Age of Thieves

Masters of Disguise, the first expansion for Age of Thieves (2016) ,is coming soon from Galakta Games. Age of Thieves is a simultaneous action selection game where 2-4 players control one of the master thieves in a clockpunk universe, each with unique powers, trying to break into the emperor’s palace, steal the prized jewel, and escape without alerting the guards. Masters of Disguise adds 2 new characters and new rules and mechanisms. Players can travel through the sewers to the Undercity, and use Burglary cards to further plan their turn. There are even new scenarios included to play through with your thieves.

Wanted: Rich or Dead, also from Galakta Games, pits 3-5 players as famous cowboys in the old west. Players secretly select where on the map they want to travel, in order to steal supplies, gamble or gain abilities. However, if 2 or more cowboys end up at the same location, a shootout occurs, and players then need to pick cards specific to their characters, in order to survive the fight. The last cowboy standing with the most cash wins the game.

Both Age of Thieves: Masters of Disguise and Wanted: Rich or Dead are coming to stores in December 2017. Read more about these games on Galakta Games’ website here.


Ares Games and Polish board game company Galakta have announced a partnership to begin distributing Galakta products globally outside of Europe.

Ares games will begin distributing Galakta games including This War of Mine The Board GameAge of Thieves, Ragers Champions of the Arena, Zombie Terror, Andromeda, and King & Assassins.

Director of R&D at Ares Games, Roberto Di Meglio, expressed that Ares Games found strong brand alignment between the two companies and the benefits of the Ares Games distribution network:

Ares started developing a strong US and worldwide distribution for our products six years ago, and we now feel we are able to provide a good service to our customers, and to our partner Galakta, by promoting their games together with ours. Games such as This War of Mine The Board Game and Age of Thieves and the rest of Galakta’s releases are very consistent with our product and design philosophy, and we are committed to make them a success in the North American market and around the world.

Galakta owner Dariusz Waszkiewicz is excited to get these games to new markets:

For the last 13 years, we have succeeded in building a very strong position on Polish board game market and a few years ago, we started developing our own titles. We have worked several times with the Ares Games team on some of their great titles, and at the same time, we could see how they were growing outside Europe. We are convinced that thanks to this extended relationship our games will become available to many board game fans all over the World.

The Ares and Galakta partnership first started 5 years ago with Galakta publishing Polish editions of War of the Ring, with additional Polish editions of The Battle of Five Armies and Jolly Roger.