Starship Samurai from Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games have announced that they’re accepting pre-orders for Starship Samurai, their anticipated new game from designer Isaac Vega (known for Dead of Winter and Ashes) with art by Gunship Revolution. Starship Samurai is a 2-4 player game where you lead your clan to victory by securing your claim to the emperor’s throne. Games last about 60-90 mins and is aimed at players aged 14+.

“The heavens erupt in the skies above the streets of Byakko City. Points of light flash briefly as the warp drives of carrier ships blink into existence. The Nova Clan’s forces are caught off-guard as a swarm of Void fighters launch to overtake the bustling capital city. The airspace siege cannons of the Void carrier hammer away at Nova Clan’s defenses, and a shadow falls over the city. Masumune has arrived. The gargantuan samurai mech cuts through the enemy forces with ease, obliterating the few remaining Nova Clan ships as they attempt to warp away to a neighboring system. Byakko City belongs to the Void Clan… for now.” [source]

As the leader of your clan you command massive fleets and powerful mechs which you use to seize key locations and battle other clans. You can also spend political and resource points to manipulate the lesser clans as an alternative path to victory. Each lesser clan you win over strengthens your clan’s supremacy. There are 8 highly detailed Samurai Mech figures which have unique abilities. There are also 8 detailed fighter miniatures and one carrier miniature in the players Clan colors.

If you pre-order the game, either through your local retailer or using the Plaid Hat Games website, you will get fully colored acrylic tokens for each Clan which are used to track the positions on the Alliance Board as well as each player’s Honor Total.

The release date has yet to be announced. Check out the Plaid Hat Games news article for more information.

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