Atlas Games

Godsforge is a fast-paced, card-and-dice, battle game published by Atlas Games. Players are spellcasters who battle to control the dwindling Etherium, a primal resource, which can now only be found at a single location dubbed the Godsforge. Dice combinations are used to solve mini puzzles and earn materials used to build an army of ancient monsters and cast spells to defeat enemies. The game lasts around 30 mins and caters for 2-4 players, aged 14+

Godsforge features simultaneous play where players attack the player to the left and defend against attacks from the player on the right. Each turn, all players simultaneously rolls 4 dice up to 3 times, Yahtzee style. Then each player selects one of the 4 cards in their hand to play facedown. Players reveal those cards, in turn order, paying the cost to activate them using specific numbers on the rolled dice, or the sum of rolled dice, or veilstones (obtained by rolling a 6), or a combination of those options. Cards are one-shot effect spells and creatures which can attack, defend, or be sacrificed for special abilities. Once all cards are resolved, damage is assessed between players and any unwanted cards are discarded and new ones are drawn to refill a player’s hand to 4 cards. Eliminated spellslingers damage all players each round to speed up the endgame.

The game is designed by Brendan Stern with art by Diego L. Rodriguez. Godsforge is expected to release early in 2019. For more information, see the Twitter announcement made by Atlas Games when they demoed the game at the PAX Unplugged conference.

Atlas Games is set to release Cogs and Commissars from designer Matt Haga to your FLGS this November. Originally a Kickstarter Project from January 2018, Cogs and Commissars is a casual take-that style card drafting game, with the varied feel of a deck builder. 2-6 players each take on the role of one of the Glorious Communist Robot Leaders before the Robot Revolution, each with a unique ability, then either draft a deck of cards, or use a preset deck designed for that leader. The goal is to increase the size of your citizen army by gaining or stealing Proletariat (1 point each), Bourgeois (2 points) or Commissars (3 points) – thank you spell checker. Once a player has reached 15 points they can play their revolution card, winning the game. But be careful, powerful blitz cards can be played by anyone out of turn to interrupt actions, or send precious units to the Gulag. Each leader’s deck plays slightly different, and with 6 leaders to choose from, there is a high degree of replayability. The game comes with 192 cards, 84 cardboard tokens for citizens, and a deluxe version is available. For more details about Cogs and Commissars, and instructions on how to get promo cards at release, check out Atlas Games’ website here.

Gameplaywright and Atlas Games have started a Kickstarter Campaign for The White Box, a game design workshop in a box. The White Box comes with everything you need to design the next great board game – dice, cubes, meeples, discs, and punchboards. Also included are an essential set of essays on game design from veteran Jeremy Holcomb (The Duke), and a gift certificate to The Game Crafter.

The Kickstarter Campaign for The White Box will continue through May 17, and is expected to deliver in October 2017.

Atlas Games has released a 7 minute video teaching people how to play their new game Hounded. Hounded is a two player tile game, in which one player plays a fox and the other plays a hunting party with a group of varied hounds, each with its own special ability.

The video is on YouTube

or can be downloaded from Atlas Games here.


Coming in January is a new addition to the Gloom line, and that is Gloom in Space.  In Gloom you are making horrible things happen to your family, and then killing them when they just can’t take anymore.  Now the misery flies into space with this newest edition, where you can interact with monoliths, have to deal with tribbles, or fight your father.  Then after you have lived through the most horrific sci-fi tropes you can, you can then be nuked from space to end your miserable life.

Look for this box of pain on store shelves in January of 2017.


Once Upon a Time is a story telling game where you are trying to play out your cards, with each card having different story elements on them, building up to an ending card.  Often the stories can get convoluted and strange, making for interesting listening, which is why it was featured on a Tabletop episode.  So of course you would want more cards to the game, and so Atlas Games is continuing the expansions with their latest, Fairy Tales.  This set will add 55 new cards with new story cards and ending cards like fairy dust, an elf, and Never Grows Old to help spice up your set of cards.  Look for this new set to hit stores later this month.


Atlas Games will be releasing a new two-player asymmetric game next month that brings fox hunting into the board game realm, Hounded.  In the game a player will either be the cunning fox, trying to elude capture, or the determined hunter, trying to hunt down the fox.  In the game each player will be moving their pawns and turning over tiles as they do, sometimes triggering effects and sometimes not.  Now while the fox character is alone, the hunter has a team of hounds to help him hunt the fox.  All the hunter has to do to win is either corner the fox with his dogs, or force the fox to end his turn next to the hunter himself.  For the fox to win he has to essentially run out the clock, this is done by either finding the three time piece tiles, or flipping over 43 out of the 49 tiles.  Once time runs out the hunter has to retire for the day and the fox escapes!

Art for the game has an origami feel to it with lots of sharp edges and points, an art style which is also shown on the tiles as well.  The game itself seems very portable and will come in a tin that I imagine will be around Roll for It Deluxe size.   Look for this on store shelves next month.

Fast & Fhtagn, a furious card game of racing in a Lovecraft-inspired world for 3-6 players, is coming out this April. Atlas Games is promoting the game to any willing FLGS (Friendly Local Game Stores) with exclusive promos (via this submission flier). Custom promos are awesome! Check out it’s description from their product page:

Fast & Fhtagn is a component rich card game where players jockey for position on crowded, dangerous city streets. As the pack hurtles through an ever-changing urban landscape, racers must squeeze out their adversaries, accumulate style points, and keep their vehicles running smoothly even as dangers rain down and other drivers plot inhuman violence against them.

From what details I can find, Fast & Fhtagn seems to be a spiritual successor to another Atlas published game – Cthulhu 500, and is presumed to be a remake with better components and rules. In being forward, I think the name is great! I hope the game series takes off, just so we might see 7 sequels. 2 Fast, 2 Fhtagn, anyone? Check it out this April!