Now on Kickstarter from Serious Poulp, The 7th Continent

7th continent

Most everyone is familiar with choose your own adventure books where, as the story unfolds, you have to make decisions for the hero, and when you make a choice you flip to a different page and continues the story from there.  Now imagine if that same system was put into a adventuring game. You would have something akin to The 7th Continent.

In The 7th Continent you are explorers venturing out into the great unknown to explore the mystical 7th continent that you had previously discovered. During that first discovery you were cursed, and so now you are looking to lift that curse before it consumes you.  Exploration in this game works like the books I mentioned before where, depending on where you go or what action you take, you will pull a specific numbered card from the box which contains the resolution of that action.  This will expand the world, give you more items, or afflict you with negative affects or injuries should you fail the task.  To accomplish tasks you will be drawing from your deck to form achievement stars on your cards, but beware, as in the Pathfinder ACG your deck is your life, and if you run out of cards in your deck and hand, you die.  So brush up on those survival skills and steel your resolve to explore The 7th Continent.

If this sounds like your kind of game then head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge, the base game is ~$66 and the explorer pack with three expansions is ~$100.  The game is fully funded and well into stretch goals with a campaign end date of October 27th.