Now on Kickstarter: Monstrous

A new upstart design house on Kickstarter, Secret Base Games is teaming up with Good Games – the largest hobby game distributor and game store chain in Australia – to bring you MONSTROUS, a tactical dexterity game of cunning card throwing and hand management designed by Kim Brebach. MONSTROUS is a 30 minute game for 2-5 angry gods, each trying to use their terrible monsters to drive the most people back into their long abandoned temples.

Each player takes turns choosing a monster from their hand and throwing it onto the table, trying to land the card on top of other player’s monsters or on one of the preset locations spread around the table in order to activate the special abilities of the cards. Choose carefully what monsters you play – every monster is double sided with a different power on each side – and be careful what you aim for or you might accidentally fall into one of your opponents’ traps! Once one player runs out of cards to play, all other players take 1 final turn and the player with the most faith wins. Are you ready to release the Kraken?

Check out the full campaign here.