Rivals For Catan getting a Deluxe Edition

rivals catan board deluxe

Rivals for Catan is the 2-player implementation of the classic Catan game and has each player building their own city in front of them with cards instead of on a central board, however, resources are still given out based on the roll of a die.  The original game came with some “theme games” in the box to play and two expansions were made for the game, Age of Darkness and Age of Enlightenment, as well as a myriad of promo cards.  In the Deluxe edition of the game, in terms of the components not much has changed except for the addition of a card tray for the central stacks of cards.  The new deluxe edition includes all three expansions and nine hard-to-find promotional cards.  Look for this game from Catan Studio in September, and you can read the announcement on the ICv2 site.

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