Second Edition Of Rone On KS With New Expansion Rone: New Forces

A second edition of the popular 2016 card game Rone is currently being funded on Kickstarter, along with two expansions, Rone: Awakenings and Rone: New Forces. Rone is a strategic card game for 2-4 players in which players take control of a hero in a dark post-apocalyptic future trying to destroy each other.┬áThe random card deck contains all of a player’s actions but also represents a player’s health, so when players take damage they must remove cards from either their hand or the top of their deck. This means that playing cards must be done efficiently and at the right time, as each card played means one lost health. Played cards have a rotation system beyond the standard exhaust mechanic used in card games. Each 90 degree rotation of a card can have its own action or reward, but cards are only refreshed by a single 90 turn each turn. Heroes can also level up over time, putting more advanced versions of their cards into play. Additionally, Players can use a recycle system to put cards back in play from their graveyard by permanently removing others from the game. Rone comes with over 150 cards in the core game, plus tokens, dials, an improved rulebook, and a large storage box. Each expansion comes with another 100 cards, plus added keywords and mechanisms.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Rone 2nd edition continues through June 10, and the game is expected to deliver in February 2018.

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