Ancient Ones

All Manor of Evil, by Kolossal Games, is an interactive game of larceny, hidden agendas and Lovecraftian horror for 1-6 players.

The game takes players inside the mind and abode of H. P. Lovecraft. Players enter the house looking to steal ancient relics but have they bit off more than they can chew? During the escapade, unseen forces awaken and madness stirs – will anyone survive to escape with the loot? Beyond the larceny at hand, each player has a secret agenda of their own. Some want only to survive the night, while others wish to call forth an elder god eager to devour the players… or the world.

All Manor of Evil is played over a number of game rounds. Each Round has three phases.

Select Actions
Players simultaneously select one of their four action cards each round. Each Action card has a Title, Initiative Order, Card Action and Room Action. Then, all players simultaneously reveal their cards. Any players who selected the same Action Card as at least one other player take a Madness Token from the supply.

Action Cards are resolved in initiative order with the lowest number first. If more than one player chose the same card, those players resolve their actions in clockwise order starting at the Lantern (first player) token.

Resolve Actions
When resolving an Action Card, first resolve the Card Action and then the Room Action. Room Actions require the player to steal a relic from one of the rooms on the Manor Board. Players MUST steal a relic from one of the rooms listed on their Action Card if possible. If the rooms don’t have a relic, there is nothing to steal.

The Madness Value and Relic Value on each of the Relic Cards will be considered at the end of the game.

Players will only know the values on the top card of each player’s Cache. The uncertainty of just who has the most madness adds to the tension of the game!

Once a relic is stolen, place or remove Awakening Tokens, gain or lose Madness Tokens and resolve any indicated special effect on the card.

End of Round
After all players have resolved their action cards, the round ends. Players check to see if any Elder Gods have six or more Awakening Tokens and if so the game ends. If not, the player with the Lantern Token passes it to the next player in clockwise order and the next round begins.

Game end
A game of All Manor of Evil ends when one of three game-ending conditions are met. At that point, each player reveals their Role Card and all abilities are resolved. Assuming that the thieves have not destroyed the world by awakening several of the ancient gods, the remaining players will total their Madness and Relic Values. Total up the Madness Tokens and the Madness Value of all cards in each players’ Cache. The player with the most Madness has delved too deep into the dark and unknown and is eliminated. The remaining players will then compare the total value of stolen relics to determine who among them was the most successful looter.

All Manor of Evil is the 2nd Mikro campaign from Kolossal Games and the 9th overall campaign from Kolossal Games. The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 16 with delivery planned for July 2019.

under pyramids

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”   H.P. Lovecraft

Fantasy Flight Games is announcing the upcoming release of Under the Pyramids, a new expansion for the Eldritch Horror cooperative game.

Like all the Eldritch Horror expansions, Under the Pyramids is based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, where players travel around the world hoping to keep the Ancient Ones and all their evil minions under control, preventing them from infesting the world and save the Earth from chaos and destruction.

under pyramids comp

Under the Pyramids takes the players to Egypt, where the streets of Cairo, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and other locations are filled with the followers of the Dark Pharaoh, who is attempting to return and wreak havoc on the world. Players will work through a new adventure, as well as six new preludes to integrate the new expansion into Eldritch Horror.

The expansion will include a new location board; two new ancient ones with unique Mystery, Research and Special Encounter decks; eight new investigators—including a mustachioed Egyptologist named Monterey Jack who looks suspiciously like Johnny Depp playing Indiana Jones; and a bunch of new unique assets (such as a Canopic Jar and Monterey Jack’s Treasure Map) , conditions, artifacts, gates and monsters to assist and challenge the players as they tackle the mysteries of ancient Egypt come to life in the 1920’s.

Under the Pyramids is scheduled for release to retailers in 4Q of 2015.

More information on the expansion can be found here and details on the expansion can be found here.