully this means good things for their futures.  You can see the article about the winners here, and visit the Mensa Mind Games site to see all the previous year’s winners.

Colony, a new city building game from Ted Alspach, Toryo Hojo, and Yoshisa Nakatsu and Bezier Games, Inc., is available for pre-order and will be coming to Essen 2016! Check out this description from the press release:

In Colony, each player constructs and upgrades buildings, while managing resources to grow their fledgling colony. In a clever twist, dice are used as resources, with each side/number representing a different resource. Some resources are stable, allowing them to be stored between turns, while others must be used right away. Buildings provide new capabilities, such as increased production, resource manipulation, and additional victory points. Using dice-as-resources facilitates a dynamic, ever-changing resources management mini-game while players work to earn victory points by adding building to their tableau on their way to victory.

Each game of Colony is different depending on a limited array of buildings and modular options such as trading or attacking. Markets and dice-as-resources are not terribly new mechanics, but Bezier Games is no stranger to terrific city-building games, such as Suburbia, and I’m sure this newest game will be a big hit at Essen this year.

Those who have played Terra and Fauna will recognize this game as another in the line, this time with a specific focus on things in America.  In America you have three different types of answers for each question card, there are questions that have a number answer, ones with a year answer, and ones with a state answer.  As before you will have cubes to make guesses as to what you think the answer is and you get points for being right and fewer points for being close, and now also options for points on no one getting it right or getting even close.  But be careful with your choices because you only have a set number of cubes, and cubes on wrong answers get temporarily taken out of the game.  At the end the person with the most points wins and claims the title of America Know-It-All!  Well, maybe they don’t get that title, but they do win.  Below is a list from Ted Alspach on changes between America and Terra/Fauna and look forward to it’s release at GenCon in August of 2016.


This is an evolution of the Fauna/Terra system, designed to make it more accessible and fun than its more serious lineage. If you’re familiar with Terra, here are some of the key differences in gameplay:

1) Only two “bars” instead of three. The Length/distance bar has been removed.
2) Bars have been changed to be inclusive of the number on the square (for instance, placing on the “100” square is the only correct square for answers ranging from 100 to 149.9999).
3) No ocean/non-USA locations
4) Each “region” is exactly one US state.
5) New “No Exact” and “No Exact or Adjacent” squares for the two bars and the “states” section: Players get 3 points if there are no cubes on the correct answer (“No Exact”) and/or 7 points if there are no cubes on the correct or adjacent answers (“No Exact or Adjacent”).
Here is an example of one of the America cards:
Key changes:
1) The three categories on the card correspond to the year/state/number bar/region/bar on the board on EVERY card.
2) There are 5 major categories of cards: Entertainment/History/Food/Products/Sports, indicated by the color of the ribbon on the top of the card.
3) The “start player” chooses the card on either end of the box (*all* cards from the game are in the box), but is the last in turn order to place a cube.
4) Factoids are present for all three questions
5) The topic and picture are for all three questions; the state isn’t tied as closely to the topic as it was in Terra.
6) There’s a shaded version of the USA behind the state question that indicates if it is east or west of the Mississippi River.
7) All year, state, and number answers are singular. There are no ranges so there is always ONE correct answer.
A few other minor changes:
1) Players receive 6 cubes instead of 5.
2) Players always play six cards, regardless of player count.
3) The “back” of the board has states without labels, for a bit of an extra challenge.
4) Cubes that the player has at the end of the game are worth 1 point each (this helps to prevent ties, and discourages players playing all of their cubes on the last turn).

We previous announced the release of One Night Ultimate Vampire, from Bezier Games. Well, the Kickstarter campaign is live and has surpassed it’s funding goal and is well into unlocking many stretch goals.

Bezier Games aims to continue expanding their One Night line with their next game One Night Ultimate Vampire.  It plays much the same as previous one night games but with vampires being the main evil instead of werewolves.  The main difference in gameplay comes with the fact vampires can convert a person to their team and the addition of marks, which add additional rules to the win or lose condition for some players.  Some of the marks are diseases that make the people who voted for the diseased players lose even if their team wins, clarity which removes all other marks, assassination which makes it so that for the assassin to win, that mark must be the one that is killed, and the mark of the traitor which means you win only if someone on your team dies.  But the most interesting thing of all is the ability for this to be combined with the previous one night games to create a brand new three team game with vampires, werewolves, and those tasty villagers.

one night ultimate vampire roles

Head on over to the kickstarter page to pledge, you will also have the ability to catch up on all the previous one night games as well.

one night ultimate vampire

Vampires decend at night to prey upon the villagers and give the mark of the vampire, while the villagers try to protect themselves and Identify and kill the vampire in ‘One Night Ultimate Vampire’ by Ted Alspach and Akihisa Okui from Bezier games.

