Now on Kickstarter from Daily Magic Games, Food Truck Champion

The folks over at Daily Magic Games are taking a step away from the fantasy genre for a moment to create another food based game called Food Truck Champion.  Food Truck Champion is a card game with variable use cards similar to what you find in games like Glory to Rome or Mottainai.  This means the cards in your hand, depending on where or when you play them, will have completely different effects and benefits.  In Food Truck Champion you are the owner/operator of a food truck, and it’s up to you to hire the right staff, stock the right ingredients, and serve the best dishes to your customers.  Each of the cards can be used to either hire staff, stock and ingredient, initiate an action, or be played as an order to be filled.  But be careful, when you decide to take an action other players can follow, and if they have staff that match that action they can perform it multiple times.

As you complete orders you will be gaining popularity chips that you can use to upgrade your truck to make things easier for you.  Once a number of popularity chips have been grabbed you will finish out the round and then count up points.  You get points for each popularity chip you have, bonus points for sets of orders filled called “flavor profiles”, and “signature dishes” which have your food truck logo on them.  Most points at the end is the winner.

The art for this game looks great, and the game play sounds excellent with the variable card actions making for interesting choices each round.  Plus they are taking a page out of the Tiny Epic’s book and offering a base game for $20, and a Kickstarter deluxe version for $24 that has some bonus content.  So head over to the Kickstarter page to check it out and pledge for your copy today.