1980’s Hollywood

Hungry for more T.I.M.E. Stories? The Sixth expansion, Estrella Drive, is slated for a 4th quarter release this year and drops players into 1980’s Hollywood. This time of vice, violence, luxury, and celebrity is an intriguing departure from previous expansions which have focused on much older periods of time. Yet what makes T.I.M.E. Stories scenarios special is that they tend to stray far from the ordinary for their setting. There’s some paranormal-esque shenanigans afoot and it’ll take some trained eyes to get to the bottom of it. As described via the Asmodee product page:

“The location of the anomaly appears to be a luxurious villa in the California hills. Science in the 20th¬†century was incapable of correctly identifying time alterations, so the mansion is believed to be haunted by many natives of this era. […] Take careful note of these fissures in the time stream, but remember their true source lies in the damage being done to the Time Line, not in the supernatural.”


While 80’s Hollywood and “ghost” stories don’t immediately sound like they mix, part of the fun of this exemplary cooperative game is showing how one strange turn can pan out in the long run. Estrella Drive‘s fresh theme, while intended for mature audiences only, is enough to make the storytelling pop for a series where storytelling has been it’s greatest strength. Fans of the series who want to continue on their journey have something to look forward to this holiday season. For more information on this release and future T.I.M.E. Stories releases, please be sure to check out Asmodee’s official product page and news feed.