Abstract Board Games

Get your brain working with the tile-matching puzzle strategy game Project L on Kickstarter now!

Reminiscent of Tetris, in Project L you complete puzzles with your pieces, starting with a single basic piece, and building a pool as you go through the game. Players will compete to get the most points for completed puzzles. Each puzzle earns you points, as well as pieces back that you used, and a bonus piece for completing the puzzle, which can in turn help with more difficult puzzles.

This is a 3-D game experience, with acrylic pieces that fit in triple layer tiles.

Each turn, you can complete three actions, taking a new level 1 piece, upgrading a piece, taking a puzzle tile (you can have up to 4 unfinished puzzles), place a piece on your puzzle and only once every round, players can put a piece on all their puzzles.

Once the black puzzles are gone, players rush to complete their remaining puzzles in the last round.

Depending on pledge levels, you can receive the base game, Ghost Piece Expansion or Ambassador pack.

More information about the Kickstarter can be found here.

Designer and artist Rudy Priecinsky along with his company Rudy3 Publishing, have started a Kickstarter campaign for Envyra, a 2-4 player simultaneous actin selection, abstract tile game. Envyra starts with a grid of tiles in the center of the table, which come in three colors with a variety of images. The goal is to collect tiles, which can gain the player points, or bonuses for sets of tiles of the same color with unique images. Each player has a player board matching the grid layout of the tiles. In secret, players place 2 cubes on their board, marking which tiles they wish to claim that round. All boards are revealed, and in a serpentine player order (first to last, then back from last to first), players place their cubes on their chosen tiles. As soon as a tile has the required number of cubes (as denoted on each tile), the tile is claimed by either the majority holder, or in the case of ties, whomever placed the last cube. In this way, turn order becomes incredibly important, and makes for some interesting decisions as to which of their 2 tiles a player puts down as their first, then as their second, when play wends back from last to first player. A special game ending tile is mixed into the pile, which when claimed, not surprisingly ends the game. The player with the most points from tiles and sets wins.

The Kickstarter for Envyra continues through May 28, and the game is expected to deliver in December 2018.