Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress now on Kickstarter


Shadows of Brimstone, a popular cooperative dungeon-crawl series from Flying Frog Productions, has a new standalone expansion available now on Kickstarter. Forbidden Fortress is set in an alternate history Feudal Japan, which is a dynamic change from it’s¬†prominently western predecessors in the series. Demons and devils have emerged from a great cataclysm during the tumultuous time of Japanese history, and players must work together to storm the eponymous fortress in order to quell the evil within. As described on the campaign page:

¬†“For new players, Forbidden Fortress will make a great introduction to the world of Shadows of Brimstone, and for veteran players, it adds a ton of new content, including two brand new Worlds to explore – the Japanese castles and temples of the Forbidden Fortress and a living world inside a massive creature in the Belly of the Beast. It also includes a brand new set of Heroes and Enemies to add to your games.


The Kickstarter is doing exceedingly well, to the point of bursting through stretch goals at an incredible pace – 1342% of their funding goal at the time of writing this article. For fans of the series, this is an excellent way to add new and intriguing adventuring possibilities, and the Kickstarter has a wealth of stretch goals to make the early investment worth the price-tag. Check out the Kickstarter page and the Flying Frog Facebook page for more information and updates as the campaign surges on towards production.