Renegade Games To Release Cooperative Deduction Game Spy Club

Renegade Games and Foxtrot Games (Fox in the Forest, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival) have announced Spy Club, a cooperative deduction game coming in July 2018. In Spy Club, 2-4 players work together to collect clue cards. When 5 clues of the same aspect (Motive, Suspect, Location, Crime, Object) have been collected, that portion of the mystery is solved. The players win when all 5 aspects of the case are deduced, but be careful not to take too long as the suspect is on the move. The game can also be played in a campaign mode, where each separate game adds one aspect to the master case, and further unlocks cards from the 150+ campaign deck. Spy Club has high replayability, with 40 modules included in the box. For more information on Spy Club, check out Renegade Games’ website here.