Star Wars Legion adds expansion

Get ready to fight those rebels with Star Wars Legion’s latest team unit expansion, E-Web Heavy Blaster Team.

Fantasy Flight Games’ website says this new addition will be a bridge between lightly armored troop units and the heavy AT-ST, to keep your Empire balanced.

The unpainted and easily assembled miniature can be used as a support unit in the game and also comes with three upgrade cards for customization of your team.

The website says, “Among Imperial units, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team is only surpassed by the AT-ST in terms of raw firepower. The heavy blaster rolls a red, two black, and two white attack dice, all for significantly fewer points than the walker. Better still, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team won’t lose any attack dice as it takes wounds, unlike the more frail corps units.”

And on the side of the Rebellion is the 1.4FD Laser Cannon Team Unit expansion. So both sides will be seeing new pieces soon!

Find out more at Fantasy Flight Games’ website here.