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Near and Far is an adventure game with a choose your own adventure story telling aspect to it, and people have loved it.  So naturally, Red Raven Games is looking to expand this game and so are turning to Kickstarter to get it funded.  Near and Far: Amber Mines adds four new things (now five with stretch goals) to the game that help increase replay-ability and just improve the game.  First is a replacement for the standard mine on this board, this new amber mine is card based and so what you get will be a little more random.  But what is good is that these mines will offer better rewards than the normal gem/coin combinations, making up for the more chaotic nature.

The next addition is adding magic to the game, allowing you to have special abilities during the game.  Need help with bandits?  If you get the lightning bolt spell you can convert a gem into three swords.  Running low on money?  With transmute you can exchange up to four gems for two coins for each gem.  Needless to say this opens up all sorts of new possibilities in the game as you collect magic in order to gain access to these different spells.

Third is a new general store, giving you the option to refill hearts and also gives you the opportunity to place camps there if you buy an advanced artifact.

Fourth are new dangerous encounters, so instead of just the same endless stream of bandits, you now have all sorts of new foes to fight, with also differing rewards for when you defeat them.

And finally, due to the stretch goal being reached, a co-op mode will be added to the game, allowing you to play cooperatively with your friends through any of the game modes.  This to me is awesome because playing this game you often forgot it was competitive, and so now with this you can play it cooperatively against the final bosses.

So if you love Near and Far, or if you missed some of the extra goodies from the Above and Below or Near and Far Kickstarters, check out this campaign today!

Back in November, I wrote about Defiant Development working with Rule & Make to create a board game adaptation of their hit video game, Hand of Fate. Well, it’s finally here on Kickstarter! Hand of Fate: Ordeals is the official board game adaptation of the popular deck-building adventure game found on consoles and PC. 1 to 4 players can either compete or cooperate to build up their heroes, explore strange locations, encounter traps, and combat fierce enemies for fame. As described via it’s press release:

 “Hand of Fate: Ordeals is a strategic dungeon-crawling and deck-building experience set between the original game and its upcoming sequel. […] Players draw from a deck of cards and build dungeons on the board from their inventory. Much like its digital counterparts, the tabletop game’s open-ended design ensures no two games ever play out the same way.”

I mused before about what this game could possibly look like, since not everything from the video game could translate well to the tabletop. We now have more than enough information to answer those curiosities. Ordeals is incredibly flexible with player counts and game modes, and smooths the difficulties of transition by embracing it’s deck-building roots more than the original did. For those unfamiliar with the video game, the deck-building was  only used to create a communal deck where you could choose your boons, burdens, and any equipment you could buy or be gifted. While the board game doesn’t abandon that concept, it interestingly shifts most of the deck-building to a starting set of 10 cards that many board gamers are familiar with.

The deck-building in Ordeals isn’t run-of-the-mill, however, since buying cards requires you to explore and risk running into dangers, each of which involves most of the cards in your deck and not just your hand. The combat and the character building is pretty unique and what this game offers is very impressive, but you can find out more about that on their campaign page where they have a few videos and a rough draft rule-book to discover. For fans of Hand of Fate, this product has a lot that we could have wished for from the same excellent art to a promising, immersive experience. So if you’re interested, please check out the Kickstarter page and keep an eye on Defiant Development’s website for further information.


Everything Epic, those that brought us Secrets of the Lost Tomb, have announced (via the press release below) their next immersive adventure game, Coma Ward. Coma Ward is designed by Danny Lot and will be horror-themed.

Everything Epic Games to Publish Tabletop Horror Adventure Coma Ward

Millburn, New Jersey USA – October 31, 2016 – New Jersey-based Everything Epic Games, publisher of the 2015 action/adventure thriller board game Secrets of the Lost Tomb, announced today that it will publish Coma Ward, the debut title from Florida-based tabletop designer Danny Lott.

