Now on Kickstarter from Wiggles 3D, 5 Minute Dungeon


Real time games can be a whole lot of fun, and can be a whole lot of stress, for examples look at Escape: the Curse of the Temple for the first, and XCOM for the second.  5 Minute Dungeon aims to go the fun route with funny illustrations, a short play time, and easy to use icons and rules to enable people to easily play the game quickly.

To play 5 Minute Dungeon you will first pick your class deck, like barbarian or ninja or wizard.  Next you grab the boss you will be facing, and which boss you face will decide the dungeon deck size.  Each door card in the dungeon deck will have different events, obstacles, or monsters you have to overcome.  Events will make bad things happen like discarding your hand or just a few cards, while monster or obstacle cards will have icons that as a group you have to discard in order to defeat them.  Each player will also have abilities or spells unique to their class deck that will allow them to do things like defeat enemies or draw additional cards.  When everyone is ready you will draw your starting hand, start the timer, and you have 5 minutes to defeat every card in the dungeon and then the dungeon boss.  If you manage to get all the way through without running out of cards or time, you win!  But don’t celebrate too much, that was just the first and you still have more dungeon bosses to take down.

The game sounds like a blast and would work great as a game night starter or filler between games.  The art by Alex Diochon is excellent and has a fantasy cartoon like feel to it which gives the whole game a fun atmosphere.  If this sounds like a game you would enjoy then head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your own copy.