Battle Hardened Games has restarted their first Kickstarter project, 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game.

Designed by Jason Huffman, 1750: Britain vs. France is a 2-player card game for ages 14 and up and plays in about 45 minutes. It is a mid-level, strategy wargame where one player represents Britain and the other represents France.  Each player engages in a battle of dice and card-play to capture enemy forces, persuade foreign powers to be allies, and gain control of the most colonies around the world.

As you build your empire of conquered world colonies, you will need to use your political skills to convince other powers to help you attack and defend your conquests with a roll of the dice.  To skew the outcome in your favor, use historic event cards to affect the tide of battle.  Shrewdly choose which colonies to conquer and which generals to recruit to lead your forces in this medium-weight wargame with surprising depth.


Have you ever fancied yourself a world leader hellbent on world domination?  Do you enjoy the idea of colonizing free world?  Or maybe you’re just a history or art buff that loves a great-looking game?  In any of these cases, you should definitely give a look to 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game!

To learn more or pledge today for as low as $29, <click here>.

pieros artbook

Pierô is a name you will sometimes hear when talking about board games, I know I have heard it being mentioned on The Dice Tower videos, mainly because he is an excellent illustrator for many well known board games.  Like the creepy ghost illustrations of Ghost Stories? Pierô. Fancy the comical style of art from Terror in Meeple City? Pierô as well.  In fact he has several dozen board games and expansions under his belt over his 10 year career, and so to celebrate this milestone, ilinx Editions is publishing an art book showcasing his talent from those 10 years of illustrating.  The book will be between 80 and 120 pages and will feature full size illustrations from his best covers, never-before-seen drawings, research sketches and even dropped projects.

So if you are interested in his art and want to see more, head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out.  Oh, and don’t worry when you first go to the page, keep scrolling to get to the english translation.

Asmodee would like to proudly announce Final Touch, a card-based game of forged masterpieces and artistic sabotage.  

In Final Touch, two to four aspiring artists race to be the first to earn $25 by putting the final touch of paint on a forged painting. While you and your opponents may not be the next Picasso, you are all eager to make your mark on the art world, even as clever forgers. Watch your back though, because it’s about to get messy!

Each turn of the game presents players with a choice: either Improve the painting (represented by a face up Masterpiece card) or Smear it.  When Improving a painting, players will play Touch of Color cards to match the colors on the Masterpiece card.  When Smearing a painting, players choose a Touch of Color card, place it next to the active Masterpiece card that does not depict that color–essentially mismatching colors with the painting.  

Players work to complete the Masterpieces and earn money from the works without being the last to Smear the painting.  The first player to earn $25 is the winner.

Final Touch plays with 2 or 3 players, or a team of 4 and plays in about 30 minutes.  For more information, see the product page on the Asmodee web site.

coup brazilian art

Indie Boards & Cards (Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, The Resistance, Coup) announces a project to fund a special edition of Coup, the internationally acclaimed game of bluff and deception, with beautiful Brazilian art.  Coup has been published in many languages around the world, and many of these international versions feature unique art, inspired by a diverse set of local artistic culture.

Artist Weberson Santiago and publisher Funbox are collaborating with Indie Boards & Cards to release an English language edition of Coup featuring the beautifully unique artwork from the Brazilian version of the game.  This will be a limited release and will include the Allegiance and Inquisitor mechanics from the Reformation expansion in a single box called the Coup Deluxe Edition – Brazil Art. 

The publisher is currently running a very brief, 15-day Kickstarter project for this new version of the game.  For more information and to support this project, visit its Kickstarter page.

starving artists

There’s no question: the life of a paint-by-cube artist is hard. What little money you do earn is invested right back into paint and canvases. Without that paint and those canvases, you won’t be able to follow your dream of becoming a famous artist. Being a starving artist is a constant struggle.

Fairway 3 Games would like to announce their Kickstarter project, Starving Artists, an award-winning board game in which players are paint-by-cube artists trying to become famous before they run out of food.  The game is a contest winner on The Game Crafter, and features some of the world’s most beautiful works of art.

starving artists cont

Gameplay involves blind-drafting and resource-management, in which players complete masterpieces using transparent cubes while attempting to feed themselves and stay alive, and hopefully becoming famous artists.

The following is an excerpt from the Kickstarter gameplay summary:

Starving Artists is played over a series of turns. Each turn represents a new day. On each day, you must choose between: buying new canvases, painting the canvases you already own, or working in order to get more paint. If at the end of the day, you’ve completed a masterpiece, you can sell it to earn more paint and food. If you don’t spend your days efficiently, you won’t be able to feed yourself, and you’ll have to give up on your dreams. 

The game is for 1-4 players ages 12 and up and requires approximately 20 minutes per player to play.  For more information and to support this Kickstarter, visit the Kickstarter page here.

junk art banner

Where some see junk, others see art! In Junk Art, let your creativity take over as everything you touch turns into magnificent structures and extraordinary creations! But you’re not the only talented artist in town and you must prove yourself by taking the road, showing your skills and making new fans!

F2Z Entertainment (Filosofia, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games) officially announces the upcoming release of Junk Art, “a dexterity game that’ll put your creativity up against the laws of physics by having you build unique structures around the world.”  Junk Art is the second game to be released under the Pretzel Games label.

junk art

Junk Art is set for a Gen Con 2016 release in August.  For more information on this new release, visit the product page, or you can watch a teaser trailer!

captain america

Upper Deck has announced its latest expansion for the Marvel Legendary card game series, Captain America 75th.  In this small box expansion, players will be able to recreate 75 years of Captain America history with 5 new Heroes, 2 new villain groups, 2 new Masterminds, and multiple new schemes to expand the game.  The game will feature five new characters, all taking up the mantle of Captain America with the same level of strategy, depth, fun, and replayability fans have come to rely on in Marvel Legendary.  Each expansion set will include 100 playable cards, featuring all original art, including 4 pieces of unique art per hero.

The Marvel Captain America 75th Legendary Small Box Expansion has a scheduled release date of February 2016.  For more information on this new release, visit the publisher’s website HERE.


The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is a two player asymmetrical game in which one player is trapped in a coma, her memories being devoured by ravens, and the other can share her dreams.  Both players must work cooperatively to free her from the coma.  Originally published in Japanese, Osprey Games will be publishing an English language edition.  The new version will feature the same beautiful art work of the original printed on over-sized cards in an embossed slipcase.  The development team at Osprey has also added three mystery envelopes that may be opened when a game is completed but only if certain qualifications are met.

Being a connoisseur of two-player games, this has been on my radar for a long time and I’m very excited to finally be able to acquire a copy!  The game’s developer, Duncan Molloy, had this to say:

What makes this game special is the fusion of a truly heart-rending story and extremely elegant and nuanced game mechanics. It is a game is like no other I’ve ever played, combining hidden information with a deteriorating deck, as the Ravens destroy memory cards between rounds. Only one player has access to the deck of memories, while only the other player knows which cards they need.

Osprey has an expected release window of May 2016.