Coma Ward is a horror adventure board game in which the players have awoken in an abandoned hospital with no memory of their former selves, and must piece together not only the situation they find themselves in, but also their own identities and motives, if they hope to survive. Players struggle to maintain their sanity as they explore the derelict hospital, searching for clues to help unravel their predicament and eventually revealing one of several possible hidden phenomena included in the game. The phenomenon dictates each player’s role and win condition — until it is revealed, players have no idea whether the objective is competitive or cooperative, or whether the other players are friend or foe.

Lott’s long-held love of the horror genre inspired him to create Coma Ward, and he cites the unsettling nature of hospital settings as motivation for its unique and terrifying theme. As the owner/operator of Lakeland, Florida-based gaming party service The Game Shelf, Lott’s encyclopedic knowledge of tabletop games and publishers made it easy for him to select Everything Epic. “Coma Ward is an elaborate experience with intricate, often gritty storylines, and it needed a publisher that could give that experience room to grow. With Secrets of the Lost Tomb, Everything Epic demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they were up to the challenge of producing Coma Ward exactly the way I’d envisioned it, without cutting corners or sacrificing the thematic elements that make it truly unique,” explained Lott.

Everything Epic representatives met with Lott at Gen Con 2016, and after playing the game they agreed that Coma Ward was a perfect fit for their brand. President Chris Batarlis enthused, “With every turn, Coma Ward drew us further into its immersive narrative. It offers players a myriad of ways to interact with the environment and each other without getting bogged down in arcane rules. We knew right away that Coma Ward has that special something — that — that makes it a natural fit in our catalog.” Vice President Jim Samartino agreed. “The first time I played Coma Ward, it gave me nightmares. I knew then that it was a truly gripping experience — one we can’t wait to share with the rest of the tabletop community!”

Lott and the Everything Epic team are presently developing Coma Ward with the marketing and editing assistance of Matt Holden, executive director of the Indie Game Alliance. Everything Epic hopes to bring the game to Kickstarter in Spring of 2017.

In addition to Ulm, two other games will be coming out in October from R&R Games.  The first of those games is the family weight adventure game called Touria, a game where you are an adventuring band of heroes.  You will go around fighting dragons, collecting gems, and trying to obtain the king’s blessing to marry Princess Tara, or Prince Talon if he is more your speed.  The actions you have to choose from are dictated by the four towers on the board, each one having four quadrants with different actions in each one.  On your turn, whichever actions are pointed towards you on those towers are the options you have, so tower orientation is important and will have to be a part of your plan.  It’s a race to the finish and whoever gets to the castle first will be the winner.

Second is Coin Quest, a bidding game where you are bidding with coins to obtain more valuable coins, and in the end have the most valuable collection.  Not much has been released about this game so I will let the publisher do the talking;

A DIABOLICAL BIDDING GAME! In this winner take all game, you are a part of a mysterious cabal of elite coin collectors. Outbid and outsmart your peers in an informal auction to acquire better coins. The shrewdest collector will be the one who goes home with all the coins!

Look for both these games on store shelves in October.


Zephyr: Winds of Change is a cooperative steam punk adventure game where each player is a captain of an airship and it’s crew. Captains will  fly around exploring the skies and work towards accomplishing missions while attempting to defeat the evil warlord.  In the game, each  airship will start out with fairly basic equipment and abilities, but over the course of the game you can upgrade your airship with things such as improved guns, armor, or special gadgets to provide new abilities.  The same goes for your crew. You start with the bare bones and begin to hire more people, and when you do they will come with a random personality and a faction you choose giving them different abilities each time you play.  While building up your airship and crew are nice, you will have to make progress on the overall mission which is chosen at the beginning and will determine your starting resources and the win condition.  You will then explore the land with your airship flipping over exploration cards, taking on extra assignments for rewards to use in upgrades, and fight battles with other airships as you continue in your mission.  Will you all succeed or go down in a hail of bullets and fire?

zephyr ship

Zephyr looks like an interesting cooperative game and comes with good reviews from both NVS and Undead Viking.  One benefit of the campaign is that Portal Dragon has already implemented a demo of the game on Tabletop Simulator so if you own that you can play the game before you buy.  So if you want to back for the game or to be IN the game, head on over to the campaign page today.


