area conrol

Queen Games has three new games coming to market this November.

First up, set in the Luxor universe is a new Rüdiger Dorn game titled Expedition Luxor. In this area control and tile placement game,

Two to four players deploy their adventurers to claim the locations they discover. However, they must be careful, because the adventurer that is placed last will be the one that claims the discovery and earns vital points at the game‘s climax.

Next up, by designer Christophe Behre is the bidding game, Bastille.

The player who uses his influence most clever in the bastille, the catacombs and fulfilling his mission cards will win the game based around the French revolution.

While the first two game releases have strong historical settings, the tile laying game, Skylands, is pure fantasy where the world has already been destroyed and it’s up to the remaining inhabitants to unite the remaining flying islands.

The players control the fate of the inhabitants and create their own island world. The player who utilizes the four actions of the game to their best advantage and closely watches their fellow players will win the game.

Look for these exciting new games in November along with Kingdom Builder: Family Box and the Arthur expansion to Merlin.

The latest expansion for the wildly popular Carcassonne adds bridges, castles and bazaars, providing players with creative solutions to earn more points.

Many players know the frustration of broken roadways and roads to nowhere. Carcassonne Expansion 8: Bridges, Castles & Bazaars, provides players wooden bridge tokens to connect broken roadways and around obstacles.

The new castle tile enables player to turn even the smallest city into valuable real estate.  Cities with a castle score additional points from completed neighboring features.

Lastly, the new bazaar tile triggers an auction for choice tiles that players may bid their current points to try and claim the most advantageous tile for themselves.

Carcassonne Expansion 8: Bridges, Castles & Bazaars contains 12 Land Tiles, 12 Castle Tiles, and 12 Wooden Bridges and is available for pre-order now.

Arcane Wonders has partnered with MESAboardgames to release an English language version of VIRAL.  Designed by António Sousa Lara and Gil d’Orey, VIRAL is a 2-5 player area-control game where players compete to infect and control organs in a human body.  As Bryan Pope, President of Arcane Wonders said:

“When Tom brought us VIRAL to play, we fell in love with it immediately! It has a fresh, original and clever theme; a territorial control game set inside the human body! The game play is simple and streamlined, yet it has lots of great tactical decisions and difficult choices. The game has a lot of flavor and personality, with great player interaction. My favorite part is the mutation cards; They allow you to mutate your viruses, changing how they behave, and develop your strategy.”
Each player is a deadly virus.  The object is to mutate and take over the host’s organs.  Other player’s viruses are sure to get in the way, and if too many viruses are present in an organ a Crisis occurs and the Immune System will wipe out your infection!
VIRAL will be released as one of the Dice Tower Essentials line of games joining Sherriff of Nottingham, Onitama, and several others.  These are games that noted reviewer Tom Vasel believes are essential for any gamer’s collection.
VIRAL will be first shown at Gen Con in 2017 at Arcane Wonders’ Booth.  It is planned for an August 2017 release.

loaded up

Few themes speak to the pick up and deliver mechanic as much as cross country truck driving does. Loaded Up & Truckin’ is now on Kickstarter and looks to satisfy your pick and deliver needs as well as area control and push your luck. Loaded Up is designed by new designer Joe Roush and published by Nothing Now Games (NNG). Additionally it is developed by Jeff Horger, who has a lot of industry experience as the designer of Manoeuvre, 20th Century Limited, Thunder Alley & the upcoming Fast & Furious: Full Throttle.

loaded up compo

Loaded Up & Truckin’ places you in the position of running a small start up trucking company with the goal of becoming one of the big guys.

All across America trucks rumble across the interstate carrying products from manufacturers to retailers. As a small start-up company with a truck, an office and a dream you are throwing your hat into the ring to challenge the big boys.

The freight has to be moved and there is stiff competition for who can get loads first and who can make the most profitable routes. But watch out, Smokey is on the prowl. So put the hammer down and let it all hang out. You have to get… Loaded Up & Truckin’

Amassing money is one way to score points but your deliveries will be compared to other players as well so truckin’ from city to city picking up and delivering packages along the way will help you win. The rule book is available for download as well so if the game interests you be sure to check it out.

Loaded Up & Truckin’ plays 2-6 in about 20 min. per player and is on Kickstarter now, so head on over and check it out.