Restoration Games’ Reworking Of Stop Thief! On KS

Restoration Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign Stop Thief! a reworking of Robert Doyle’s classic game from 1979. In Stop Thief!, players try to find a hidden app-driven thief by hearing sound clues specific to what sorts of spaces the thief uses. By using an app instead of the electronic device original to the game, Stop Thief! can use icons for the hearing impaired, and can add new mechanisms and features easily. Additionally, the new version of the game updates the dated roll and move mechanism with a deck of movement cards for each player, which also give special abilities. The game includes unique suspects with unique powers, a beautiful point to point path system on the board, and high quality cards instead of paper money.

The Kickstarter for Stop Thief! continues until April 11, and is expected to deliver in August of 2017.