Preview of the New Lieutenant Pack for Descent

ardus comp

FFG continues to expand and improve Descent with the release of another Lieutenant Pack. This time Ardus Ix’Erebus gets upgraded.  The pack contains the usual mini to replace the Ardus Ix’Erebus token in the Bilehall set and a new set of 10 plots cards to be used by the overlord in any Descent campaign.  This set of plot cards focuses on beefing up small monsters by using tactics and positioning to improve their strength.  Cards like Strength in Numbers, which gives monsters pierce X where X is the numbers of monsters adjacent to the hero being attacked, or Rise to the Challenge, which transforms all minion monsters into master level when a fellow monster is slain, makes those small monster feel much bigger.  You can head over to the FFG page to read more about these new cards and preview some of them, then you can pre-order the pack at your local game store or online.

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