Rurik: Dawn Of Kiev

Rurik: Dawn Of Kiev a new Euro-Style, realm-building game with Great Mechanics is on Kickstarter now! A potential successor to the throne of 11th century Kievan Russia you need to control lands, build on those lands and trade with others to earn points. You also earn points with warfare, schemes and your secret agenda, and great deeds you accomplish for the people such as ridding your land of rebels. With well known elements such as area control and resource management Rurik: Dawn Of Kiev introduces a challenging new mechanic: Auction Programming which requires a bit of extra planning and manipulation. Openly bid on auctions on the central strategy board; while the higher ranked advisers are more advantageous- the lower ranked advisers take their actions first. At the end each round calculate your points to see how you rank in your quest for the throne. After 4 rounds the winner is determined and the crown bestowed!

Rurik: Dawn Of Kiev by Russian game designer Stanislav Kordonskiy and illustrated by Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Radeckyi has 2 personal pledge levels and a retail pledge level and is on Kickstarter until July 31st 2018.