android: mainframe


Android: Mainframe from Fantasty Flight games is now available at retailers.

Set in the not-too-distant future of the popular Android universe, Android: Mainframe is a fast-paced strategy game in which you and up to three friends compete as rival runners, competing to score the biggest haul during your spirited, twenty-three second hack through Titan’s servers. You use programs to create, destroy, or relocate partitions between your opponents and the data you hope to secure, and populate new access points to ensure that your opponents don’t lock you out of other parts of the mainframe.

mainframe comp

Unlike in the Netrunner card game, Mainframe will pit runner against runner. Runners will try and claim territory in the network by playing cards to block off territory or using their unique special abilities.

Twenty-three seconds may not be a lot of time, but it’s nearly an eternity in the virtual space you’ll inhabit during Android: Mainframe. The collapse of Titan’s security systems is nothing less than monumental, and all that now stands between you and the sort of glory and riches you’ve always sought are the other runners hoping to shut you out.

Find Android: Mainframe at your local retailer today! Read more info about the game and see their previous press releases by going: HERE.


Fantasy Flight Games has a diverse product line that seems to focus on their board Living Card Game (LCG) line along with several different products centered in the Star Wars universe. Well, today, they announced a new direction branching from their popular Android: Netrunner LCG series. Android: Mainframe is going to be a new strategy board game, for 2-4 players, based on the Android: Netrunner universe. It will be fast-paced (typical games running 30 minutes or less).

t the beginning of the game, you arrive at the Titan mainframe, and you mark your arrival by the placement of your first access point. Then, each turn, you get to take a single action: you can establish another access point, execute a program, or pass. Your goal is to use the programs at your disposal to secure your access points so that they control as many of Titan’s vulnerable accounts as possible.

To learn more about the game you can head over to FFG here for their official announcement.