Now on Kickstarter from Aaron Smith, Sheeple

Aaron Smith is making his debut in board gaming on Kickstarter with his new game, SheepleSheeple is a party game that takes some hints from Scattergories, and adds some twists to it.  In this game you will start the round by pulling a category card, whoever is the active player will pick the category.  From there you will have 60 seconds to write down as many answers as you can think of, but keep in mind you don’t want to be too unique or too common with your answers.  After time is up you will start reading off answers.  If you match with 3 or more people then you all earn one point for that answer, match with exactly one other person and you both get two points for that answer, match with no one and you get nothing.  After all the answers are read and you total your points, you then move your pawn on the board that many spaces.  Where you land could be an event space, moving you some number of spaces, a sheep space where you draw a card and do what it says, or just a boring empty space that does nothing special.  First person to the Ewe-niversity is the winner!

Sheeple is a fairly straight forward game, but often good party games are, and the sheep art is cute as well.  A copy of the base game will set up back $25 plus shipping, and for an additional $10 you can get the Angle/Devil card pack along with it.  These decks add additional cards to use for when you have to draw a sheep card, with the devil deck being NSFW themed, and the angel deck being Christian themed.  Some if these kinds of party games interest you, then check out the Kickstarter campaign today.