Stronghold Preorders Open!!

stronghold games on way

Stronghold Games announced that pre-order titles are on their way and available to pre-order here – and at 30% off  currently!

“The first batch of 2016 titles are now on the water headed first to our warehouse …and then to your tables and stores everywhere! That means we are now able to open our preorder program for the following titles”

my village

Make your own village in this strategic dice pool game. The brilliance of the design is taking familiar themes and intuitive mechanisms to create an all new and very rewarding, rich experience.
Want more info? Watch the first ten minutes of this playthrough video to get an excellent sense of the core concepts, strategic depth, and beautiful art and components.
Can you raise the prestige of your family name as your manage generations of village life in the Middle Ages? This truly beautiful and thematic award-winning game remains accessible while still being challenging and rich every time.
Still on the fence? Watch this five-minute ‘Final Thoughts’ video by Rahdo. See how the design and narrative totally captures Rahdo’s good-hearted nature and empathy.
village expansions
The expansions for Village are all about taking the game to another level. For more experienced tabletop gamers, they are a must have. Also, everything is compatible with previous editions of Village.
We’ve already shared with you just how much Tom Vasel enjoys our first pirate game for families and clever adults.
Here’s a link to a promotional video that shows how much fun the game can be if you dress up in colorful pirate attire.
animals on board
You’re trying to get the best sets of animals onto your ark using an innovative take on the “I Split, You Choose” concept.
Animals on Board is easy to learn, plays fast, and still has great gameplay for both families and hobby gamers.