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CMON is launching their smash hit Arcadia Quest into space! Set in the same universe as the Arcadia Quest series, Starcadia Quest is a stand-alone game that builds upon the gameplay from the original games. 2-4 players control Crews of Heroes that must defeat the foes of the Starcadian Alliance. The alien monsters react to the heroes’ actions, so there is no Game Master roll. Nevertheless, it is still a chaotic situation – players battle each other as well as against the alien enemies.

“Heroes come from all quadrants of the Galaxy, each bringing unique abilities (not to mention their charming personality!) to their Crews. But it’s not all fun and adventures in Space. Supreme Commander Thorne, a cold-hearted mastermind has assembled an army of some of the most nefarious creatures to do his bidding and the Alliance is the only thing standing in his way to bring “order” to the Galaxy.”

The introduction of a modular Monster Dashboard allows players to deploy a variety of different monsters, which makes each play session unique. In addition, many elements of the board are conveniently displayed on the Game Tiles, and all information needed to prepare a scenario comes in a single setup card, ensuring players are ready to roll in an instant!

Players attempt to defeat enemies and collect new gear while accomplishing quests across a variety of scenarios that span a branching campaign. These quests have to be completed in order, unfolding the story being played.

What’s in the box?

The Starcadia Quest core box comes with:

  • 30 Highly-Detailed Plastic Figures
  • 10 Game Tiles
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • 8 Counter Bases
  • 4 Crew Dashboards
  • 4 Crew Shuttles
  • 1 Monster Dashboard
  • 220 Tokens
  • 77 Cards
  • 1 Campaign Sheet Pad
  • 1 Rulebook

What about the expansion?

In addition to the Core Box, backers can also pledge for Arrrmada Expansion. This plug-and-play expansion box adds a completely new set of perils to the game – a gang of space cowboys pirates. Under the capable command of Captain Wet Willy,  these pirates have found their way to the Starcadian Alliance and have plans to board the station and loot it completely. Wait a minute! Then there will be nothing left for you!

Luckily, two new Heroes have followed this band of scoundrels and they are ready to join your crew.

In addition to the above-mentioned heroes, six new scenarios, new upgrade tokens and game tiles, the ARRRmada expansion adds the Pirate Corvette, a new dashboard to hold cards and miniatures of enemies. This dashboard also tracks and activates the Pirate Assault cards, a special deck that governs the Pirates’ dastardly actions against the space station.

ARRRmada comes with:

  • 12 Highly-Detailed Plastic Figures
  • 3 Game Tiles
  • 41 Cards
  • 22 Upgrade Tokens
  • 1 Pirate Corvette Dashboard
  • 1 Campaign Sheet Pad

The Kickstarter campaign is (of course) already fully funded and runs until September 12th. There are two pledge levels available. Stretch goals and Kickstarter Exclusive figures are offered to backers. Shipping is planned for August 2019.

Watch the Dice Tower preview of Starcadia Quest by Mark Steed.

CMON allowed the public to try out Arcadia Quest: Riders at the CMON convention recently and there’s been a lot of positive buzz about the game since then. Today the game was launched on Kickstarter, and the overall project will run for 5 days until Friday, May 25th, 2018. The 1st printing, made available when the project launched, was a limited supply and sold out within hours. Not to worry though! If you’ve missed out on the 1st printing, which is expected to deliver in July 2018, they’ve already added another pledge for the 2nd printing which is expected to deliver in November 2018.

Arcadia Quest: Riders is a campaign expansion for Arcadia Quest (or Arcadia Quest: Inferno) which adds Mounts to aid the Heroes in their quest. Players must defend the city of Arcadia against Malkhor, the Great Hunter, and his vicious Jacklols. The Mounts can carry Heroes across the map, pushing back their foes, and use their unique abilities to help their riders.

The base pledge of $65 include:

  • 8 Mounts (2 exclusive to Kickstarter)
  • 2 Heroes
  • 7 Enemies (Malkhor & 6 Jacklols)
  • 3 double sided game tiles
  • 44 upgrade cards
  • 15 Quest cards
  • 8 Monster cards
  • 4 Mount dashboards
  • Campaign book
  • Campaign sheet pad
  • 14 custom, Frost dice (exclusive to Kickstarter)

“Legend holds that Malkhor fell to earth on a chariot of blazing fire. The Eternal Hunter has stalked large prey in the Wilds since time immemorial, and now that the Mounts have found refuge in the city of Arcadia, he’s upped his game and encroaches the area. Whether he’s truly a fallen god or merely some visitor from a very distant land, Malkhor’s intentions are clear: Stalk. Hunt. Kill. The unnerving and insane laughter heralds the approach of the Jacklols and drive many Arcadians mad. These cunning monsters serve Malkhor with spears and jokes alike!” [source]

The new Mounts, Toshi, Luda, Beka, Hornsteady, Bawkbawk, and Tianlong, are joined by 2 Kickstarter exclusive mounts, Stonebeak, and Phantom. The Wildling Twins, Colette & Gaston, join the existing roster of Heroes.