Having been teased in 2015, IDW Games is now Kickstarting their TMNT adventure game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past.  The game will be designed by well known designer Kevin Wilson, who is know for his designing Arkham Horror, Fury of Dracule 3rd edtion and Descent to just name a few.  Shadows of the Past aims to be an adventure type game similar to Descent in that one person will play Shredder and everyone else will play the turtles or their comrades like April O’Neil or Casey Jones (if unlocked).  It will be scenario based with an adventure comic setting the stage for the turtles to fight against Shredder and his minions like Alopex and Karai.  Each character has their own unique cards and dice to use during the game, and battle brings a whole new level of cooperation as the dice you roll can chain off of the dice of other players, making teamwork of paramount importance.  Add in designs and artwork done by the very talented Kevin Eastman and you have one good looking and playing game.

tmnt comp

The campaign is already fully funded after just one day and with lots of extra content planned it will be one heck of a campaign.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in then head on over to the campaign page and pledge.


Fantasy Flight Games have released the rules and a video overview.  Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Imperial Settlers and Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island), this fantasy pick up and deliver game is based on the video game trilogy.

Last month FFG previewed the quests found in the game.

the woodland

With the release of the next expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition around the corner, Fantasy Flight Games published a preview of their upcoming deep wooded addition that will “venture into the Woodland and take a look at some of the spaces on the new corner board, and meet some of the Strangers, Objects, Places, and Enemies that you may encounter on Woodland Cards.”

the woodland game pieces

manor of ravens rulebook

Manor of Ravens is an expansion to Descent 2.0 Journeys in the Dark that is expected to be released very soon.  Fantasy Flight Games have published a preview of the upcoming expansion with a look at the Overlord cards.

In Descent up to this point, the majority of Overlord cards have caused immediate, temporary effects. You played your card, and when its effect completed, the card was discarded. The two new classes of Overlord cards in Manor of Ravens are different. These two classes transform the normal rules for playing your Overlord cards and open the door to a vast array of new strategies.

In addition to a closer look at the abandoned Manor and its tricks, FFG has the rules available here.  Manor of Ravens is still available for pre-order and will contain 16 double sided tiles, 10 plastic figures, over 60 cards, and 6 new quests.


Coming this fall from Zman Games!

Clash of Cultures: Civilizations

Designed by Christian Marcussen (Merchants & Marauders), Civilizations is an expansion to 2012’s city building game Clash of Cultures.

The expansion will contain 14 new civilizations, 3 new buildings, 2 new army units, and introduce Leaders.  These civilizations will have 4 unique advances and 3 unique leaders.  Each Leader will have their own special abilities that will allow players to improve their civilizations even more.  The new buildings will be the apothecary, the market, and the obelisk.  Player armies will also get elephants and cavalry units.

Earlier in June, Zman Games posted an interview with Marcussen and the origins and design of the game.

Currently listed components for the expansion are 14 civilization boards, 42 leader cards, 3 building types, 2 army units, 20 event cards, and 6 objective cards.

On Zman’s Facebook page, a look at three upcoming Leaders, Julius Caesar, Leonidas, and Attila show interesting tweaks to each civilization’s opportunity for growth.

Prophecy: Water Realm

Water Realm, designed by Vlaada Chvátil (Mage Knight, Space Alert, Galaxy Trucker), is the second expansion to Prophecy.  Prophecy is a fantasy, adventure game, similar to Talisman, and include varying methods of moving around the board.  Zman first published Prophecy in 2007 and the second expansion, Dragon Realm in 2009.

This expansion will contain a new game board, new cards, and game play variants.  The base game will be needed and can be incorporated with Dragon Realm.