Now on Kickstarter from 4am, Alchemy of Askrias


After completing the second campaign for the elemental dice, Studio 4am has decided to try their hand again at making a game, Alchemy of Askrias.  Alchemy of Askrias is a dice building game but instead of being part of a roll and move game like Rattlebones, it works more like a traditional deck building game where you are trying to improve and upgrade your dice to achieve victory.  In the beginning you have three shared dice with basic components on them and one blank personal die.  You will roll all the dice and based on what comes up be able to modify the faces of your personal die or the shared dice to make them better.  You continue to do this so that you can start rolling the combinations you need to get the victory point cards, first to 10 points is the winner.

alchemy stuff

You can get more information and look at some videos of the dice in action on their Kickstarter page.  They are fully funded at this point and moving into stretch goals, but beware the shipping, since it is coming from New Zealand the price to ship it stateside is high.