Assault of the Giants

Wizkids is upping their board game catalog with a new release each month starting in the month of February.  In February they will be releasing their big name title, Dungeons & Dragons: Assault of the Giants, in both a standard unpainted version and premium painted version.  In this game you will take control of a giant and attempt to seize control of all giantkind by attacking settlements to score points and secure important resources, like food, treasure, ore, and runes.  The game will also have some giant sized minis to go with it, with the tallest one’s standing 5″ tall, so expect this game to have some serious table presence.  Look for this game on store shelves in February.

Next up is a small, cooperative card game called The Banishing, where you are a group of wizards trying to seal away the undead horde before it’s too late.  On your turn you will be taking cards into you hand in an effort to complete different melds to cast, putting you a step closer to finishing the ritual of banishment.  If you can seal them away before they manage to take you out, you win, so watch each other’s backs and press forward to victory.  Look for this on store shelves in March.

After that is an area control game called Tower of London, where you are using your beefeaters (guards) to get majorities in different areas of the tower to score points and collect ravens.  Play is simple with you only playing two cards on your turn, first to determine what location you are sending your guard to, and the second to trigger an ability based on his perspective.  At the end of each round you will score different areas of the tower, and if you have the most points at the end of three rounds you will be the winner.  That is, unless someone collects seven ravens, in that case the game would end immediately and they would win.  Look for this game to be released in April.

Last is a new trick taking card game called Tournament at Camelot, where you are knights competing in a tournament to be the best.  Each round you will play a trick and at the damage will be doled out based on the cards that were played, and if someone is eliminated then the game ends.  But don’t despair if you are in last, there are godsend cards and companion cards that can help you turn things around.  Whoever has the most health when someone is finally eliminated is the winner.  This will be on store shelves in May.

Wizkids just dropped two new announcements to coincide with the announcement of the next adventure book for DnD, Storm King’s Thunder.  First is that they will continue to expand the Miniatures for Icons line of pre-painted minis to include the iconic characters from the new adventure.  They will be randomly sorted so what you will get in each pack will be random, look for them on store shelves in September of 2016.

Next is a new premium DnD board game called Assault of the Giants.  In this game you will take control of a type of giant and attempt to seize control of all giantkind.  In the game you will attack settlements to score points and secure important resources, like food, treasure, ore, and runes.  The minis in the game will be giant sized standing upwards of 5″ tall, and the price unfortunately will match.  Look for this game in the Spring of 2017 and you can read more about both announcements on WizKids’ website.