If you’d like to learn more of the lore of this expansion and how it fits into the Arcadia Quest universe they’ve added an update to the project with more information.


Steve Jackson Games and Cool Mini or Not have announced a multi-year partnership to produce board games based on the popular Munchkin license. The two companies worked loosely together recently on the Munchkin Collectible Card Game (2018), co-designed by CMoN director of game design Eric M. Lang. The press release specifically mentions illustrator John Kovalic, whose iconic artwork is most associated with the early Munchkin games. The first game to be released under the new agreement will be based upon CMoN’s popular Arcadia Quest series, also by Eric Lang, and is expected to deliver in Fall 2018.

You can read the full press release from CMoN here.

CMON Limited and Ankama Products have announced the end of their partnership which had CMON Limited distributing Ankama Products in the US.

CMON Limited and Ankama Products originally entered a partnership together to release Krosmaster: Quest. Following the successful release of Krosmaster: Quest CMON Limited went on to also distribute Krosmaster Arena 2.0, Kromaster Collection: Cemetery Park, 75 Gnom’ Street as well as other Ankama titles.

The final game to be released under the current distribution deal will be Gang Rush: Breakout on June 23, 2017. CMON Limited will continue to sell all the remaining stock they have of Ankama Products past the June 23rd date as while supplies last.

CMON Limited did note in their announcement that Ankara Products will have a forthcoming announcement regarding a new US distribution partner.

In 2011 CMON, originally named Cool Mini or Not, entered the board gaming market with games including Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Kennerspiel des Jahres nominated Blood Rage, Rum & Bones and more. CMON Limited stock can be purchased on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market under stock code “08278.”

Ankama is self described as an “independent digital creation group” whose work includes both digital games as well as board games. Over 85 million accounts have been created for the online game DOFUS that Ankama created in 2004. Since then Ankama has also created physical game products in a move towards transmedia products.


The recent delivery of the Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter means that the items in that campaign will be making their way to stores, and man is there a lot of them.  Hitting stores first by the end of the month is the Frost Dragon Expansion.  This figure pack allows you to add a giant frost dragon to the game along with an additional two stage scenario to fight it, even higher level items, and dragon AI cards and tiles.  The scenario is a little different in that the first stage is a typical Arcadia Quest game.  However, the second stage of the fight has you going from semi-cooperative, to fully cooperative to take down the hulking beast.

Next, coming out in late April, is the cute and furry expansion for Arcadia Quest and that is Arcadia Quest: Pets.  This adds in little pets to go with your heroes to help out in various ways.  The box comes with 12 different pets and all the pieces needed to add them into your game.  It also includes a scenario book where you fight against the evil Vexia as she tries to utilize the pets to cause all sorts of trouble in Arcadia.

Also coming in April is the Chaos Dragon Expansion for Arcadia Quest.  This one works much like the Frost Dragon box but includes a chaos dragon instead that will behave and attack in a very different way.  As with other dragon expansions it comes with everything you need for the dragon as well as the additional two stage scenario, higher level items, and the tiles and AI cards to fight the dragon.

Next in May we have the third in the series of dragons, the Fire Dragon Expansion.  It’s another big dragon, two stage scenario, all the figures and cards you need, same as above.

Lastly, being released in May are lots of new figure packs and some of the upgrades that came in the Inferno Kickstarter.  This include things like the Whole Lotta Lava box, which contains new cards, figures, and scenarios that you can use with Arcadia Quest Inferno.  The plastic token upgrade pack as well as dice packs in the new guild colors of Inferno will be available for purchase.  Then the figure packs Rosh & MambaViola & CrashAnvil & ValmaYona & Kuruk, and Pet Packs 1 and 2 will be available as well.  So as you can see, over the coming months you can significantly expand your Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest Inferno collection.

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cool mini or not banner

Cool Mini Or Not has released the following press release concerning its acquisition of new capital funds that will propel the company forward.  The official press release is as follows:

CMON Limited announced today that it has successfully secured US$5.3 million for its Series A Financing Round, in order to continue meteoric growth in the tabletop games space.

Specializing in premium games marrying high quality components and miniatures with great game design, CMON has published several award winning titles including smash hits like ZombicideArcadia Quest and Blood Rage.

CMON pioneered the use of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter to generate funding while creating demand for its games. With over US$20 million funded via Kickstarter thus far, CMON is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

“CMON’s goal is to create great games,” says Chern Ann Ng, CEO of CMON. “This capital gives us the ability to expand quickly by bringing in more talent, acquire established titles from other publishers, as well as pursuing licenses that have mass market appeal.”

Further financial terms of this deal have not been disclosed.

For more information on this funding news for CMON, visit their website here.

arcadia quest pets

On Monday, backers of the Kickstarter for Arcadia Quest: Inferno were informed of an optional add-on: Pets! Arcadia Quest: Pets will be an expansion for both the base game Arcadia Quest as well as the currently running Kickstarter, Arcadia Quest: Inferno.

