Shifting Realms, A New Kickstarter From Soaring Rhino And The Designer Of Heroscape

Soaring Rhino has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Shifting Realms, a 2-4 player competitive tile and card game by Jeff Van Ness and Craig Van Ness, the lead designer of Heroscape. In Shifting Realms, the players create a mixed game world with structure tiles, story and task cards, and a board from 3 different realms.

The players then play as one of 4 unique factions, sending out scouts and soldiers, building structures and completing world specific tasks. When 2 of the 3 worlds’ end game conditions are met, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins. Shifting Realms comes with boards, tiles and cards for 5 worlds, plastic cubes and meeplesĀ for the 4 factions, over 100 plastic resource pieces, and a scoring track.

The Kickstarter will continue until March 12, and is due to deliver to backers July 2017. For more information or to back the campaign, click here.