One Night Ultimate Vampire is a stand alone game has many similar mechanics as ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’, or ‘Daybreak’, and will even use the same free phone app. Everyone recieves a secret role card that thas a secret ability. The game plays in 2 phases; a night phase where the vampires and some villagers will wake up and perform their actions, and a day phase where everyone will discuss what they think happened during the night to try to identify and kill a vampire, and all in about 10 minutes.

ultimate vampire stuff

For those familiar with ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’, the biggest change is the addition of marks.

“At the beginning of each game each player receives a Mark of Clarity, which is placed face down near your role card. During the game, many of the roles have the ability to exchange your Mark for another one: The Vampires give a player the Mark of the Vampire, adding them to the Vampire team but leaving their original ability intact. The Assassin gives a player the Mark of the Assassin, which identifies their target. The Diseased gives one of the players adjacent to her a Mark of Disease, which will cause anyone voting for that player to lose.”

There are new and interesting roles, such as the cupid, who makes people fall in love. I’m not sure what that means in terms of game mechanics, but I’m intrigued.

You can also swap, add, or change roles between ‘One Night Ultimate Vampire’, ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’ and ‘Daybreak’, or combine them all together and pit the villagers against both vampires AND werewolves.

The kickstarter campaign will be starting Monday August 3rd, and I for one will be backing it. For those who do not wish to back it, it should be available in stores in January 2016.

Bezier Games has announced a reimplementation of Friedemann Friese’s SDJ nominated Fauna called “Terra”.  This party game is much like Wits and Wagers in that its not about what you know but rather how close you can come or how well you can read your opponents ability to get close.

Originally published in German by Huch and Friends this has been available in Europe since Essen 2014.  Overall this has received rather positive attention and among users on board game geek there has been quite the clamor for this english version.  with the English Version Bezier Games has made a good effort to ensure that including both metric and imperial measurements.  This game plays in 45 minutes and accommodates 2-6 players.

Stay tuned for more coverage.

Mensa Mind Games each year evaluates dozens of games to determine which should earn the honor of being a Mensa Select game, and they have finished evaluating this year’s batch and announced the winners.  The five games that earned this distinction are:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Bezier Games, Inc

Dragonwood – Gamewright

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games

Letter Tycoon – Ad Magic/Breaking Games

Trekking the National Parks – Bink Ink, LLC

That is a second win by Bezier Games after winning in 2013 with Suburbia and Gamewright adds another to it’s list of winners with this year being their eighth win.  The announcement as well as a link to previous winners can be read HERE.

suburbia shrink wrap

Matt Casey from the board game blog has a new article about one major virtue of the game expansions published by Bezier Games, namely: the packaging. Unlike most publishers, Bezier packages their expansions in shrink-wrap, entirely avoiding the age-old board game conundrum of what to do with all those extra expansion boxes. According to Casey:

“This approach is painfully simple but bizarrely revolutionary. We board gamers fetishize game boxes. And the industry indulges us. Games that amount to little more than a stack of cards come packaged in long, flat boxes. Expansions that add just a handful of elements to a game come in boxes the size of the game itself.

This sometimes causes strange and comical scenes.

One person at a recent board game gathering I attended brought his entire Dominion collection in their original boxes. The stack stretched all the way from the floor to the bottom of the table.”

Check out the full article here.

one night resistance box

Indie Boards and Cards (the makers of The Resistance and Flash Point: Fire Rescue) and Bezier Games (the makers of One Night Ultimate Werewolf) are partnering to create One Night Resistance. One Night Resistance is exactly what it sounds like – a mixture between One Night Ultimate Werewolf and The Resistance. From the Kickstarter:

One Night Resistance is a super fast game of secret identities for 3 to 10 players that combines all the deductive and chaotically fun elements of the One Night Ultimate Werewolf series with structured game play of The Resistance.  The result is a very addictive game that is easy to learn and will be played over and over again.

If you haven’t played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, it is a quick hidden role game. There are two sides – town and werewolves. During a ‘night’ phase, people take turns doing special actions (following a scripted app), and then during the day they try to figure out who the werewolves are. Then everyone votes to kill someone – if the majority vote for a werewolf, then the town wins, otherwise the werewolves win. One Night Resistance plays similarly, but set in the world of the Resistance, a futuristic world where the Resistance is trying to take down the Empire, but there are spies in their midst. In One Night Resistance, everyone gets an ID and a specialist role and people take turns doing their actions in a clockwise order (no app). The roles appear to be independent of allegiance, so having a specific power doesn’t necessarily make you a spy.

Backing the Kickstarter will get you some promos – 3 additional specialists: the Defector, the Rogue, and the Blind Spy. Also, if you back the Kickstarter, you can buy some of Indie Boards and Cards’ older titles as add-ons.

The Kickstarter is scheduled to deliver in September of 2015. If you’re a fan of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, The Resistance, or other hidden role games, check out the page here.