Now on Kickstarter from Jeremy Galilee, Pirate Shipwreck

Jeremy Galilee has put his latest game up on Kickstarter, Pirate Shipwreck, a revamped and improved version of the game Go With The Flow that he showed off at the UK Games Expo.  Pirate Shipwreck is all about getting the most loot you can from your recently crashed pirate ship.  You will do this by recruiting new pirates from the local population, build some rafts to get your treasure, and then head out to get it.  This mirrors the three actions you can take, train a new pirate and bring him on the board, build a raft and place it on the board, and finally set sail on the raft.  When sailing you will be flipping over tiles which will reveal the main mechanic of the game, the currents.  You have a couple options when you flip over the tile, follow the current arrow and keep going.  Pay your pirates extra and have them row in a different direction, but not against the current.  And finally you can drop your anchor, stopping your movement for this turn but allowing you to go any direction orthogonally on your next turn.  Form there it’s a race to see who can grab, or steal from other players, the most treasure.

The game has updated art from before and the tiles have a clean look to them, allowing for easy reading of the icons on the boarder.  While you will build a grid of 5×5 tiles for the game, you have over 50 tiles in the box allowing for some good variability between games.  So if this game has peaked your interest, head on over to the Kickstarter to back for your copy today.

I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, or just playing games with my wife. Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, TIME Stories, and 7th Continent really hit on all those marks for me and I love discovering new gems. I can be contacted on under the user ID "burke4865"