Steve Jackson Games Coming August 2017

Steve Jackson Games has made a number of announcements about games releasing in August 2017 in their Daily Illuminator Newsletter.

Firstly, Munchkin Gets Promoted 2, the second collection of Munchkin Promo Cards, is coming to stores. This expansion contains 15 hard to find Door and Treasure cards.

Munchkin Booty is getting a Guest Artist Edition, featuring art from Tom Siddell. Tom is best known for his web comic Gunnerkrigg Court, and brings great humor to the already fantastic Munchkin Booty.

Steve Jackson Games will be bringing Alexander Pfister’s award winning card game Port Royal to the US. In Port Royal, players vie to hire the best people, form the most lucrative shipping empire and amass the most wealth. Players can draw as many cards as they like on their turn, but in this push your luck mechanic, if you push too hard you get nothing.

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