Scott King’s 2017 Game Calendars are now on Kickstarter

2017 gaming calendar

Since 2014, Scott King has been utilizing his photography skills to create board gaming calendars featuring pictures of games like King of Tokyo, Carcassonne, Forbidden Island, and more.  Now he has put up the Kickstarter for his 2017 calendar, and as always the pictures you have to choose from are truly amazing with vibrant colors and high resolution.  There are two options to choose from between a base calendar, which has a preset 12 pictures that will be used, or you can pay a little more to get a custom calendar and pick your photos from over 216 photos from this year and previous years.  As typical for calendars these will contain all the US holidays that are nationally celebrated, but they will also contain uniquely geek holidays like GenCon, Comic Con, and National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day.  Plus if you get the custom calendar you get to add 4 custom holidays to your calendar with the option to add more to personalize your calendar.

Needless to say, as I look at my 2016 gaming calendar on the wall and having backed the 2017 campaign, I may be a little biased in my recommendation for you to check out the Kickstarter, but I imagine after seeing the photos you will forgive me.