Inferno is a standalone expansion to the highly acclaimed Arcadia Quest. The Kickstarter has currently surpassed its predecessor in backing dollars. The Pets expansion sets out to add tiny plastic pet characters to the game that add to the strategy players must use in order to become the top guild of Arcadia.

Guild Pets in the game will work with the guild to give bonuses to its members. They do not fulfill quests or attack other players like normal heroes, but aid the player heroes by providing unique benefits such as extra attack, defense, movement and more.

arcadia quest pets banner

Pets can also “evolve” to get stronger during the game, as well as having their own unique items and spells to give them additional benefits. Pets may be attacked but grant none of the normal rewards given by killing a monster or player hero. Why would you be so cruel as to attack them? You monster!

Guilds will start with their own pet but may also catch other Pokémon pets throughout the campaign. Roaming pets will act as additional monsters on the board and the first guild to kill a pet in each scenario may claim the pet to use later. After the first pet is killed each scenario, all others run away in fear. Players must race against each other if they want to have a chance at gaining new pets.

While the Pets expansion can be added to any Arcadia Quest campaign, it will also come with its own unique campaign. The evil witch Vexia is corrupting the Pets of Arcadia and turning them against its people. It is up to your guild (with some interference by the other guilds) to stop her.

The expansion comes with new tiles and upgrade cards, two new heroes, one new campaign and villain, and a plethora of different pets. Ordering the expansion through Kickstarter also gives all backers the exclusive pet Cerby, the Cerberus.

The Kickstarter project for Arcadia Quest: Inferno as well as the Pets expansion will end on December 9th. Estimated delivery date is June 2016. You can read more about this on Kickstarter here.

inferno board

CoolMiniOrNot has launched their latest Arcadia Quest Kickstarter this week and already it has gone crazy.  Unlike the previous expansion this new expansion is it’s own stand alone game so it also serves as a good starting spot for new people to join in.  Arcadia Quest itself is a fantasy campaign style game where you are a part of a guild fighting against a big bad to stop their evil schemes from becoming reality.  But only one guild can be victorious so you will end up fighting each other as well as the monsters.  While the original game had heroes trying to dethrone the vampire king to take back Arcadia, the heroes are now trying to save the town from being turned to a pile of ash and cinder by the Underlord by descending into the depths of Inferno.

Some notable changes to the game are the addition of 4 new guilds to the game, Sharks, Tigers, Crows, and Serpents, the continuation of the tombstone card system with brimstone, and the addition of damnation.  Damnation allows you to do more damage and trigger other effects, but it comes with a cost because some creatures target based on damnation, or do more damage depending on how much you have.  Add to this the fact the expansion is 100% compatible with the base game and you have a great addition for your Acadia Quest set.

The campaign has already blasted past it’s funding goal and unlocked lots of extras like molded tokens for death, damnation, and wounds, exclusive Kickstarter characters and more.  Also they have a small box expansion available that pits the guilds cooperatively against the mighty frost dragon.  If you want to pledge and get in on this box of awesome than just head on over to their Kickstarter page.

the others

Tabletop Gaming News (TGN) has an excellent preview of ‘The Others: 7 Sins‘ by Cool Mini Or Not and Guillotine GamesThe Others is miniatures game designed by Eric Lang who brought us huge hits like Marvel Dice Masters and Arcadia Quest as well as the soon to be released Blood Rage. It is a horror board game that plays 2-5 players in a 1 vs. many format. One player will play one of the 7 Deadly Sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride) trying to trigger the Apocalypse while the other players are a team of supernatural heroes trying to save the day.

In this game, the 7 Sins have become hideous monsters incarnate. These monsters attempt to destroy cities and wreak havoc. In the game, players are the last bastion for humanity in these cities. Each “Sin” monster (of 7 different deadly sins) plays a little bit differently. One player plays as the monsters with the goal of corrupting the city, and advancing the doomsday tract. Other players attempt to dispel the contamination of evil, but the power they use has a corrupting factor.

In the article they start to delve into two of the sins Pride and Sloth as well as some of the minions you’ll see in the game. They have pictures of the models which are fantastically hideous and disgusting. While we’ve only gotten a glimpse of it the artwork in the game looks stunning as well and is done by Adrian Smith (lead designer/artist), Karl and Stefan Kopinski, Paolo Parente, Richard Wright, Jacopo Camagni, Miguel Coimbra and Georges Clarenko.

the others mini

The Others will be on Kickstarter starting 9/10/2015 and if CMoN’s and Guillotine Games other projects are any indication it will be a huge hit. I for one am extremely excited about it and will most likely be backing it. The combination of horror theme, Eric Lang, and CMoN/Guillotine Games miniatures has me itching to hit the pledge button. Eric Lang is on fire with his amazing games that have come out recently and if there is one thing that both these companies do well it’s putting out great miniatures. Add in the fact that the horror theme is somewhat missing in my collection and I have always been a fan of the genre this should be a win/win/win for me.

If any of this has you interested head on over to TGN and check out the article here. This article is only one in a series of articles so while you’re there be sure to check out the rest of them if you have any interest in this game.