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Greenbrier Games has announced they are about to release their successful 2017 Kickstarter project, the adventure game Champions of Hara, to retail. Champions of Hara, by designers Walter BarberIan VanNest, and Andrew Zimmermann, is an adventure game in the world of HARA, deep under the roots of the tree of life. In the center of Hara is the Dojo, surrounded by 6 fantastical worlds, filled with dangers and monsters. Champions of Hara can either be played competitively as a skirmish battle game, or cooperatively in a grand quest to close wild rifts and rid the land of the corrupted, former heroes.  Players choose from one of 6 characters, each with their own cards, play style, and resource system. For instance, Leaf the living tree, collects momentum to power up future attacks, while Kaoru the outcast warrior uses Grit as his resource. The cooperative game contains 18 possible scenarios, 3 per player and one single player story. Players gain levels as they traverse the land, unlocking new abilities and finding new powerful items. The core game comes with one Booklet, 138 Hexagon cards, 3 Large Cards, 162 Standard Cards, 20 Cubes, 2 Dice, 9 Miniatures, 4 Player Boards, 56 Tokens, a Day Tracker, and 7 Hex Flower World Tiles. Look for Champions of Hara in stores in January 2019. For more information, check out Greenbrier Games’ website here.

In 1996, Monocle Games with designers Martyn Oliver and Colin Thornton released City of Chaos, one of the first true story telling games to hit the market. And now 22 years later, Ares Games has announced a new edition of this ground breaking classic. In City of Chaos, 1-6 players travel the city of Byronitar, solving mysteries, building their characters, fighting monsters and dealing with random events. The city is built one tile at a time, and together with the random plot and world generator, players are ensured a unique experience every time they play. City of Chaos was also one of the first games to use a look-up book of paragraph stories, a mechanic adopted recently by such masterpieces as Tales of the Arabian Nights, Above and Below, and Near and Far. Finally, players must deduce how to win the game from clues left in the paragraphs they read. You can read the full press release from Ares Games here, and keep an eye out for the new edition of City of Chaos in the second half of 2019.

nemos war comp

Literature fans, solo-gamers, and combinations of the two should take notice.  Nemo’s War: Second Edition is on Kickstarter, and has already more than doubled its goal with twenty-five days left.  Nemo’s War is a theme-dripping solo adventure game based on Jules Verne’s sci-fi classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  This 2nd edition completely overhauls the 2009 title and features new artwork from Ian O’Toole (The Gallerist).
Nemo’s War
 places you in the titular role of the captain of the Nautilus, an electric-powered submarine.  You pilot your vessel around the board battling ships and sea-beasts and attempting to accomplish an array of objectives you choose at the outset of your adventure.  Victory conditions and difficulty are variable, making Nemo’s War a replayable  solo experience.  The game was designed by Chris Taylor (Astra Titanus) and will be published by Victory Point games.  For all the details, sail over to the Kickstarter page.











IDW Games has announced the official release dates for two of their upcoming games.

Open Sesame, a press your luck/memorization card game about the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, is expected to hit shelves on June 30th. Players take turns playing Ali Baba (attempting to steal as much treasure from the cave as possible without getting caught) or one of the thieves guarding the cave (attempting to catch Ali Baba in the act by reciting exactly what he is trying to steal). Designed by Antoine Bauza, the creator of such popular games as 7 Wonders, Takenoko, Tokaido and Hanabi, Open Sesame plays 3-5 players in about 20 minutes.

You can find more information at Boardgamegeek here.

Pirates of the 7 Seas will be in stores July 31st. In this game, designed by the team behind the innovative hit game Mysterium, players will brave all manner of perils in their quest to become the richest Pirate on the high seas. Pirates of the 7 Seas plays 2-4 players in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Check out this game at Boardgamegeek here.