Now on Kickstarter from SolarFlare Games, Nightmare Forest: Alien Invansion

SolarFlare Games, makers of the game Nightmare Forest: Dead Run, are back again on Kickstarter for a new version of the game called Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion.  Alien Invasion plays much the same like the original but with an alien twist this time.  In the game you will put out a grid of cards representing the forest that you have to cleanse of aliens.  You and the other players will each be going through, flipping cards, trying to find gear like blasters or crossbows to help them get rid of the aliens.  There are also traps and big nasty aliens out there so your survival is not guaranteed.  Kill all the aliens before time runs out or one of you dies and you win, else the aliens overrun the forest and invade!

Fans of the original Nightmare Forest game should definitely give this game a look because it’s a fresh theme on familiar mechanics.  Alternatively if you are looking for a nice cooperative filler with some good risk/reward choices, this game might be for you as well.  You can find out more and pledge for the game on it’s Kickstarter page.