Abigail Larson

Lucky’s Misadventures – Episode 42: Lost in Oddtopia is a quirky sounding title but it matches the theme of the game to a tee. It’s a very “odd”, deck-building game set in an imaginative world unlike anything else. It has an Alice in Wonderland crossed over with Steampunk and a Tim Burton movie visual design. The game is published by Great Northern Games, designed by Jay Mayer¬†(Council of Blackthorne), and features art by Abigail Larson (Sleepy Hollow) and Michael D. Clarke¬†with graphic design by Peter Wocken.

You and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night. How were you to know that Pumpkin Ted was going to open a portal to the strange world of Oddtopia? Lucky, your protector and faithful companion, broke his leash and chased Pumpkin Ted back through the portal and into an unfamiliar world.

Oddtopia is a surreal and sometimes dark world of Tinkerers, Wickeds, and Oddlings and is protected by the Great Mechanical Toad. [source]

Lucky’s Misadventures supports simultaneous play, so all players are constantly involved. Fate cards change the game conditions from round to round in weird ways. Players use the strongest cards together to win challenges and gain free cards in head-to-head challenges. You can also combine junk cards to build steampunk machines with strong effects. To win, gather the right cards at the right time to escape Oddtopia and instantly win the game.

The game supports 2-4 players, aged 10+, and plays in 45-60 mins. The Kickstarter project ends on February 24th, 2018 and you can snag a base copy of the game with a pledge of $29 (excluding shipping). The project has already reached over half its funding goal and still has 29 days to go.