Queen Games releasing 8 new games for the new year!

Queen Games apparently wanted to wait until the new year to release their games as eight new ones will be coming out in the month of January.  First on the list is London Markets, an auction and tile placement type game where you are trying to make the most profit navigating the markets of London.  “The player who can navigate the markets with ease, being in the right place at the right time to earn the most profit, will become the most respected merchant of the London markets.” 

Next is a game called Mighty Monsters, a betting type game where you are a marauding band of monsters trying to take all the treasure from the king.  Each round the king will set a special rule and then set out his guards.  Each guard has a strength range and treasure range, it’s then up to you to play down one of your monsters there in hopes of defeating that guard to claim his treasure.  This goes around for a number of rounds equal to the players, and whoever has the most gold at the end is the winner.

Next is Risky Adventure, this is a dice rolling, expedition type game where you are going on adventures, getting treasures and collecting tools in hopes of finding the next great dig.  The risky part about this game is that you put your three adventurers out on the board, indicating what you want to accomplish, and then roll the dice once.  There is no Yahtzee mechanic here, you have to roll what you need on that first roll.  Luckily though a lot of items require only one die to match while they tougher and more valuable stuff requires more.  Most points at the end is the winner.

After that is Glux, a new abstract strategy game that brings a new spin to area control.  In the game you can only place your pieces in a straight line from your previous piece, and only as many spaces away as the token shows.  So place a 4 token and then next token has to be four spaces away in any orthogonal direction, and so on.  There are different areas on the board that are highlighted and at the end of the game you score the area only if you have the highest total value in that area.  Control the most area on the board and you are the winner!

Another game being released is the recently Kickstarted game, World Monuments, where you are trying to build different world monuments, scoring for the blocks you place.  The game is played in two phases where the first is the gathering phase, this is where you move a quarry worker around a board and pick up stones from the spaces you move through.  Once all the stones have been collected it’s time to build, in turn order you will place one block, making sure you are playing the right colors indicated on the plans.  The higher up the block is you placed, the more points you will score, most points after 3 rounds is the winner.

Next is a new strategy game called Armageddon, a worker placement, bidding type game where you are trying to rebuild you town after it was all destroyed in the apocalypse.  You will be scavenging for supplies, building up your town, and recruiting more people to give you more actions on a turn.  The downsides are that the more people you have, the more beds you need or they won’t stick around.  Plus there are the roaming marauders who will attack you, so if you can’t defend yourself your going to be in trouble.  Will you be able to keep it all together?

Next is one of two kids games being released and that is Spooky Castle, a game where the active player will be blindfolded, and all the other players will be directing them.  Not much is said about the game, but it looks to involve flipping over cards to see what you need to collect, then while blindfolded you have to find it with a magnetic stick.  Also littered about the castle are adult ghosts which are bad for you so everyone else has to help you get to the items you need without picking up any you don’t.

And finally, the last game being released is Super Vampire, another kids game that utilizes a rubber finger to push pieces around with.  In the game you are vampires trying to clean up their castle of all the garlic, but to do that you have to get it and bring it back to the tower so you can dispose of it.  On your turn you will don the rubber finger, and using that you will move your piece out to grab garlic and then move him back to your tower.  While all this is happening other players will be rolling dice, trying to get a Yahtzee of sun symbols, and once they do your turn is over, any garlic not “banked” is lost and play passes to the next person.  The game ends when all the garlic is gone and whoever managed to get rid of the most garlic is the winner.

All of these games are coming out over this month and next so some will already be in stores, while others will be there very soon.  So check out your local game store to see what titles are available and pick up a copy.