Adam Rehberg

Adam’s Apple Games have Kickstarted a unique board game called Swordcrafters which has you construct a 3D sword using 2D game tiles. This is the second game from the designer,¬†Adam Rehberg, who also designed Brewin USA.

In the game players compete to build the best sword based on its length, quality, and magic. Each round players make a cut in a grid of sword tiles then choose which of those groupings they’ll use to assemble their sword. During scoring the more adjacent matching gems you have the better the sword’s quality, and the highest sum of two gem types is the magic score, while the total length of the sword also adds points.

The game caters for 2-5 players, and you can get the base version of the game for a pledge of $29. The campaign ends March 20th, 2018, while estimated delivery is May 2018. See the Swordcrafters Kickstarter campaign page for more details.